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League of Legends Build Guide Author freaksta

I Just Made You Crit Your Pants.

freaksta Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Hello and thanks for reading my guide ! This guide is all about Shaco, The Demon Jester. I am using this build at the moment and it seems I always win before I even get my last items. But for those who have those really long games these items are the ones that will last the most. Please enjoy, and please be nice, this is my first guide ! :D

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Alright, first of all, we start with the runes, the runes are all the same (Furor) because Shaco's first ability(Q) deals a crit to the enemy no matter what, so these runes are strongly recommended for shaco, if you are a lower level and do not have the same mastery talents, using a few mana regen/5 can help a lot aswell.

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I use 22/0/8, because having those few extra health and mana regen/5 really helps you to last long in your lane without having to go back all the time !

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I strongly recommend you buy the Meki Pendant first because having more mana regen is really nice and helps you to last in lane. If you are a very high level and do no worry about mana regen(Runes etc) then I strongly recommend that you buy Doran's Blade, It has just enough of every stat for an AD champion to begin with. Don't forget your health pots, they REALLY come in handy when your health is low!
The next item you should get would be the Tear of the Goddess, it really helps you to stay in a lane for a very long time.
The next item i recommend is Boots of Swiftness, it is really nice to buy because it can really help you to get away from enemies after assasinating one of their teammates in a gank, lane or steal ! :D
The NEXT item you MUST get is Sheen, it really helps for that damage you deal after using Deceive(Q)
The next item i recommend you get is Manamune, this is an extremely useful item because most of that mana that your received from Tear of the Goddess is converted to Attack Damage, which also increased your crit damage ! :)
The next item is the most important item any AD Shaco should get, it is the Infinity Edge, i recommend that you get the B.F Sword first and then buy the rest of the items that go into Infinity's Edge
Another very useful item is Phantom Dancers, it makes you run really fast and gives you some nice attack speed and crit chance, which is always nice to have.
Last but noy least, Madreds Bloodrazer, this item is seriously good for solo fights AND team fights, so don't hesitate to buy it!

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Skill Sequence

I personally prefer to get Q up as much as possible before all other skills, because this is the main skill that you will always need to use first, I get Jack in the Box at level 3 only, because it is mainly for AP Shaco's BUT it is nice to trick enemies to run into it to fear them and nuke them down ASAP.

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Unique Skills

Shaco's first ability(Q) is a really great way of escaping, and finishing off your enemies, make sure you don't use it near a enemy tower because then the enemies will still be able to see you in stealth!
For all of you who are fans of Jack in the Box, I recommend you place them in bushes away from minions so you don't lose them for silly reasons and so that the enemy does not see you and kill you in the bush your Box was in !
There is a really cool thing about your ultimate (Hallucinate), if you really want to finish your enemies off in style , you can stand in a bush, use your ultimate when your enemies are low health, and hold in ALT and click somewhere you will control your hallucination and run it to your enemy who has very low health(especially if they are at tower) and let it die, it will make them think they have accomplished a kill, but they have actually died from a stupid image, laugh in their face as hard as you can when this happens , because I know that i do!!

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This is the complete I Just Made You Crit Your Pants. guide, I hope you all enjoyed it, if you would like to add me as a friend, please do! I play on EU and my ingame name is Freaksta.
I hope you enjoyed this guide, please vote and comment, Good Luck and Have Fun!