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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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I came in like a Rek'ing ball

Last updated on April 17, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Rek'Sai with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sejuani Pre-6 she could possibly kill you if you do not play it right but typically you will win a duel with her. Post 6 her only upper hand is her ulti, if she misses she has no capabilities of taking you out (1v1). Be careful in teamfights though, she can initiate a fight and if the team follows up you will most likely die in a half of a second.
Evelynn She has burst but no sustain. Plus you have vision on her when in tunnel mode.
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Hello, my IGN is Dachinamann. As a jungler, I main Rek Sai, Vi, Udyr, Trundle, and Amumu. The reason I have made this guide is because I have found this build to be rather effective in all stages of the game. Most Rek Sai builds I have found are similar to mine yet they lack the major difference. The Devourer enchantment. With this, you can unleash your Q's faster and the hydra procs. I am not a high ranked player but I believe this build is pretty solid.

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Pros and Cons

The Pros are:

- Strong lane presence
- Strong dragon and baron presence
- Incredible camp clear and wave clear
- Good ganks and counter jungling
- Burrowed vision is very beneficial to you and your team
- Highly mobile
- Teleport as an ultimate
- E does true damage with full fury

The Cons are:

- Burrow vision can be an issue at times
- Lacks a damage dealing ultimate
- susceptible to hard CC
- lacks CC aside from her knockup

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Jungling and Ganking

Early Game
I usually start with grump to set up for a gank down bot or mid on my second rotation. First rotation is usually Grump (Smite) > Blue > Wolves > Red (Smite) > Raptors and then recall. Take the route down to bot lane and in the mean time, look for a opportunity for a gank at mid lane or bot lane. If there are none, either take the dragon scuttle and continue jungling or venture into the enemy jungle. Whichever way you take, roam up top after you pick up raptors (Smite) and then pick up the scuttle there as well. When you are getting the scuttle crabs make sure you use your knock up, you will kill it faster due to it registering as hard CC. If all lanes are good or you have done a gank or two, recall and pick up a Vision Ward. Place it near the mid lane river bushes and prepare for dragon. Usually I'll take 3-5 pots at this time to make sure I can solo it and if anything happens, I can abandon it or kill the enemy jungler before resuming the dragon slaying.
Mid Game
During this time, you should have your Devourer, Homeguards, and atleast a Tiamat. Gank lanes that are yield the most rewards and help out the lanes that need it. I typically don't counter jungle unless 2/3 lanes are winning hard. In teamfights, wait for your front line to go in or once they engage, dive into one of the two positions:
1.) Knock up the most enemies you can and do your aoe damage. You may or may not die but you'll be a thorn in the side and sets up for a good initiation or counter engagement. Even saving your carries!
2.) Dive into the back line and kill off the squishies. Knock up, Q (3 times) > Activate Hydra/Tiamat > E.
This is the time where you should be roaming from lane to lane, helping everyone you can and making plays. Grab jungle camps in transitions. During this time, it should only take 5-10sec to clear at max.
End Game
Your role in the end game is to follow up on your teammates and picking off squishies. If they are already dead/being dived on by an assassin/figher that can handle himself, then help out the front line. Always stay in burrowed and keep the burrowed vision passive up for your team. ALWAYS have tunnels up! Bot lane, Mid lane, and Top lane, or in between them should have atleast 1 tunnel. This allows you to fall back to clean up creeps from pushing a tower or to run away after a failed engagement. The strongest part of this build for Rek is diving in, doing your Q burst in a quick manner, and basically using your knock up to its full advantage. If you are low hp, go clear some waves or camps to regen. Her sustain is incredible and allows for prolonged laning. Her strongest advantage is being everywhere. Use this as the tip of your kit and you will win. As a team fight breaks out, tunnel in from a flank and split the attention of the carries to you. With ur high burst and sustain, you will usually win. If not, give enough time for your team to breakdown their front line.