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League of Legends Build Guide Author hungryhippos1

Hungry Hippo's guide to the Hard-Tank Rammus

hungryhippos1 Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a work in progress, I'll fill it in detail soon.

Marks: - Flat Armor (his passive is 25% of your Armor is turned into AD so minus well just do armor becase you'll get AD anyways and there are other DPS players who will stack ArmPen anyways)
Seals: - Armor/lvl (duh)
Glyphs: Mana/lvl (Rammus needs mana like any other character but he is completely useless if he can't use his skills unlike some dps which don't use mana as much so having mana per level will insure that he has a little bit more and combine that with mana regen masteries and 5% mana increase
Quints: Flat armor, I went flat armor because it give 4.95 armor where as perlvl only give 7 @ lvl18 so i would prefer all the armor early on to help with tanking and farming early game. (Yes farming because remember his passive, 25% of his armor is turned into AD so its easier to judge last hits and you can take a hit or 3 while farming.)

Core Items:

Heart of Gold - HP, Armor and Gold per second. Who wouldn't want gold and extra protection on a tank?
Merc Treads or Boots of Swiftness - If the other team has alot of casters or CC go merc treads if they are mostly DPS/ranged/melee go swiftness so you can catch up to them easier.
Thornmail - Armor + 30% of attackers damaged is returned as magic damage,
If you taunt their DPS, they pretty much kill themselves so it works well with his W/E combo. Your job as Rammus is to knock out their DPS players first then deal with the rest of the team. I think Riot Games made Rammus and thornmail specifically for countering Yi and other annoying DPSers.
Abysmal Scepter - AP, MagRes, Enemy MagRes Redcution
You wonder why this would ever be on Rammus. Simple, his Q has a 1:1 AP ratio, this Ulti has a .3AP ratio and the passive, reduces 20MagRes so your casters can do naughty things to the enemy.
Rylai's - HP, AP, slow on any magic abilities.
So you roll in and hit the enemy, they are slowed 30% by Q, another 15% with Rylai's, you hit your ult, another 15% with Rylai's. What does that mean? Anyone near you is doing the slow walk trying to get away from your ult that is doing 250 damage a second on top of whatever your team is doing. Now you're a real tank. And of course the extra 500 health is welcome for any tank right?

Other items:
From here you can do whatever you want. I see alot of people stack Sunfire capes on Rammus... it does damage but it doesn't help your team does it? Build Rylai's first then sunfire capes and then you'll be knocking down noobs left and right. If you want to tank even more finish building your Heart of gold into Randuins. If the your game happens to last longer than usual and you have to build past your core set, I would go towards Frozen heart as it will give you more Armor (and in effect, AD) more mana (Rammus doesn't have much) and more importantly CDR so you can taunt, roll more, and shield quickly. If the game is still going, then I'll sell my Heart of gold and get a hextech gunblade which will give you more AP (for your roll and ult) AD, life steal and spell vamp (life back for just walking around and using your ult) or you can get a sunfire cape which is cheaper keeps you alive longer (HP/armor) hit harder (40MagDam/sec) and makes your rammus look cooler which is the most important part of this game. owning while looking cool.

I'll do this soon... I promise! :D