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League of Legends Build Guide Author D8gg8D

Hybrid Burst FTW

D8gg8D Last updated on March 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Having played pure AD or AP champs, I have always wondered why some people build certain champions the same way. If the champion scales one way or the other, I can understand the cookie-cutter builds. When they can benefit from both AD and AP, it only makes sense not to let potential from scaling abilities go to waste. The champions I chose to set an example for this build benefit from both AD and AP, but it's not just the scaling abilities that helped me to decide. I also weighed in who could benefit early/mid/late game consistantly, the ability to suprise the enemy or make an escape more successfully than most.

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Pros / Cons

It is important to keep in mind that this is a "burst build" and that one screw-up in timing or placement could easily mean an unneccesary death. Knowing how to play your champion is just as important as timing and champion placement in-game. Utilizing all of your champion's damage potential can prove to be an evolution of champion play-style altogether, as in going AP Yi as opposed to his AD countepart, as an example. Within the items I chose (to pair with these champions) lies much built-in survivability through lifesteal and spellvamp, but not as much end-game health that alot of people may build during their games. The burst aspect is what balances the ls/sv VS health issue.

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I tend to choose scaling runes when possible, only because you get a snow-ball effect as opposed to diminishing returns in terms of a value/lvl ratio. Extra health and movement speed never hurts, and the ls/sv from the start will help with lane sustain. I chose to go heavy on ap simply because most champions that use ap and ad tend to have their ap scaling abilities paired with some kind of cc. Our crowd control gives us the opportunity to burst their health down quickly wether it be a solo fight, team fight, or a means to escape.

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As with our runes, we go more ap heavy, but without sacrificing our ad's usefulness. As well as adding more movement speed to get back to lane faster, we add some cd to our flash/exaust and our much relied-upon item actives. The sv/ls from our masteries, coupled with our runes, will give a starting value of 5% for each, enabling a consistant snowballing effect and usefulness of these utilities from beginning to end of match, thus creating a nice comfortable health recovery in place of a massive health pool.

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Passive Attributes:

+60 move/ +5% move
+10% cd reduction
+250 mana
+40% as
+70 ad/ +5% of target's health as magic damage on hit (basic attacks)
+15 magic penetration
+385 ap/ +30% ap increase
+25% ls/ +20% sv
after an ability is used, next basic attack deals damage equal to 50+75% of ap

Active Abilities:

Deals 15% of target champion's maximum Health (min. 100) as physical damage, heals for the same amount, and steals 30% of the target's Movement Speed for 4 seconds

Deals 15% of target champion's maximum Health in magic damage and increases all subsequent magic damage taken by the target by 20% for 4 seconds

Deals 150 (+40% of Ability Power) magic damage and slows the target champion's Movement Speed by 40% for 2 seconds

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What does this all mean?

This means that, in a moment's notice, you can watch an enemy champion's health melt away. While you're actives are useful in suprize attacks, they can also end a team fight in your team's favor really quick. Add in the fact that you could very well wipe out their weakest right away, then nuke their carry, or you could end their support's progress to sustain his/her own team (because we all know if you can get the support to run, they're more than likely screwed.) As well as adding quite a bit of damage with this build, you are adding slows on top of slows, increasing your team's cc immensely.

Hiding in wait for an unsuspecting loner or keeping their support from leveling... pwning top or carry via mid...whichever role is your pleasure, this build is definately an interesting and rediculously strong alternative to "cookie-cutter" expectations. I have found that (more often than not) people will ask you what you are building if it is not the normal, expected build.... the best response is to say nothing, and show them your prowess. It's okay to try something different as long as it works for your play-style.

Test vs AI to find out what starting items work best for your fav "Hybrid Burst" champion and which build order works best for each lane/ role you are filling. The point is to make the game evolve for you, not just dispense wins or losses into your match history. Look at all of the champions and see if the "basic build guides" are neglecting their full potential. Try something new for a change. gg/hf


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