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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xidorian

Hurricane Gnome, Veigar

Xidorian Last updated on July 5, 2010
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Veigar - The Tiny Master of Evil
"Veigar isn't a hero, he's a villain, and villains NEVER play fair!!"

Unfortunately since the last patch Veigar's nuking abilities have dwindled some. With the nerf in his ultimate Veigar can now only really nuke AP builds. as well the +5 AP for killing a champion is only after having raised Balefire to level 5. One thing i'm happy about that makes farming with him a lot easier is his new passive! He now generates a lot of mana passively which when used with Teleport can keep you in the lane even longer gaining even more AP! I've played around with him a little since the patch and I'm still updating but my current item build has been working out fine for me. With our new passive you actually want more AP for Veigar and the chalice of harmony + our passive just means that we have more mana and don't need to switch out other AP items for a AP/MP5 item if you had chosen too.

1. Insane Nukes
2. If mastered his AoE stun can be of extreme use.
3. Moves fine for such short legs
4. End Game AP is Epic!

1. Low Survivability (not necessarily true if your good with your Stun)
2. Constant Grind
3. Early-Game mana sucks (edit: with the patch this has gotten a lot better!)
4. Moves fine but he's still tiny
5. Annoying Voice

Summoner Spells:

Clarity is good in the early game to help farm AP by last hitting with Baleful Strike. Later, when you go oom make sure someone notices and comes after you, than pop Clarity and whoop their ***. Grabbing Clarity if your new with Veigar will be fine, but, I recommend trying to play without it and learning to be less dependent on it. This will enable you to not only get better and learn to conserve your mana and when to use it, but will also enable the use of a different spell.
Ghost is the same for Veigar as it is for every other champion. You either use it to GTFO or to make chase. Just don't chase yourself into a trap and have wasted it. Note it is a little more useful for Veigar because he's one of the slower Champs.
I've caught myself wanting to use this many times in the past. I can't deny its usefulness but I can't really praise it either since I've never personally gone for it.
Flash is similar to ghost in that you can use it to chase or surprise someone. But its worse for running in that it has a shorter distance for its worth. The nice thing about flash though is, if your chasing someone with low health past their turrets, you can quickly run in shoot them and flash out.
I find this the most useful and out of all the spells I have I use this the most. Teleport makes life easy with our mana hungry villain in early game and ganking in later. In early game you use it when your really low on mana/health to pop out get mana and any items and pop back in within 20 seconds. Later you use to go to the other side of the field to help with a push or gank.
Exhaust is pretty nice for Veigar since it's hard to catch those fast guys that you just need to hit once in order to kill. it's also useful for keeping enemies away from their turrets as you pick them off. In our build we grab the talent for exhaust which also decreases the affect targets MP by 10 and increases duration. It's also good for Veigar in that it blinds them so they can't hit you.

Summoner Spells to stay away from!
with its cooldown time this spell is worthless. Especially when you can swap it with something beneficial.
If your killing minions with Smite rather than Baleful Strike then idk. It could be useful against the buff monsters but its really not worth picking up for Veigar. Rather get something more useful like exhaust.
Your a caster.

Go offense first to help with your kills and gaining Xp. In the utility section we have a free point that needs a home so that we can get the last talent, I put mine in ghost because from time to time I use that spell and its a useful talent. You can of course put yours wherever you want and if your not even using ghost than its worthless, better to put it in Awareness "the extra XP talent" or Greed "the more gold talent."

I've been asked a few times about getting the ghost talent and not ghost in my skills. The reason behind this is because I often switch my Skills based on what I feel like before game, the main reason behind the point is because I do use ghost from time to time and its useful for those times. if you prefer using a different summoner spell like ignite or exhaust or some such more often, than by all means switch the point to another talent in the utility tree.

I grab MP marks for the extra MP (of course) which helps a lot since we're mainly going for AP items
The rest I get in AP. Since Veigar got a large deacrease in is AP having that little extra is useful.

Some people like to use mana-regen seals instead of AP for the extra mana especially early game. That is totally fine, if you find that you run outta mana often (especially late game cause you'll always run out in early) than go for the mana-regen seals, they'll be of far more use to you than AP. If not than stick with the AP seals.

Equilibrium: Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.5% for each 1% of mana missing.

This is great for Veigar especially early game, although I miss the old ability this wasn't a bad replacement.
Baleful Strike: Active: Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.6) magic damage. If the target is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power.

Passive: Veigar gains 1/2/3/4/5 ability power when he kills a champion from any source of damage.

8/7/6/5/4 seconds
75/75/75/75/75 Mana

Your main spell all throughout Early and Mid game. You'll be using this to harass, gain AP, and kill. The timings hard for last shots but you'll get it down. you should never be attacking a minion with it though unless you plan on finishing it off since its a huge waste in mana (early game)

with the new passive attached to it, getting that AP from champ kills just got a lot easier, the nerf part though is that you only get 1 AP/BS-level but still great late game.
Dark Matter: After 1.2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120/170/220/270/320 (+0.8) magic damage.

10/10/10/10/10 seconds
100/110/120/130/140 Mana

This spell is difficult to use but will be your money maker later on, and if you get good at it will do tons of damage to your enemies. You can also use to direct the flow of traffic in a team fight or while running away.
Also its time-to-fall just decreased making it way easier! Use it to your advantage
Event Horizon: Active: Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.

20/19/18/17/16 seconds
80/95/110/125/140 Mana

This is the best AoE stun in the game. Not only does it stun for a pretty nice duration (2.5 seconds,) but it stuns everyone who touches the perimeter. Which means you can use it for running by trapping them inside the circle, forcing them to run around the perimeter or accidentally through it, stunning the whole team and giving your team a nice upper hand. very nice and very useful. Note that enemies inside but not stunned can still jump out (ex: yi, jax, warwick) and can also pull you in (blitz)
Primordial Burst: Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 200/350/500 (+0.8) plus 80% of his target's AP in magic damage.

130/110/90 seconds
150/200/250 Mana

This is a great skill and does a lot of damage, unfortunately because of the patch it now does far less than it used to and doesn't give you mana back on-kill. This is bad for Veigar because of his ****py mana but should be fine regardless, still a great spell and with the new passive on BS you don't need to last hit the champs with it, so use it at your own discretion.


All of your abilities use AP so we're going to stack that. And as of the last patch your even more AP hungry so aim at having these items by the end:
You'll start withSapphire Crystal for the extra mana in the beginning and to build you Tear later. You can also if you want buy 1Health Potions which I guarantee you'll need at some point in the early game.
After you've got enough gold to buy your tear blue pill your way back to camp and buyTear of the Goddess. This will keep you mana healthy for the time being till you can grab your Archangel's staff.
As soon as you reach 1100 gold you again port back and grabSorcerer's shoes. Boots should always be the second thing you buy for almost all Champions and are likewise for Veigar who is pretty slow and squishy so they'll be a good addition to survival not to mention the 20 MP they give you!
Now depending on how well your doing you'll want to either save up forMejai's Shoulders orRod of Ages. You want to get one of these next because they take time to get to their full potential. The shoulders I recommend getting first if your raking in the kills for that extra 160 AP at max stacks and 15% cooldown reduction!
Next its finally time to buy yourArchangel's Staff.
After getting those its ultimately up to you on whether you getZonya's Ring orVoid Staff. I usually just get whatever I feel like but the best thing to do is look at your opponents. If its full of tanks or high magic resist champs than grab the Staff first otherwise the extra 120 AP and 25% AP bonus is nice.

NOTE: I linked the basics. Of course you can buy the recipe items to build up to your core. The reason I leave that blank is because depending on the current game you may want to buy different recipe items first. For example When building up to theVoid Staff you may want more mana so you buy theSapphire Crystal, or you may want more AP to help burn down those baddies so you buy aAmplifying Tome.


Early Game:
Before anything and in the pre-game lobby call the middle!
When you start grab a Meki Pendant before running up (you can also buy 2 potions of your choice if you choose.) In the beginning all your really doing is last hitting Minions with Baleful strike to gain AP, at level 1 it can be difficult to time the Baleful strike since the damage is pretty low but once you get 2 or 3 ranks into it, it'll be a lot easier. You'll be getting Event Horizon at level two mainly as a get-away, later on when your Dark Matter is really cranking in the coins, you can use it to stun creeps that are advancing so that the melee and ranged creeps are all in one spot for your Dark Matter. It costs alot of mana so try not to use often early game. Again till level six you really should just be running from pushers and last-hitting with Baleful Strikes. Anything else will just be a waste of effort and time right now.

Mid game:
Mid-Game really starts around lvl 6-8 depending on how your doing. This is when you get to go and gank bad guys with your Extreme Nukage! You will still farm a little and will always last hit with Baleful Strike when able, but for you impatient ones this is were all that previous grinding and running pays off. don't forget to go and upgrade your items every once in a while and always do so when/if you die.

Every situation is different which is what makes battles so much fun, but a good combo of attack for any situation is:

1. Baleful Strike
2. Event Horizon
3. Dark Matter
5. Baleful Strike
6. Primodial Burst! (it isn't required anymore to use this for the 5 AP so feel free to use it when you feel its necessary)

The champions to be careful for are other Nukers and Tanks. Nukers obviously aren't fun because your so squishy. On the other hand Tanks are going to be a problem, but only if they know your on cooldown after you failed to kill them initially. So try not to engage them unless you have some friends around. When it comes to jungling just keep your Golem buffs up to keep up with your spamming. Also, try not to die so much.. if at all

Late Game:
Now, you may be all pumped up about your new-found nuking abilities, but you need to remember that Veigar is squishy as hell and is not meant to lead the charge. So stay in the back and pick off the weak (****py players,) low-in-health, and try to help CC with Event Horizon and Dark Matter (Dark Matter is a useful CC in that you can use it to direct where people will run to get out of its way.) remember that your into bigger team fights so throwing out our super nuking combo of awesomeness isn't going to always cut it. Here is when you don't start with Event Horizon (well practically start) but instead save it till they're all running for their turrets to trap them, or when your all running for yours! Since we got the Mejai's Shoulders and have been stacking our buff, staying alive is far more rewarding than getting that one kill. So don't be a hero, remember your playing everyones favorite annoying villain!

A Tip:
- Although I don't do it too often myself (<-- Lazy) Throwing a DM into some neutral camps for some extra cash and experience is advised, as well as getting the golem buff whenever your comfortable to.

Thumb Rules:
1. Don't initiate unless you know you'll win
2. Try not to go too far past your own creeps early game (I see this a lot where newbs are really focused on killing that one guy that they just throw their life away to get him and most often don't, don't fall into the same trap, play it safe, especially with Veigar who can't afford to die early on just play it safe to start)
3. Which leads me to - Better Safe than Sorry
4. Try to take out Squiches first (to be more accurate, Kill the casters with lots of AP, they're your easiest target.)
5. Never stop last-hitting creeps

Tell me what you think and Please Rate (positively of course!! xD) Thank You!!

P.S. also if you rate negatively please let me know why so that I may improve my guide Thanks!

P.P.S ALSO if there is anything in the build that you thinks okay but would like more of an explanation let me know and i'll elaborate.