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[icon=volibear size=50] Volibear Jungle - Carry Your Team (S

Last updated on April 9, 2013
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Hi, I have spent a long time playing ranked winning my lane decisively yet I still lose the game. I got very tired of this and had to think of a way to carry my entire team to victory in order to get diamond. My solution to this was VOLIBEAR JUNGLE. This is going to be a relatively short guide, but should help you carry your team whatever league you are currently in.

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Skill Sequence

Start E, then take Q for the early level two gank.

E,Q,W is order at beggining then follow :

E - Majestic Roar max this first his
W - Frenzy second
Q - Rolling Thunder max last
R - thnder claws take whenever available, 6,11,16

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Pros / Cons


- Best ganks in the game
- Movement speed steroid = great chaser
- AOE slow
- Don't really need damage items due to Frenzy and Thunder Claws
- Easy lane ganks
- Great passive, good for baiting.


- Can be kited fairly easily

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Flash - flash q, enough said.
Smite - 10 extra gold from masteries, enough said.

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Early game

Ok, so here im going to explain why volibear is the best champion to carry your team with.

Start blue side? - wolves then blue, you will be level 2. Check if the enemy has bought wards, has he placed them? Yes - then gank through lane, go into your first brush top make sure minions don't spot you. No - then gank from tribrush or from riven.

Start purple side? wolves then blue, you will be level 2. Go bot, it is important you go through lane as bot mainly wards river early, go into the first brush and wait for the enemy to come close enough to Rolling Thunder then Majestic Roar.

by now you should have picked up first blood for your team, yes it does leave you open to be counter ganked at red but seriously, first blood > red buff.

Ok, now go secure your red and keep repeating these ganks, sometimes it helps to E before Q if your E is in range to make sure you flip them.

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Mid/late game

Secure dragons and barons for your team, remember times 6 mins on dragon and 7 on baron. You should be completing your aura items such as bulwark and locket of the solari. Buy some wards for your team and place them in the enemy jungle.

Teamfights try and flip the squishies, adc, apc or support if you feel as though they are out of position. If this does not happen peel for your adc or apc. Voli is great at keeping his apc and adc safe while dealing great damage with Q and E.

This is a brief guide to jungle volibear, add me in game gg platinum for individual advice and I will be happy to help.


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