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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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hyperkid916's OP lord darius

Last updated on October 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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get your stuff and get to the bush ASAP

AT the start you want to get longsword and 2 health pots ASAP! then run to the furthest part of their bush and if they are stupid enough to walk close Q them get 1 basic attack in then back up. 9/10 times they will not even touch you and will turn around and now almost 100% they will have wasted a health pot.
now you want to last hit only and use the bush to mess with them, be aggressive with your Q but don't chase, try not to push minions too hard.
you are AD super smash this early, you cant lose too basically any champ in the game at the start with the same health.
QQQQQQQQ.and at lv.3 E>W...Q.
you can now basically do whatever you want but stick too the strategy and watch for ganks.

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bad matchups

just be carefull of range champs, like I said, USE THE BUSH ALOT against everyone, they cannot sustain more then you if they wanted too even with dorians blade if your smart.
watch out for lee sin jungles, if you are new to this style buy a ward or two.
if you get the kill go to your turret and B. you want a vampiric scepter and more health pots, and if you have enough get the 15 armor early. then rinse and repeat after 2-5 kills it will take 2 or 3 of them too kill you depending on who your against.
!!!NOW WATCH OUT!!! If your against an Attrox, Teemo, Fizz or sometimes a skilled Vi, you are going to have a long hard game. they can poke you with minimal consequences.
at lv.6 you and riven or yi are even if they aren't stupid, be carefull and outsmart them in a fight.
I've found so wait for ganks too hard engage unless you know for sure you can kill them.!!!

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leveling fast and getting that extra crucial gold

make sure you level up fast and loooove gold,. steal the other teams blue (ask about your red), kill the minions by your second turret wherever you are close and have the time, its fast.
W,Q,1(hydra/tiamat) is your combo for basically everything with a couple basic attacks will take out all minion monsters/creeps (don't need too W minion waves when you have the hydra its a waste of mana) and you can even solo dragon at lv.10-12 depending.

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the art of killing them in a huge surprise burst (AKA FLASHGRAB)

My personl favorite and a lot of time most effective for insta death for the opponent is the FLASHGRAD!
flash>grabbing starts working around level 6-9+. its literally flash then E(grab) then mash ,W,Q,1(hydra/tiamat) in order then just Q/E as it cools down till they die. ult if they are getting away from you it will also move you close enough too q again if you need too (keep reading its kinda a descriptive repeat of myself) and with one more q after the ult they will be dead if not already, (Q/ignite even after the ult to make sure you get the kill if you must..)
remember you bleed them out already and with the ignite it will kill them most of the time so don't chase under the turret after that.
!!Do not try this without practicing!!
it can seem like just button mashing at the start but you need to do this in a correct order to keep the timing of this perfect, you will get kills, it will just be too fluent and fun later on.
this is the way I win my top lane a lot of times and they cant do anything, it will later work on 2 even 3 champs at once depending on who you are against and where you are on the map.

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late game brief

you will be hard too kill near the end and even mid game even if you aren't doing too hot unless they focus/follow you.
stay with someone who has a stun or something along those lines if you can.
you can KS very easy in team fights so get them low then grab them and walk away for easy assists if you are doing way too well. otherwise ult for a kill in a team fight then grab q ult, then flash e ult for easy triple kills.
Push turrets and help other lanes. you can destroy entire waves of minions by Q/1(hydra) within a second.
late game final build do a classic of mine. hydra, bloodthirster, frozen heart, and 3 warmongs haha trust me you will laugh at the easiness of this
you will have: 30% lifesteal, 20% cooldown, 175AD and a 60-100% ad burst(hydra) (just from items, but common your darius) , 95 armor, 400 extra mana, and you should have 5.1k health.