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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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I am the thing hiding in bottom lane.

Last updated on January 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I love playing thresh as a support for my friends. His lock-down ability is amazing and can set up some of the best escapes or initiations i have ever seen. Completely coordination reliant he makes working with your team even more devastating.

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Playing support bottom lane you don't get the farm that you need for your items. the extra 5 gold per ten is amazingly helpful here. Don't have to steal farm to hurry yourself up for the first gold per ten you need and you aren't as reliant on those assists so if all goes wrong you are still sitting okay.

the extra armor is for those early engagements against their ADC so you can survive and keep them off your ally better, never a bad thing.

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I go 0/18/12 for supporting bot lane.

0) you are a support, you don't need the extra damage.

18) Get yourself some extra health, armor and magic resist so you can stay alive longer to help protect those carries. Also, the reduced slow amount and cc duration is nice so you can always be there with some help for you allies, no matter what your enemies throw at you. Lastly the 5% reduced tower damage; not necessary, but if you are tower diving you want to be the one being hit and that helps you take that one or two more to let your team win the fight.

12) You tent to run out of mana quickly, so some extra mana regeneration is always a good thing. The improved recall is for you being back to lane for your ADC 1 second earlier (and some times that does matter). The cooldown reduction on summoner spells and 15 seconds reduced flash cooldown is because some times flash can set up some of the most amazing plays. chain your lantern to a flash to a death sentience and you have your ADC on the enemy in one second with an amazing combo.

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Start with 3 wards, 2 potions (your choice, i like mana) and rejuvenation beads. Later on the beads will help become aegis which will go to runic bulwark and the extra health regeneration at low levels is nice.

The first time you go back you will want some level 1 boots and start rushing aegis of the legion. As soon as you have your aegis get a sightstone so you don't have to waste money on wards the entire game (you can get it before aegis, but i tend not to).

Now get yourself mercury treads. The magic resist and tenacity is very nice on thresh, and you wont have to build much armor since his passive stacks it up quite nicely as long as you can stay in lane during the laning faze.

Next i get some health. Either get giant's belt or upgrade to ruby sightstone at this point followed right by the other. The more health you have the better you can tank. From the giant's belt get yourself a rylia's crystal scepter.

You should get an abyssal scepter next. The extra magic resist, and the shred of the enemies is very nice to have around.

Finally upgrade your aegis one last time to increase the aura to give even more magic resistance to yourself and your allies. Looking good tank.

One last thing. get any item that can be helpful. I like warmog's armor since i am usually main tank/initiator, but guardian's angel is a great item as well or even mikael's crucible to help get you allies out of a sticky situation. If you go for twin shadow, shurelya's revery or shard of true ice be sure to get your gold per ten early on in the game.

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Skill Sequence

You want to max out your dark passage first. It is allied movement along with a potent (up to) 5 man shield that can collect souls for you.

Next you want death sentence. The pull/chase ability allows you to initiate and to pull enemies out of position so you can pick them up even easier.

Lastly you want flay. one rank in it early is good, but it is mostly for the push/pull combo and slow, which doesn't increase much as it ranks up.

Obviously get the box every time you can. the slowing ability is great for either trapping enemies or deterring them from coming in if they are chasing.

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Chaning Thresh's Abilities

Basic initiation;
1) fire death sentience (on a miss nothing happens)
2) as soon as it hits drop your dark passage by whichever ally you want in the thick of things with you.
3) Reactivate your death sentience pulling yourself into the hit enemy as your ally uses the lantern so you both end up in the middle of the enemies.
4) Drop the box as soon as you are in to deal damage and prevent escape/setup of the enemy team.
5) Follow this up with flay in the direction that either makes the most enemies hit the remaining walls of the box or the get them into prime locations for your ADC.

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I run Flash Exhaust.

Flash lets you set up even more amazing ability combos. Drop your dark passage, flash forward into range for death sentience pulling you and your ally even further than normal as your enemy stands there shocked at what you just landed on them. Also, it is good for escape, and general positioning.

Exhaust gives you and your allies much more versatility in a fight. Shut down the enemy ADC for a moment, let you escape from a chasing opponent, or catch up with a fleeing target.


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