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Lee Sin Build Guide by graceisenough7

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author graceisenough7

I may be blind but you're dead. -Jungle Lee sin guide

graceisenough7 Last updated on May 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First off, I am not as expierenced as the pro's nor do I claim to be an extraordinary player at all. What I am is this; A big fan of League of Legends, Mobafire and Lee sin. This is my first guide and I hope to explain how I play Lee and why I think my build is successful. On a sidenote, this build may be altered depending how good you are doing or how bad your team is doing, ect.

********It is not finished but feel free to tell me what you think so far**********

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Basic Abilites

Flurry is lee sins passive. After an ability is used, he will gain 40% atac speed bonus for his next to attacks. It is crucial that you get the next two hits because it will return energy. It sucks when you run out of energy with Kennen, Akali, Lee, or Shen. And for this brusier guide it will allow you to put out consistent damage and spam your spells. Without those 2 hits per use of an ability, you will be USELESS.

Sonicwave/Resonating Strike is lee sins main damage source. It is the main initiator and finishing blow on an enemy. It is somewhat difficult to land but with practice it will become easy.

Safegaurd/Iron will is lee sins main jungling ability. It temorarily give him a shield that can enter a fight via teamate or even a minion. Iron will his 2nd active grants him bonus life steal and spell vamp but if the shield is broken these affects will disappear.

Tempest/Cripple is lee sins utility for slowing his enemies and revealing vision for those pesky invisible enemies. Again, Not used for damage output in team fights. Do not spam this to waste your energy but save it for fleeing opponents or enemies chasing your team

Dragons Rage Is lee's Ultimate. It is not neccesary to aim and hit multiple people as most players believe. Sure you do Aoe damage and knock everyone up but its main use is like rocketgrab/fling ect. I kick a carry to my team. BIGGEST PET PEEVE is letting an enemy get away because you kicked them over the wall, or kicked them towards their turret. Before using this ability, Use sonic wave, Dragons rage then Resonating srike for the finishing blow. Do not be that lee that everyone rages at.

All of lee's abilities have a good and short cooldown but remember too use your passive so you do not run out of energy.

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I chose attack damage quintessences and armor pen so lee can remain a bruiser as he takes the full tank role. His Sonic wave/resonating strike do more damage as the enemy is low on health. The quintessences will guarentee a potent blow on any one. I chose Magic resist glyphs because his squishiness early game. If he ganks at level 3 around the time when he should, he can be in serious trouble if the mid lane enemy decides to start targeting you. His initial magic resist is very low and he will need these in case of a bad situation. My marks are about the same as my quintessences. I like to remain a bruiser while soaking much damage. Since Lee will be in the jungle, more armor is needed to keep a decent amount of life in the jungle and that will explain my seals.

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Most lee sin Guides will focus on a Tanky DPS build like Riven, Irelia, ect which is NOT bad at all of a decision but for the most part I leave that build for lee sin when he goes solo top or for another who will go top. I remain to the tankiness instead of going full Tanky DPS as a more viable and helpful lee Sin. Instead of the other guides recommended 21,0,9. I tend to roll with 0,21,9 for my jungle lee sin. Again, If i were to go top; 21,0,9 would be great but thats not my intention for this guide.

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Skill Sequence

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! The skill sequence I posted is not always what I get for lee sin. The first 3 are a neccessity but after that, it may or may not change depending on how my team and I are performing at that time. If i have a kill under my belt I will max Sonic/Strike First. But If i have been unsuccessful with my ganks, I will tend to level up my W so if I have died, I can play more defensively with Safegaurd/Iron Will and gain more lifesteal with its active. You always max His ultimate when available. Tempest/Cripple are for utility and not a reliable source for damage output. NEVER max this first.