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Hybrid Jungle Malzahar (6.6) Over 2000 GAMES

Last updated on March 27, 2016
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Creeping / Jungling

I start with Gropm and kill every camp to the Rock Golems

The trick to farming is to tank with Malzahar till voidlig get to 1st Grow where gets Max Health boost. Then the voidling can finish tanking!

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We take 0 18 12 For a simple reason:
Masteries to me is like covering weaknesses/ Adding utility.
If your champion doesn't deal enough demage it won't deal even with masteries
Savegry covers weakness in jungling/ Runic Affinity u can go with Assassin if u plan on split push those 2% for a single point its worth it/Meditation over Merciless Why? Becose u can't finish those last 40% if u run out of mana/Dangerious game no brainer/Intelegence again no brainer cos Malzahar imho CDR>MANA regen/pool>AP>AD>health>Healing(spellvamp,)>AR>MR/Thunderlord's Decree this utility can be easily swaped Stormreider's Surge IF u encounter heavy Juggernaut line up.

Resolve tree:
Since we don't build any MR or Armor items Recovery is no brainer/Explorer Vs Tough skin: well 2 dmg less or more its kinda non factor cos your voidlings will take 66% of the dmg at the begging Explorer on the other hand 15+ MS in the river is always nice/Ruinic armor vs veteran scars: Extra health is really nice but on your jungle run u are not suppose to lose more then 50% of hp anyways but 8% extra healing is HUGE in every part of the game (also works with spell vamp)
Insight over preseverence: Why well 200% increased regen is good on tankier champs while CDR on your summoner spells can be crucial becose if u look it like this:


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