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League of Legends Build Guide Author sathana96


sathana96 Last updated on December 2, 2011
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Item Sequence


Build 1

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So u wanna play teh Lee Singah eh? well good job buddy, he good ****. Lets start with this guy's life story: Lee Singah was a really strong and sexy son of a *****. He wanted to become a summoner, because he thought it would castly increase his level of sexitude. He was hella good at beating the **** outta pplz, so errybody thought that we was gonna be a really good summoner, but he went full ******, and screwed it up. He killed lots of pplz, and errybody was liek, "dude, this is is the **** mang", but he was hella depressed, and set himself on fire. he didnt die. Now hes blind, and likes to kick pplz ***es. literally.

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U start off with a cloth armor and 5 pots if u wanna jungle, cuz dat **** is OP. u can start with the scepter of vampires, but that **** is for *******. Later on, u turn that cloth armor into a lantern that wriggles, and get merc treds as ur boots, cuz gay***** have a tendancy to focus ur blind *** down. u then build a brutalizer, becuase u need teh MAJOR DEEPS. after that, build a phage, then turn that piece of **** into a frozen mallet, cuz it looks hella sick. after u get ur mallet, u wanna buy an atmas impaler, cuz like that psychopath vlad the impaler, u like to shove sticks up pplz ***es, and the extra armor and AD let u do that. After u build that ****, u do hella deeps, and u can rape the **** outta ppl, BUT THATS NOT ENOUGH! Make that gay brutalizer into a YOMAMA GHOSTBLADE, so u can run after pl hella fast and ****, then build something to make u tanky. If the other team has the gay magic *****es, get soemthign like a force of nature or hexdrinker, and if they have hella AD, u can get a thornmail, or randuins omen(to slow the **** outta ppl). IF UR A HELLA BAWSS, AND U HAVE A BIG ****, U ALWAYS GET Guardian Angel AT THE END. DO IT.

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For runes, u always get armor pen reds and quints, cuz they make u do even more goddam deeps. u can get attack speed yellows to make u jungle fast, but I like to get that armor ****, to make me hella buff. For glyphs(the blue ones), its better to get the magic resist per level ****, cuz u dont really need the early magic resist from the flat ones, due to being in the jungle. With this ****, u always win.

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since ur reading this section, im assuming u got some ballz, and wanna fight dat **** int he jungle, cuz its hella manly. U gotta start at blue. It what all the pimps do, and now ur gonna do it to. get the ****head from mid to goddam leash that **** for u, and kick that blue buffs ***. make sure to weave in 2 autoattacks between every skill, so that u can get the OP attack speed bonus in between. after u take that blue ****, get ur Q and go beat the **** outta the guys from top lane(or bot, depending on which side of the map ur on). Usually, u start off the gank, by running in, hitting them with ur q, then beating the **** outta them, while using ur e to slow them. This gives u an easy kill early game, and if u dont get a kill, ***** at the guy from the lane, and call him a *****. dont forget to tell him to suck your **** btw. After u kill that guy and get hella ****, kill all the minions in the lane, to piss off the guys laning there, then u can recall and go get ur level one boot, or u can go on to kill ur wolves and proceed to the other half of ur jungle. It all depends on how much health u lost during ur gank. If u do proceed with the jungle, go kill the wraiths after wolves, then go to mini golems, then recall. Get level one boots, and a pot or 2 if u need them, then go get red, and get ready for another gank. After all this ****, u shuold be hella fed, and then u can go beat the **** outta ppl, NOBODY CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! >:D

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