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Hyper trynda!

Last updated on September 9, 2012
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Hello this is how u build and play a Hyper trynda im my way. This is not a detailed guide i just give u the importent stuff. and i know its a lot of wrong spelled words and bad writing overall i just did this rly fast the help other people that wanna paly "Hyper trynda"

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I build boots and 3 hp pots in lvl 1 to get movment speed so u can farm more easy and escape danger easy, then i build The brutalizer because u need that xtra armor pene when u use crit dmg quintens insted of armor pene quintens. And i use crit dmg instead of armor pene because its give more dmg when u get up ur crit. And after that u get some life steal from vampirc scepter to get more sustain. Then i rush phantom dancer so u get up ur crit chance and attack speed, But also to get the movement speed. The movement speed is rly importent because to get trynda into "Hyper mode" u need alot of farm so when u have it just roam all over the map just kill everything in the jungle steal farm on all free lanes and get those easy kills when u can. and then just keep building ie phantom dancer and last whisper for more dmg.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: High dmg, ok surviveability, fast pusher, spells doesnt cost anything touse, and a lot more.

Cons: Can be weak early game, not so good in ranked(this build/way to play) hhmh he doesnt have so many cons :)

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just a basic 21-9-0 nothing to say rly :P

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Skill Sequence

this is just the way i do it u can change some things if u want its not that big of deal. :) :) :)

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Creeping / Jungling

yea just try to last hit so much u can early it doesnt matter if u dont get so much early game. when u get ur phantom dancer just roam all over the map and farmm untill u have ur ie and its a easy win :) when u clear the jungle dont use ur bloodlust keep ur fury up so u crit for faster killing and so ur cd on ur spin resets and just spin all over the jungle :)!