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Hybrid: The Ultimate Ezreal Build

Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Ezreal is an amazing player when it comes to being a support/nuke (if you combine all his abilities into a 2 second ability spam) Even without the ability spam the power that Ezreal has can equal that of Ryze but in a period over 4 seconds dependent on how quickly battle goes. This Guide will go into detail how to build an extremely potent and high damage support/dps Ezreal.

Also this build requires that you don't have dumb teammates running around. Build is meant for having a solid team fight (win or lose). That is truly the only unfortuante thing about Ezreal is that if his team doesn't help or contribute Ezreals effectiveness can significantly go down.

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Pros / Cons

Can deal 2500 late game.
can harass very well
great support
Ult shoots across map and kill anyone running (with proper aim and prediction)

easily killed
Not as effective without good teammates

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Ranked Play

Entire game in general:
As ezreal you have to understand your position in entirety of a team fight. Your ranged but your abilities help you get into helpful places to shoot. Before a team fight even begins you want to try very hard to harrass. Your mystic shot helps greatly when doing this. When a team fight starts what you want to do when you go in is use arcane shift to get close to your opponent(obviously dont be the first one in. your spot is the 3rd or 4th person in). I do this because your arcane shift only hits the closest target and it reduces the chance of you missing your other abilities. A note to anyone who has never played ezreal before is all your abilities are skill shots. This requires actual prediction in what you do and what they will do when you use them. Everything you do requires it so make sure your aware of your environment for anything you might have to do.

In a 1v1(away from minions) you generally want to run to set up them to chase in a straight line. When you feel you are ready to use your abilities or you needed time to get an ability activate your Trueshot first then port right infront of them and use your other abilities. When you do this however you have to know if you can kill them or not. If they are a tank with full hp its not recomended unless you know you can survive for another 5 sceconds after you use all your abilities. Against other damages make sure u know what your health is and if you can kill them before they can kill you.

Early Game - Focus on killing minions and level'ing yourself.

Early to Mid Game - Once you hit level 6 from being at mid you should be ganking almost whenever the chance arises but only if you have your ult in case they try and run away. Remember you have to farm when your doing this.(or getting the kills when you gank)

Mid game - by now you should already have a level 2 ult and being in team fights and killing towers. Focus on going through jungles or stay in a solo lane if nothing serious is going on and get as much gold as you can. The only helpful buff is the blue buff for the cool down. The red buff can be helpful but its better used on someone that is more physical.

Mid to Late game - Keep to farming and ganking when team fights occur and try and get into killing dragon and baron by at least level 13

Late - By now your build should be near complete and reaching the 50 to hour mark. Keep to everything you've done so far. But now you have to be even more careful. If you die your team loses a lot of there damage. By end game your full damage from all your abilities will be reaching 3000+ damage.

Playing middle:
As a mid player you want others to gank mid a lot and give you an advantage against them for later on. This is also again helpful to get mystic shot first and foremost above everything else to keep harassing for so when a gank happens they have low health to even try and fight back.

Side laneing:
pair yourself either with someone else that is a great harasser (caitlyn)or someone that can take a lot of damage or that doesn't need a lot of gold.

Game play in any situation(early game):
Try and save your potions for as long as you can. Your mana is going to be depleted a lot if you use your skills a lot. When you first run out of mana use clarity and then try and save your potions until both health and mana are low (or gank is about to happen). With This you save yourself from having to back out of mid. In truth (when i play) you should never have to back out of mid unless the person your going against is severely killing you but even then you should have your teammates come gank and get you to a level where you can hold yourself. if that doesn't work even to that end just try and keep yourself with getting xp and wait till team fights happen.

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You want to stay to last hit every minion you can with your mystic shot. If you face people that can kill you then stick to skill shot alone. If they play back as well then push up and use your auto attack to hurt minions and kill with skill shot.

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Team Work

Generally you want to stay in the back of the group and be near one of the first to third people to be into the battle but it can become difficult to keep track of your player when all hell is breaking loose, when your in the fray of it all. Just remember to run after you ability spam.

Finally try and save your ultimate until the very end of the fight because generally most are near death and you will kill them all with your ult. Though its not as worthwhile in kills till the second level and when u get your archangel staff.

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Now you can fumble around with the seals I sometimes put in full Greater Seal's of Focus just for the cool down reduction on the abilities(granted the fact that mystic shot helps with the cool down having more of it isn't bad right?

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The mastery's are pretty straight forward in the fact they help with ap, mana regen, and movement speed. The reason why I don't use ghost in this process is simply because as a ranged player you should be aware of whose around who and know if someone will come at you. Not to mention you have arcane shift which pretty much teleports you through almost any wall in the game which is mighty helpful when escaping near death.(if used properly)

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the exact item build isn't as potent as an AD build is towards early game though it will keep you in the fight with some amounts of good dmg. But most of your true power will start to show once you get your Lich Bane.

Generally you can mix and match when you get what with the sorcerers shoes and the manamune however its helpful to get shoes before manamune due to you being slow.

Another note to keep in mind is that this build requires farming. constant farming. If you haven't killed anything in over 60 seconds (not counting a team fight) then your doing something wrong.

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Skill Sequence

Your skill Sequence depicts exactly how your going to play your game also who you are going to be going against in early levels. Lately I have been doing up to 2 types of skill though when it comes down to later levels it honestly doesn't matter.

You may notice I put Essence flux last. I do this because the ammount of damage it can do isn't as helpful until later game + your other abilities use more of your ap then you do with anything else meaning more damage faster.

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Unique Skills

Mystic shot - The point behind mystic shot is truly to harass the hell out of anyone that decides to lane against you. The ability also is very helpful at keeping your attack speed up (for the passive). The mana cost is extremely low even when it reaches it final level. Keep to using this as often as you can. When it comes to late game spamming this ability will rarely even effect your mana supply.

Essence flux - This ability is helpful early game however the point of leveling it isn't worthwhile unless your really easily killing the person you lane against because this ability shoots through minions and hits only champions alone. Because of this its helpful to harass however the more you level this ability up the higher the mana cost is which is also why I stick to only level'ing Mystic shot and Arcane shift only due to the mana cost never changes(arcane shift) or stays at low cost(mystic shot).

Arcane shift - This ability helps you move to certain positions and escape impossible situations. You can port through practically any wall in this game. People say that this ability automatically shoots an auto attack out however that, I believe, is false due to the fact that its power is derived from using AP and not AD like mystic shot.

Trueshot Barrage - This ability is your ultimate and possibly 1 of the most potent abilities in the game. At its max level it does 650 damage alone not counting 90% of your AP goes into this ability and it shoots across the entire map. The sad fact to this is that it damage go down by 8% per person it hits (including minions and creeps). However it only goes down by 30% at its final hit. Though that doesn't really effect it when your ult will be doing 1350 by end game alone. (the end damage if you take away 30% is 945).

Rising Spell Force - Your passive increases your attack speed by 15% for every stack you get (stacks 5 times) for 15 seconds. This is again renewed every time you hit an enemy with your ability. Now for actual team fights this isn't helpful until after you've used your ult and gotten the stacks and are chasing down fleeing champions but is also helpful when you are farming.