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Hybrid Warwick

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide for a hybrid warwick that deal's Damage in both areas you do magic damage and attack damage and ALOT of it. With this guide if you follow the standard build you should be able to rake up alot of kills and heal up so much health to keep you in the battle. you will be jungleing with warwick so that it's not only easier to farm and stay out of harms way but to also give one of your good players the solo lane usually being a tank or a good carry that can hold a lane alone.

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The core item build being madreds blood razor, Ionian boots, Rabadons deathcap and hextech gunblade. With these three items you should have all the surviveability you need. The best thing about this build is the flexiability after these three core items if your being focused get a guardian angel awesome item. If you want a little more bite on your dog get yourself a blood razor synchronizes with hextech gunblade's lifesteal and even your passive yay HP. If there not focusing you for whatever the reason get a blood razor and a spirit visage. spirit visage= more spam and with the CDR boots and spirit visage PLUS if you get a blue buff you just hit the Cap of the max cooldown reduction in the game 40% which means hello Q SPAM to max hp i win the game, btw you have spell vamp so its even more heal mm can you sense the enemy rage. i threw in Youmous ghost blade as an alternative only get this item if you don't have ghost if your using the Exaust and smite spells you might want to get a youmous for that extra speed. your sixth item should always be the three elixirs fortitude agility and even the lovely brilliance. you can get brilliance also whenever you like as the game is going along if you want more CDR and Q SPAM to win. The only time i get a zhonyas hourglass is if im fighting a karthus to nullify his ult. Really pisses them off to the point where they may RQ. I get the black cleaver if the enemy is stacking defense and my team needs a little bit of that extra penetration plus black cleaver in the last patch now gives attack speed awesome viable item now. i Get a malady if the enemy is stacking magic resistance to make sure my howling strike is still doing damage well enough to make the enemy cry. Lich bane one of the best hybrid items is something i usually incorporate as one of my last items to make the build top off and near insane in damage output in all feilds lichbane is the way to go. Alot of these items are situational but just follow the core and choose where to go from there. A final build would be madreds, hextech gunblade, rabadons deathcap,lichbane, ionian boots of ludcity and gaurdian angel this is for maximum amount of damage output. a support build would be the same core item build with the madreds hextech ect.. but you add a malady , black cleaver and guardian angel more of a support attack speed build to help you burn through enemy stats. And a maximum surviability/max Cooldown reduction build would be Madreds, hextechgunblade, rabadons deathcap, spirit visage, blood thirster, and Ionian boots of ludicity focuses on lifestealing more so watch that ignite.

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Pros / Cons

You are able to farm and stay away from possible ranged champions that stop you from farming gold as effectively.You are giving a solo lane to a player so they can outlevel the enemy and if possible Free farm minions at his/her lane.You have the ability to gank like no other jungle'er you have a surpress to lockdown a squishy champion at a lane completely rendering them useless and unable to fight back. And with this build you will be able to spam Q and heal up fully in no time.You are able to help All lanes and you Must help any lane that needs help or else your not doing your job.
If your ganked during your jungle phase or if your blue buff is stolen by the enemy jungle'er at the start of the match you have been screw'ed over and has set you back a level and makes you take longer in the jungle. You need map awarness especially when it comes to ganks Don't run in there and die without telling your teammates your going to perform a gank and help. Relativly an expensive build.

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Creeping / Jungling

When jungleing you are going to want to start out with a cloth armor and five health pots. you start at blue buff and as soon as your hit once by the golem pop a health pop and keep wacking the golem Smite it should be at low health at this point after the smite for an easy kill bam kill the small minions then move onto the wolf camp. From there go to the small wraith camp clear that use a pot before fighting them either after you kill the wolf camp or as your walking to the wraith camp kill the wraiths and get ready for lizard buff similar process from the blue golem do the same thing hunters call attack attack pop your hungering strike whenever you need a heal should be quite spamable now that you have a blue buff. after succesfully getting red buff go to the double mini golem camp at the bottom kill those and BAM you just cleared your jungle of every creep. Now is the time you decide either to A go into the enemy jungle steal there creeps or B go back because the enemy has a jungle'er and your scared of entering his jungle and get ready for a madreds razor if possible level one boots as well depending on how much you were able to farm. Now its your time to Gank and help either the solo lane, Hold the middle lane so they can go back and get an item or Surprise assault the duo lane and try and get a double kill.

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Team Work

Probably one of the most important aspect in warwick is teamwork. You need to make sure when your ganking your teammates know your going in and are focusing the same champion as you.Another important point is to make sure the enemy has overextended on his/her lane to ensure you get a kill. So let your teammates know to let the enemy push the lane a bit to have an easier ganked and more Chase space. when it comes to teamfights pick the squishiest champion possible and get them kills. It's important to understand warwick does not intiate teamfights the tank does NOT YOU don't be the feeder to intiate get focused down and killed in two seconds thats how you lose games, especially since mid/late game are usually the most important phases that deteremine victory or loss. And don't Forget you have a slow with the hextech gunblade awesome when chasing people down plus it does some pretty good damage please do not forget to use this when possible. Just want to touch a point on ganking i have ganked at lower levels before six infact i've ganked as early as level three if your teammates have an exaust ganking should still ensure one kill which means gank success and a firstblood if you do decide to do this be ready and have your teammates be ready this tactic is easy if the enemy overextends this early on in the game.

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The runes i chose are armor pen marks Dodge seals and CDR glyphs which i am thinking of changing since the build already offers so much CDR. Dodge seals can be changed for something else if you prefer armor or HP but the dodge seals are there to help you jungle. Again its all on preference since warwick is quite flexible with his Runes.

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My masteries help in jungleing and fight enemy champs while giving me an awesome offensive mastery and the utility i need to level up and keep those buffs on as long as possible.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells you should use are Smite and ghost. Ghost is great for escaping, chasing and even executing a gank.Ghost in there ulti the squishy chase him with your nice red buff and you score a kill. exaust is also a viable spell that you can use i'ed only pick it up if no one has exaust on my team or if the people that are taking the double lane lack an exaust i'ed pick up exaust to ensure no escape or shutdown a champion for a brief moment while we kill his friend before his eyes.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is to get that Q up to the max as fast as possible while getting your ult whenever you can snatch it. Also i like leveling hunters call for the extra attack speed buff if your chasing alot be my guest and level up that speed buff.

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My first guide for a champion please forgive me for my tardiness i know it's probably not that organized or well written but i tried my best to get you to understand the build and what you should be doing.