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League of Legends Build Guide Author ABoxOfCornPuffs

I'M BLOOD! Early game AP, late game Tank!

ABoxOfCornPuffs Last updated on October 28, 2010
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Ok, so, Vlad.

For starters, I'm gonna have to point out that this guide is NOT for a max damage Vlad. In this build i go for early game magic pen, because it's the easiest way to make those transfusions hurt, And then build into a moderate HP, solidly armored offtank!

The main points:

-He hurts.
-He turns into blood and gets away from everything, ever.
-He is a pretty good team utility.
-He makes a great off-tank.

Things you might like to know:

-He is one of the best champs I've played at last hitting minions because of transfusion. (More LH = more gold!)
-Sanguine pool has a beast of a slow on it, even at level 1 (Bigger after rylai's). I've seen it be responsible for keeping enemies from escaping tons of times. And it is AOE!
-If you haven't read the skill, you might not know that Hemoplague boosts incoming damage to champs while they're effected! which means a large boost in your team's damage for a good duration, followed by the explosion.

Things you might not like to know:

-Vlad has a really slow feeling to his movement, with my regular 2speed mpen boots.
-Sanguine pool (A.K.A. I'M BLOOD!) has a relatively large cooldown, which can catch you off guard sometimes, especially at low levels. In general, it usually cannot be used to both initiate and escape from an average teamfight. Bummer, huh.
-Transfusion's cooldown is too large to go very offensive from ranks 1-3. You still can't really stand there and chain transfusions in a 1v1 at rank 4. It only gains true force at 9. I use it almost solely for last hitting until i'm like level 7 (rank 4). Kinda boring but farming should be your priority on him early game anyway.

The Breakdown and the How-To:

Farming hard / Early game:
(Levels 1 - 7to9) Hokay, so. I take sanguine pool at 1 to avoid early game shenanigans. If you're mid, which is 90% of the time, Grab boots and pots. The point of this is that anyone with a brain who has ever played against vlad knows when he's gonna run up and land those nasty transfusions. So, they back up, you overextend chasing, you get ashevolleyed, zileandoublebombed, missfortunebulletRained, and then smacked by minions as you run away defeated. The speed boots give you the ability to catch people, basically. You can buy an AP tome or the hp crystal if you want, but that extra hp nets you hardly any AP, the 20 AP gives you like 12 extra damage on transfusion, and If you get a dorans, get the Dorans shield. Dorans ring is pretty bad on vlad. Since he doesn't use mana and the ap is like 6 transfusion damage. Just get the shield for the hp5, and because it's the best one in general. If i see another vlad on the other team, and i think he's going mid, i buy the shield so i can shut him down if he doesn't buy dorans. Because i'm a jerk like that. Buying boots first, however, gets you closer to your first important item: MPEN BOOTS! Exciting, i know. Go back and get these as soon as you hit 750. assuming you bought boots first. You will notice a pretty substantial jump in damage as soon as you get these. not to mention the pretty early 2speed. you should be able to chase down your mid opponent and land those transfusions. Again, play passively and last hit minions until you get to 7 or 9, depending on how hard transfusion is hitting.

Bein' a Rapist / Mid game:
(Levels 9 - when teamfights are the only fights) Alright, so mid game rolls around. You DEFINATLY should have spell pen boots by now, and hopefully you have most or all of haunting guise. This item is great, because since you have spell pen boots already, you can get them down past the averageish base magic resist of 35 to no magic resist! Go transfusion someone, you'll enjoy it. This phase usually starts for me after i go back to base at level 9, buy my boots and whatever i can afford of haunting guise, and then head back to mid. At this point depending on how the game is going, grab a soulstealer. Upon re-entering mid my number one goal is zoneing the opposing mid player out of xp range. This does a few things: Either they're better than you and you get pushed back to farming, OR they're worse than you, and they start taking chunks of hp, and they probably get over confident because you've been so passive the first half of the game. If not, they'll go heal. recognize how much damage your transfusions are doing, and try and get them down to the finishing-combo-hp-range You wanna get them aboooooout 3 regular transfusions away from dying at MOST. You should check if they have heal, if their champs have any activated shield abilities, (morgana) and you should be above 1/2 hp at least. Now, for the combo, you should drop hemo on them first, then instantly transfusion. Flash up to them, go into "I'M BLOOD" mode (Sanguine pool,) and when you come out, land the second transfusion, then bail. If you didn't get enough damage on them, dont get greedy. they live, you win because they're gone, you farm up and go gank a lane or something. Group up with your dudes, throw your ****, get some kills. Your best tool here is I'M BLOOD mode, since it's got a nice slow on it so your team mates can get some good damage in while your transfusion is on CD. Buy rylais, starting with the health belt first. I dont care if you can't afford it, wait it out. it's the important piece. The slow makes your I'M BLOOD even slower, lets you catch a fleeing enemy with a transfusion, if it didn't finish them off anyway, and gets you some synergy from the AP and HP with your passive. Great item for vlad, seeing as how it is in every vlad guide!

Wrapping it up / Late Game:
At this point, you could go for ******ed high AP and buy Zhonyas like every vlad, but I like to play him as more of an offtank than a caster. Depending on the majority of the other team's damage, go for Randuin's Omen (against physical) Force of Nature (against magic) or Aegis of the Legion (against a healthy mix, and the team buff is nice too) Or guardian angel. I dont find much use of guardian angel, 'cause it just makes them ignore you, and that's not the point of a tank. It is also pretty expensive... One of those items might also be a warmogs. I don't have much experience using this item on vlad though.
Get any two of those items, or whatever you judge as best. The build is pretty freeform at this point.

When you get the cash, Sell your haunting guise and buy an Abyssal Scepter. This item literally replaces haunting guise perfectly. Drops the tiny amount of hp, makes the magic pen group wide, More AP, and a nice negatron cloak in there too, boosting that effective health by a good margin.

Ok, to review.
The item order is:

-Boots and 3xPotion
-Mpen boots
-Health crystal first, Into Haunting Guise
- Soulstealer (On a good day)
- Health belt first, into Rylai's Crystal Scepter
- Against a balanced team, Aegis of the Legion. Against physical, Randuins. Against magic, Force of Nature. for more general defense, Guardian Angel. If no one has a madreds, try a Warmogs if you want.
- Whatever you didn't build out of that list
- Whatever you didn't build out of that list
- Replace your Haunting Guise with an Abyssal Scepter

By the time the game is over, my items usually look about like this.

-Spell pen boots
-Haunting Guise
-about half of Guardian Angel

Your ideal build should be:

-Spell pen boots
-Abyssal Scepter
- (Soulstealer, Aegis, Randuin's, GAngel, Force of Nature, Warmogs)
- (one of the above)
- (one of the above)

Can't really judge which one is best, they depend on the teams.

And with that, I'm out! Comment when you rate, ****ers!