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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowzhere

hybrid this...hybrid that

shadowzhere Last updated on February 24, 2011
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i know sheen has mana but its well worth it for the effects to buy something that gives u mana.

i sujest W then E(for the dmg reduction) then Q then get infront of them quikly pop your gunblade and exhuast and ulty and with crystal septer they get slow alot and it'll be hard to escape and they die =).

(note: sell shield late game to make room for other items,obviously)

if you have a way to improve this build plz tell me, so yeh this build isnt perfect u die and maybe theres a way to improve it and if there is ill look into it.

UPDATE: get the new cooldown boots! they are way better than the boots of mobilty!
thats a picture of how one of my games went with good luck and enough skilll this build owns
(those 2 deaths where the consequences of me getting gready, DONT GET GREADY!)

in the following sentances im going to break down how a general game should go down

Q=Bouncing Blade W=Killer Instincts E=Shunpo R=Death Lotus D=Ghost F=Exhaust

Early Game:to start out the game u dont have to take E as your first ability depending on what u like more, while laning if there pushing realy hard and it's to dangerous to jump in with E then i sujest you set Q as ure priority to max first to ***ult from long range. Don't drink ure potion untill you get down enough so if you take the potion it wont over heal you! Ok if your lane is doing really well and your getting money fast go staraight for (the other item for gunblade) and then get boots then gunblade. dont feel timid to waste summoner spells if u think it's necassary. PUT THE BILGEWATER CUTLASS/GUNBLADE IN SLOT 1 OF YOUR ITEMS

Mid Game: ok so you should have and by now so right now you realy need to gank if you havent already becuase you should have started ganking the second you got your boots and gunblade. By this time everyone else should have good damage to soo dont be a tank u are still very weak so stay behind tanks jump in when possible and try not to die! Always use your Gunblade when using the rotation: W R Q F 1 F R (these are the hotkeys on keyboard and make shure you have gunblade in first slot of inventory). Gunblade sdoesn't really have that long of a CD so dont be affriad to use it, it will save you!

Late Game: ok you should have your by now and it should almost be over. DO NOT GET GREEDY it is youe worst enemy be smart before you act! if its not almost over and ure not in there base...or vise versa... then get the last 2 items to keep pushing your build even further, but usually you never get this far =).

ok that should be a rundown of a normal game if you have a sujestions plz tell me and if its a life or death matter that you must say i misspelled something then be my guess and tell me so i can fix it...

i may have repeated some stuff in the update that was in the original document so no im not going to take it out becuase i dotn want to... sry if this is a bit to wordy! once agian open to sujestions ill be on it every once and awal so it'll be updated every so often.

note: This build should also work for any hybrid characters, but the only one i have tried it on is kennen(which worked great)

Update:(so yeh i fixed the whole not having money for pot thing and a few spelling errors

so what are you waiting for? get out there and play Katarina because "Violence solves everything!"

thanks =) have fun! kick but!

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is for a little extra ap to help you along the way
for a little extra cooldown reduction becuase you are basically all cooldowns
to even out the ability power glyphs you got with attack dmg becuase you are hybrid after all...
and of course who couldn't for get the all important survivability glyphs to help you through those tough times

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ok i most just went on a whim when it came to masteries obvisouly focusing on offence to get the havoc offect and to overall increase kat's dmg, i picked up armor and magic resist in defence for a small amount of resistance to help keep kat alive, and i grabbed ghost in Utility just cuase its nice to have ure spells amplified...

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ok i get this first becuase kat is very squishy in the beginning and you can keep it to help you through until you get to the 2nd to last item or maybe even last

HP pot same reason kat's very squishy and might as well with the left over money buy a hp pot

i get this as my first main item because of the order of skills i recomended getting first and becuase it's cheaper then the and i get the Shungpo maxed first for the similar reason

i get this right after my revolver becuase you will at some point find your self in a position needing to go faster and getting it early gives you that edge on the other players, or keeps you up with them

omg what isnt good about this item? It's the best hybrid ever in my mind its slow, life steal,spell vamp, and works great with this build.

these boots are a must for poeple like kat becuase as i think i said in the summary she is basically all cooldowns

another very great hybrid item along with some extra attack speed to get out your physical dmg u have quiker you also get enough abilitly power to set it equal to your physical dmg

mana yes i know but well worth it to buy Sheen for the passive, and DO NOT TURN IT INTO a 'bigger' item keep as it is!

throwing in mroe ability power with a slow that will do good with your abilites

striking up your pyshical damage and making your crits that much better expecially if it hits with the efects of sheen

think of a better reason? plz tell me if theres away to improve what i just said in a comment.

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Pros / Cons


    high dmg
    alot of kills

    die easily if sitution not delt with properly

k well i cant think of anything much right now once agian any sugestions right in a comment below this build prob still has a lot of work to go so all help is appreciated!

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Summoner Spells

very effective with Kat to catch up or get away from someone expecially when using gunblade or crystal septer
i try and get as much slows as i can at once to get my ulty off and not have them be able to simply step out of the way, and is also very effective with ghost


no need you dont have an across the ulty map and if ure smart enough use ure ulty to find out if theres someone in the bush if it lights up theres someone there (also works with poeple who are invis)

ok now for the more serious ones
is a good summoner spell for its uses but ghost seems more effective becuase you could always run towards a teemate faster to use your shungpo or a minoin group,
expecially becuase if u screw up a flash theres no chance it'll help its been known to happen alot.
i really have no objection to ignite becuase it does provide the aditional dps but if you where to take it i would sujest replacing it with exhuast becuase the septer and gunblade should make up for an exhuast
not really usefull just throw in some spells to make up for the dmg that lets say ignite brings and if your in a big fight will not matter that much anways
Same with cleanse just throw spells in order to make up for the loss in health

if you want me to cover any of the otherones just tell me in the comments below, and always help is appreciated =)