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League of Legends Build Guide Author StaticFX

I like Heimerdinger cuz his hair looks like cinnamon rolls.

StaticFX Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Introduction Explanation:

Ooookay. This is my build about Heimer the op cinnamon roll head. He also has a mustache, mmm and a sexy labcoat. Anyway! on with the build!

Item Explanation:

I put Needlessly Large Rod for first item, because Heimer's turrets are amazing, even early game and he doesn't really need a Doran's Ring or Amplifying Tome to make him good. So just play defensively, don't turret dive, don't facecheck bushes, last hit minions and place turrets strategically, you don't have too much mana early on so you can throw them everywhere. If all goes well you'll have 1600 gold in no time. Everything else about items is pretty self explanatory.

Spells Explanation:

Well I usually take Teleport so you can get right back in the game after buying Needlessly Large Rod, you can also place a turret in a bush or whatever which is useful for getting right back into a team fight after returning to your base for items/hp, then you can finish everyone off.
Flash is a good spell for Heimer too because hes really slow and its kinda your only defense mechanic, well, that and point blank concussion grenade, which is sometimes hard to pull off, just be careful when flash is on cooldown.

Skill Sequence Explanation:

Meh, you should max turrets out first because its your best skill and its what makes you op. Grenade second because that blind can really piss off those right-clicking champs, and the stun can lead to an easy kill if your turrets are focusing the enemy. Rockets are pretty cool to use when your chasing/being chased but not as useful as turrets or grenades.

Gameplay Explanation:

Early Game Explanation: Ok, so you don't buy any items (maybe an hp pot or 2 if your new to this build) and head out to mid, you REAAAALLY want mid, don't take no for an answer, screw Ashe/Vlad/Mf/Nind, your Hemier! Hug turrets (both your H-28G Evolution Turrets and the real ones...heh) and as soon as you get 1600 gold, throw grenades everywhere to celebrate then press b.

Mid Game Explanation: Now you've got your Zoonya's and Sorcs, maybe even a Blasting Wand :D your turrets hurt like hell and enemies will avoid them. Go around ganking whoever needs it, and try to place turrets in places enemies will retreat to before you start the fight. Strategy is key.

Late Game Explanation: Ok, the enemy hasn't surrendered yet, and your working on your Rylai's or finishing up your first archangels! WOO. Or your team has fed a lot and the enemy's at your nexus ._. If its the first option, your doing great, and you'll get your ip in no time, if your experiencing the latter, /all rage and blame your **** team, its not your builds fault, thats impossible.

Conclusion Explanation :D

Put turrets near each other to double the damage, stun the noobs who come too close, flash out of danger, play defensively, keep an eye on your minimap cuz if you think your gonna be ganked and dont want to return to base just yet, put a turret where you think they're gonna attack you from. Oh, and stunning enemies your turret (YES, even the ones you didn't press Q to summon.) is focusing can get you an early kill = money = early Needlessly Large Rod - WIN!

"Your head is made of cinnamon rolls, you have a sexy labcoat and a mustache. How the **** can you lose?" ~God