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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Illfated Singed

Last updated on October 23, 2011
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This is my personal build for Singed, shared only to my friends and whom may happen to stumble upon it. Though I change some items from time to time, to counter some carries, this is the jist for the most part.

If there is a Hard AD Carry on the opposing team, trade the Mejai's Soulstealer out for a Thorn Mail.

If there is a Heavy AP Carry trade Mejai's Soulstealer for a Banshee's Veil.

If there is BOTH a Heavy AP Carry and Hard AD Carry replace the Mejai's Soulstealer for a Thornmail, and replace the Rod of Ages with a Banshee's Veil.

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The runes are pretty much my basic choice for anyone that is AP, only the Seals are HP /lvl instead of Mana Regeneration because Singed lacks the need for the mana considering his ultimate and the little cost for his abilities when played right.

I also get Movement Speed Quints to make it easier to catch opponents that tend to have alot of free speed boosts.

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I get Exhaust and Ignite to help ensure First Blood, and they work even better when I get the Mastery to compliment them (They're also great abilities to have throughout the game, especially with alot of people tower diving now). I go down the Utility Tree mostly because the Movement Speed, but also because that little extra mana boost and cooldown reduction makes for a nice compliment to the cheap mana cost of Singed, making you last longer in your lane before using a potion or heading back.

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The items are what works for me, and I know everyones play style is different, so experiment!

Just try to maintain the Rylai's because it makes your amazing kiting abilites that much better and when they decide to turn around mid chase to avoid death it makes for a much easier catch for you to finish them off.

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Skill Sequence

Again, I know this is just what works for my personal play style, change it up if need be!

The reason I like to play my Singed without the slow is because it really burns the mana, making Singed a more mana reliant champion. Also it slows down a gank alot revealing your position, where you're coming from, and slows you down casting it. Don't get me wrong it can close the gap sometimes but most of the time I find the spell more of a problem than a solution.

The poison trail focusing is a must though and always make sure to get your ultimate every time you can because that helps alot diving, chasing and turning the tables in a fight that they think they can win, killing you low health -vs- low health.

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Singed is one of the best lane pushers in the game IMO. Nobody else can fully push a lane to a tower and maintain minions at a tower while hitting it with friendly creeps never stopping on the tower as well as him. Just turn on your poison as you run past waves of creeps, (doubling back sometimes to make sure you finish them off)when you run into a tank creep toss it (again doubling back to make sure you finish them off). You have two options with your ultimate, when you reach the tower you can use it to increase damage output and mana regeneration for creeping and maintaining high mana for anything that may come your way, or you can save it for a flee attempt when the opposition comes to interfer with you. Also, if you choose to ultimate away, always consider running directly to another lane if possible and continue your pushing presence consistantly pressuring them to hold you back.

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Team Work

This is the biggest failure in most Singed players in the game that you'll see. You're the tank and you will get your gold regardless. Try to feed your teammate whenever possible but don't forget an assist for your teammate is still better than the opponent getting away because you tried too hard to give your teammate the kill instead of just killing the opponent yourself.

Try to coordinate for focus kills on single targets, make it the squishy enemy of the bunch to whatever your lane partners damage output is and try to make it one without escape abilities if possible. Ghost opponents are easier to kill than flash most of the time. Try to coordinate a stun, slow, knockback, or charge from your lane partner as you setup an, Ignite - Toss - Exhaust - Poison Trail kite. Always remember to be the first to Ignite - Exhaust, for 2 reasons; 1) you can time it better during your gank that you'll most likely be setting up, and 2) because you igniting last is increasing the chance you get the kill. Let your teammate get the kill if possible but do NOT let the opponent get away for the sake that your teammate "MIGHT" get the kill.

Play passive but when you make a move do it aggressively and don't let up, tossing any time its off cooldown for the extra damage, always maintaining a position in front of your target hitting them occasionally to maintain high damage output but dont risk your positioning to hit them if they're fast, hold the front cutting side to side to make it hard for them to dodge your trail. Always coordinate with your lane partner because you are there to feed them, you getting fed doesn't matter, you'll get more creep kills than you'll ever need to maintain an "OVERPOWERED" presence.

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This concludes my current guide for Singed. Goodluck!