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I'm Beginning to Feel Like A Crow God

Last updated on March 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fiddlesticks is the Champion I play the most so there are more videos of me playing him than I know what to do with. I am making this guide to inform you of Fiddlesticks as a viable champion for many situations. There is no set jungle route, there is no set times to gank, and there is no set build it is all based on what you can afford and what is necessary.

What I Recommend
I highly suggest if you are going to go fiddlesticks in any lane start with either of the items. One Mana Potion + Amplifying Tome. With regular armor/magic resistance runes. As well as your "E" or Silence. Flash+Ignite (Early Damage) Or Four Mana Potions + Boots of Speed. Pure AP runes. With your drain ability. Flash+Smite (Never back jungle)

That can be switched, however you always want a 21/9/0 mastery rune page. It can be viable top to go 1 potion and tomb with a tankier mastery page or even utility/tank. That is not my area of expertise. I usually only top fiddle to counter champions like Vlad. The first ability I recommend maxing out is your silence and drain. Silence does a lot of damage to two targets who are in close vicinity also very useful for a chase when target is low % hp due to the range. Drain is a life saving ability sometimes needs to be interrupted but more than often you will wait until they use their cc to cast it. Fear is an interrupting ability. Due to the nerf I rarely get fear until level 7 unless I am support fiddlesticks.

As far as it goes for building. I highly highly recommend these three items as a base for fiddlesticks.
Rabadon's Deathcap > Rylai's Crystal Scepter > Liandry's Torment and of course Magic Pen boots.
Will of the Ancients > Abyssal Scepter > Void Staff > Banshee's Veil > Zhonya's Hourglass
Ranked in order of value to successful fiddle. You may say why banshee's? Its a good situation item for countering many champions. Why not Zhonya's? I hear too many people when we lose say its because no Zhonya's I prove many times that Zhonya's is not a fiddlesticks item in fact it shouldn't be recommended to build it on him but whatever do what you wish. If you have the Rylai's Rabadons, Liandrys, Pen Boots, WOTA, and mana potions. You will not need blue your AP will do enough damage and spell vamp to heal yourself and you can take enough damage to render the cost of Zhoyna's useless. Also the lack of mobility on fiddle when statued is counter productive to his ult. If you lane right or jungle right they will be scared when your face shows up. Instantly running away. So flash, ult, silence, fear, ignite, drain all on different targets by the way will be the keys to a easy ace.

Ability Targeting
Passive: Lowered magic resistance of 10 to all enemies in range of silence give or take.
Always silence whoever is close to each other and away from minions. If someone is less than 1/5 hp it is almost always a one shot ability. In team fights silence their main caster this will take a lot of their hp render them useless for a second and scare them out of the fight.
Drain: Wait to drain until you are positive you will not be cc'ed. Or drain when your team will take the cc for you. It is tricky to determine when to drain so just judge it off the other players reaction time, skill, and general awareness.
Fear: Useful in team fights. Can be used to catch someone off guard for team to catch up. I usually fear their ADC because I have no armor in any of my builds ever then when my ult is on it will kill them before fear is even over.
Ultimate Crowstorm: Do not waste this. Cooldown is too high to use in a wrong situation. Be sure your team is clear on your plan. Ult silence caster fear adc drain least likey to escape and die. Can be used to ult on dragon or on barron or from barron. Smite the dragon or even fear the jungle and silence him so he doesn't get smite off. Never use on single targets unless mission dictates.

Final Thoughts
Always have good map awareness and knowledge of other player abilities. When dead check the damage report find out why and how. Remember you can gank at level 2 pretty easily so do it. Bottom lane should be an easy double kill the minute you get your ultimate ability. Level 7 blue buff dragon is an easy task. Level 13 blue buffed barron is viable. Never let your team feel like you are greedy. You will see in my video that I included that if your team and yourself get along it will be a very pleasant experience. (Too come soon as I upload)


How to Play Fiddlesticks 27:31
Scumbag Malphite (How to get a Quadra) 1:24
Fiddlesticks Ranked Jungle 38:19
Ranked Top Lane Fiddle 4:59

Closure And Regards
Also if you ever want to learn the basics of the game, any lane any roll I can play other champions other than fiddlesticks feel free to add me in game. Have a skype account and I would be more than happy to play some LoL with you. Anyways I hope you guys check my youtube channel out for tips and more. Comments welcome (: