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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Falcon Punch

Hybrid Rumbalo

Falcon Punch Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build


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Why Hybrid?

Rumble is a new champion many think to be pointless. He can be built many ways though, and not many people have expiremented with him. Today, I did. The usual hybrid rumble is tanky, caster this is gunblade,rageblade based. This build requires skill to master, as you will have to learn how to put yourself into to overheat and when.

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The Items and how they work

Berserkers Greaves
This is your pick for boots, it increases damage output and makes gunblade much more effective

Guin's Rageblade
This item is the base of this build. First of all it gives a nice base ad and ap boost. The real treat is the unique though, causing you to increase ability power and attack speed based after each hit. Flamespitter will gradually increase dealing up to 250 damage per second to all enemies infront of you, and your base attack will do volumes of damage. Using this, u can overheat yourself and get silenced in order to increase your attack to a little below 500 with the buff provided(gets stronger per hit because of rageblade), and with your attack speed buffs this should make quick use of them.

Wits End
Great, makes you tanky with resist and does a but ton of extra damage.
Hextech Gunblade
This is the winner. This strongly increases your damage output and allows you to not only deal alot of damage, but also gain alot of health with your auto attacks, flamespitter, harpoons, and especially overheat. The active is good but the slow is kinda useless, because rumble has alot of slow such as harpoon and equalizer but theres nothing wrong with slowing even more and dealing decent damage.

Abyssal Scepter
This gives u adequite ability power, surviability, and increases your damage output greatly with the magic resist reduce it insues on enemies. This increases the damage dealt by your abilities, rageblade, and your overheat.

Frozen mallet
Frozen mallet not only makes rumble fat and harder to kill, but also decreases thier movement speed with base attacks. This combined with harpoon, gunblade, and equalizer will make sure no one can kill, or run away from you.

Kages lucky pick is perfect early game because it gives rumble great minion farming, harrasment, and he already has good survivability with his shield and good base health.

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How to Play?

This build takes practice to play, especially when many rumble players don't like going into overheat. The usual(non overheating combo) is; harpoon to slow, shield to move up to them, flame to deal a **** ton of damage, the another /boosted cause of danger zone bonus/ harpoon to deal more damage and slow more. It harrases and does a good bit of damage but cannot score easy kills. Equalizer is usually the only way you can get kills with this combo. Instead with this build; harpoon to slow, shield to zoom up to them, flame to deal damage, another harpoon, then flame agian pushing you into overheat letting you deal 500 damage per hit to finish off. The combos are a little different but without the hybrid build the second would lose power. The hybrid build also adds consistency so don't just burst and run away. Equalizer should close of exits well enough so you can get any kill. Other combos will also work, just be sure to put your self into overheat.

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Other Items?

You can exchange mallet for trinity force, if you want to deal more burst damage and don't mind the loss of survivability.

Malady can get useless on high hp champs, so just sell it for a mandreds bloodrazor and you won't really need that till late game.

Please comment and add more sensible items...

Once the tenacity items are released, those will be most likely used as well...