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I am fiddlesticks fear me

Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Fear the fiddlestick

Hello everyone. This is my first template but I have scored quite a few good games with it AI and pvp. Now for most of fiddle stick players they would all say that my template would not do any good. And they may be right but who is to say that their template works for everyone.over the free week of playing fiddlesticks and time spent looking and trying other templates I would come up with something that works best for me in combo from all the other templates that I have seen. So with our further with holding here it goes.

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First and foremost this is my first template so it may not be suited to the likings of other players.
We all know fiddle to be a stick man that looks quite easily beaten. Haha your almost right except for beware of the fiddles terrify/drain combo. Fair warning always watch were the fiddlesticks is. because if you don't see him chances are he is either hiding or right behind you. That being said give this a thought and try it out if you like but be fair in your votes.

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Through extensive time spent and calculations of runes mastery and items from the shop I have come up with what I did for many reasons. potency is great for it's starting ability power add. So that is why I didn't use the Insight or Force in Marks.
I used the force for Seals and Glyphs because with the item combo I use I push more AP then i do with other casters. last and final for runes and these can be changed to the liking of your preference I put potency for Quin. because of the early game boost.
but those can be changed for insight or even Force. As a mage type fiddle doesn't really need armor or health but you can put a health increase rune if you like. Again this is my personal build and for some they may not agree with what I use.

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Mastery wise I chose the ones i did because fiddle can eat mana like he is eating breakfast. But for the most part I chose what I did because 1.) you gain more Ap at the start and end game (2.)this template may require a lot of time farming and harassing enemy champions then would just walking up and ending the game. hence the reason for the gold boost to masteries. Now i know you are most likely saying but that is a wasted point. but it is not because every other template i have looked at has a lot of really expensive items and with out those that template did not work for me. 10 gold is 10 extra gold no matter how you slice it. In the end that 10 gold could mean the difference between have a deathcap or getting pwn'ed from your enemy.

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Dorian's ring is a must start item for Fiddle. because of the mana regen it allows you to stay in any lane longer to gather up gold for your Sorcerer's shoes. Because fiddle realize on magic the 20 m.pen will help you deal a little more damage to anything in your path. plus the movement speed helps to catch those pesky champs that like to try and lure you to their turret for you death.Abyssal Scepter is a great item 2 reasons first being the AP and MR second it adds that little bit extra M.Pen which will help you in a kill or escape in cases of near death and terrify is up to disable/disrupt a champ. Now I know this is a bit of a dilemma for most and I am sure you are asking why Morello's Evil Tome. Easy Answer! AP,MR and CDR 20% may not seem like a whole lot but for fiddle's ultimate and the main needed abilities it is a great decrease.Again it can make a difference between a kill or your death.Rabadon's Deathcap nothing need to be said about it. 140 AP and a bonus 30% AP increase I mean come on how would not want a mage type with that much AP increase. Void Staff is an item that you change out but take a look at it first 70 AP not to bad helps some but the passive is the main thing 40% M.Pen I like that that gives a nice addition to "Here they come, and there they go" triple kill statement. last item Rylai's Crystal Scepter nice for the extra 500 health and the 80 Ap but for the most part the ability to slow your enemy for a short time just to score that terrify drain combo helps. But this item can be changed out for such things like another Deathcap or even if your finding your self in need Zhonya's Hourglass. The main staple items you need is the death cap the void staff and Abyssal Scepter.

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Skill Sequence

Drain should always ALWAYS be your first spell. As it can save your life and keep you laning a lot longer. Terrify should always be your second choice as we all know that everyone likes to pick on fiddle early on and with out that disruption from terrify your a sitting fiddle in a hay stack.those need to alternated from 1-5 till 6 when you can get crowstorm that is a must.Now i don't know about any of you but when the time is right and you have flash up and ready. with your crowstorm,terrify drain combo there is only one thing to say " you should have stayed away.why 13 with dark wind well the only time I have found dark wind to be of any use with when you got someone like soraka or even shen that has their disable up and tends to get it off before crowstorm. if you find yourself getting disabled during crowstorm's timer is done then you can change to get a CCR item to change that but best to say before they disable always keep flash handy as it can change the out come of you not getting that kill. besides minion kills dark wind don't do enough damage for my liking to start with it. The only time you would want dark wind at the start is if you are in a lane and the enemy is caster heavy then grab dark wind lvl 3 and only 1 point into it till you hit 14th lvl.

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Summoner Spells

Now i have heard all the rants and raves about using clarity because it don't do a whole lot. I respect their opinion but i also know that with no mana as I have seen with fiddle and any other caster type I have played in this game and many other mmorpg's no mana means death. So thank you for your opinion but i think I am going to do what keeps me laning longer. Even with Dorian's ring and Morello's Evil Tome you still can run out of mana even if your not spamming your abilities. but for you ability spammers this template with fiddle will help even you stay in the fight longer as the CDR's and clarity plus your MR's keep you going like a timex. Flash great spell I think everyone should use it even tank players. As I have seen some more valuable uses for it such the enemy champion is almost dead and he ran behind his turret to recall. Flash pasted the turret terrify/ drain dead you run away and live through the turret blast. Champion is being coward hiding behind his turret Flash Crowstorm terrify drain dead you run right past the turret and live.

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with everything that I have shown in this template I hope those that try it find it to be useful as I have. there are some items and runes that can be changed as well as replaced but take care to not loose to much of the M.Pen and AP in the build as you might find your self being over run and instead of the enemy fearing you you will fear them.