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Hybrid: Abusing Twin Disciplines

Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Intro

First Guide so cut me some slack... not to much or ill get lazy

Most Akali's play the same and most builds are about the same thing. A lot of the better off builds Will end you going Full out AP I myself not a fan So after a wile I made a few Tweaks to help out her in ways to balance the fact that going full ap Really dosent show off is the Abuse of her passive

Her Passive HAS to be Hybrid built or its almost useless

Going Full AP gets you bonus % on Melee hits. But if you dont have any damage your not getting the full potential of if. if you end with 500 AP your doing almost 100% bonus damage with melee attacks. but your hitting for 200 (100 base) at slow attack speed. You get the point.

Playing a 3v3 after i got my rage blade i was doing about 194 + 138 AFTER Resists

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How to use the spells/Skills

if your just starting to Use Akali Brand spanking new you will learn 1 rule

You F-bomb Terrible till level 6.

Chances are you wont kill anyone, even properly harass besides hanging in tall grass Waiting for an Encounter with a wild Pokemon, Stay Back, Stay alive, Level up. Now for the rundown of the spells and when they are effective

--Mark of the Assassin.
This is mostly what your damage will come from. Hit them with it and the auto attack will fill in the extra damage, making it a worthwhile skill. Untill you can get the speed Wait for other to join in an encounter or hit people caseing you then smack them in an attempt to scare them off. Late game you want to use this Before your shadow dance to make sure you can get that auto attack in

--Twilight Shroud
This is the Counter Measure. a lot of people use this to attack people but it simply just not effective for it and you need it to either Excape or be the one not targeted. If you engage in a fight Drop it ontop of you and assess your situation. keep attacking... back off. We will get into detail on the many ways to use Twilight Shroud.

--Crescent Slash
This is the Side arm of Akali. does some nice damage, but if it was as good as the mark. well... you would just be OP. mostly I use this after my basic rotation or use it to get that health up using your massive spell vamp. and it has a little range so if your not in auto target you can still nick some one gunning for it.

--Shadow Dance
This is what gets you the "means to an end" Akali is slow and shadow dance is what lets you catch up now it does... OK damage. (i like Crescent slash more for damage) This is what gets you to the fight, and pick out targets. letting you USE mark. If your not using it for speed DONT USE IT. do not use it for damage Straight. it has a REALLY good range.

The main reason i choose this over Ghosting, or Exasut is because flash works well with the Stealth, after you drop the cloud many people will sit there and wait for you to come out if you put it near a bush you can drop the Shroud and flash into the bush to make your excape. they will sit in the cloud then be Dumbfounded how they dident see you leave it.

OK This is my Ability. i use this with pretty much everything because it has saved my butt more times then can count. if you dont like it Replace it with whatever. But I like to know if im going to be destroyed before i go into a bush or Witch direction the person im chasing went. If you have really good map awarness you can use it to see a mob on the other side of a wall and Shadow over there to excape. rare to use. but good reward.

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Why the items

The main one people will question is the starting off of the Cutless over the Revlover like most builds do. its not for the damage, its not for the lifesteal. ITS FOR THE SLOW. Put it to your first slot and get used to clicking 1. in your rotation. and it will let you get in thoes few hits before they run to the tower but its Really short range so mostly you might end up doing it Occasionally but it will help you for those ganks early game.

The +20 Magic penetration is something not to many people like over the +3 movement or any of the defensive ones. Fact of the matter you being a great chaser and nuke damage your job is to take out squishes or remove them from the fight. and most of thoes people who are spamming AP items will rarely get any sort of magic defense. this will negate about 15-20% of the reduction most casters have naturally.

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I dont use runes :/ dont have the time to farm the IP for the fact that i change characters every 3 matches.

Im guessing what would work.