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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Ice ice baby. A detailed Anivia guide (Plat 4 400 anivia gam

Last updated on June 16, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Anivia with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fizz What everybody thinks counters anivia. I only mention him because i got a few tips here. Fizz don't counter anivia. If you are smart you will harass him early game with your aa and wait for him to jump you. When he does you simply wait till he jumps back against to land your q and e him. You can outtrade him early game and definently survive him later. I prefer building zhonia's and banshees against him if he gets too strong.
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Why play anivia?

Anivia is a mage with an incredible potential for damage outcome and she scales extremely well into late game. She has a nice stun along with utility with her wall and slow with her ult. She is a wonderful teamfighter and has a huge impact on the team fights especially with her let rework. Along that she has perhaps the best passive in game which allows you to duel early game knowing you will always survive as long as their jungler isn't there and you stay on the safe side of your lane.

I personally find anivia to be one of the best champs for climbing because you simply can't go wrong with her. She fits in most team compositions and she has only a few hard counters mid lane.

High damage
High cc
Great utility
Nice dual potential in early game
Great scaling late game
Great teamfight champion


Lack of mobility
Lack of real escape (wall and stun provides but not always enough to save you)
Easy to hard engage on
Vulnerable to cc

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The laning phase

Anivia's laning phase is really where you build the foundation of her late and mid game prowess. In early game your main job is to farm which is hard considering her aa animation sucks. Her lvl 2 is very powerful along with lvl 3 lvl 6. In early game your q-e combo smashes the enemy mage and can do extreme amounts of damage. You are in the laning phase extremely vulnerable to jungle ganks and you should try to keep the one brush warded and stay at that side. If possible buy a vision ward and have both sides warded. As anivia you trade extremely well after your lvl 6. A great tip is to e first and instantly lock your ultimate.

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Skills, abilities and dueling

The whole setup of anivia is about making her -e spell deal damage in early game. Therefore you should always try to land a -q and -e them straight away even if the q has not yet landed. It will still reach to trigger and will provide you with an escape there.

Her Q spell might seem hard to land and it is pretty much a mind game pre lvl 6. Be aware of your own minions health and use the timing of the enemy aa to get a q locked in this works even better against melee champs. Later in the game it will be easier to just put and Ult down and then q them for the slow. Another trick is to place the wall behind the enemy. They will then chose a side to go around it and once you see that you land your q.

Her E spell should usually only be popped when you have already locked a q or it is mid air. Her E spell has a relatively low cooldown and with a bit of cdr you can actually pop it twice in a duel. What you do is that you instant Ult E your target and put a wall behind them. You then Q them preferably while they are still in your Ult and E again. This will take most mages down.

Anivia wall.

Anita's wall is probably the hardest spell to land. I recommend you actually click on it and make sure it is a few feet behind the enemy champion otherwise it will land on the wrong side. It can also easilly be used for landing your Q spell but also to provide an escape from the jungler or in late game to separate the team's formation by either blocking out their carries or locking them in.

Anivia Ult.

Works extremely well for minion farmning. Place your just before the minion wave arrive and AA to make sure you get them all. Post lvl 8 you can place your ult and then q the melee minions to get them all. In team fights try landing it in the middle and when their carries come forth or whatever you can get you instant q them and they are pretty much dead. Try fitting your wall so the enemies can't get out. With the new buff of her Ult it deals tremendous amounts of damage at full size.

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In team fights it's important that you star far behind in the back at first. You do NOT want to be targeted. After that you might wanna focus the tanks or bruisers if you can't get close to the ads. Put your ult in the middle of everything and cut their carries off. Then stun the tanks and back off. Kiting is the key here. Do not engage against multiple alone. Most of the times they will reck you. If the enemy carry steps in your let be quick to stun and e them. It might win the game. When your team is taking drake anivia is useful as she can prevent the enemy team for consesting. Putting a wall behind the pit gives you vision and you can stun or wall off enemies to prevent them from getting too close. At baron fights put your ult down and aa and e. Save your q and your wall for their team and don't miss an opportunity to wall of their gates for a safe baron.