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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Imma Firin Mah Lazor POOOOW

Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About of Lux

The role of Lux
Beware, before you start:
This is a guide to Lux AP. This guide will mainly focus on staying alive while doing the most damage and the most support possible, but still I will try to explain the best build.

Who is Lux?
Lux is a support / mage nuke. She is capable of shields the entire team, stop / slow down opponents and release a laser beam every 30 seconds. Yes, 30 seconds, as I will explain later.

How to play Lux?
The best way to play Lux is thought of as a body of Morgana in Soraka. She is capable of causing severe damage and combo skills but did not escape. Fortunately Lux has a very large radius, which allows it to provide help to the team and kill opponents without even being attacked (and sometimes visible).

Be sure to always stay behind your team. This is the power of Lux, the ability to stay away although it may continue to use all his skills as being in the forefront. The enemies will learn to hate you and want focus you for first. If Lux dies, the team loses its shields, bind, slow and Lazor. Do not allow this to happen.

What do you learn?
This guide was made to show buyers how to use Lux all the tricks at his disposal, good items to consider and how to stay alive,kill and protect your teammates in the midst of the most difficult battles. This guide will give you some advice on playing style of aggressive Lux and help your team like no other while remaining very difficult to kill.

What to Expect?
Well, theoretically you should "feel" of the team members say
"WTF! Why the hell are always Binded, slowed down or dead? And 'because your teammates have always shield him?!?! Where is Lux is not even see it!"

A wise man said: "A good Lux ​​always makes its presence felt, but no one has ever seen."

Sit back, grab a sandwich with chocolate and preparations

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Lux and Blue Buff

It would be this:
What can I do with the buff blue?
The reason it is so important is because, as mentioned before, this combination could spam all skills ULTIMATE INCLUDED!
- Ownage Lazer becomes a nuke every 24secondi level 3
- You will almost always be able to snipe someone trying to escape in the most stylish way possible: a laser in the giant culina

So not only can shoot laser as a boss, but you can constantly keep cowl your allies, your enemies on the ground planting.

What if you can not take the blue buff?
Do not panic, if you can not take the blue buff, then this build / playstile will do the same. Your will have completed about 34 second cooldown which is not bad, but the mana consumption could begin to be a problem if your skill spammed constantly.

This means that you must:
- Stop using Laserone on the wave of minions.
- Avoid using the ULTI for a single person except for very rare cases.
- Keep your skills for the heroes who feel (for example, do not spam all the skills of a Shen with 300 Magic Resist)
- Use the shield when the enemies will take damage and not by chance because the cooldown is up and is not good to waste this ability
- Keep the laser to kill enemies

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Summoner Abilities

Another great spell that helps to not be affected. It happens that 4 people chasing you to kill you? No problem! Enable Ghost, use (Q) Binding Light more dangerous opponent, enters and exit from cespubli if you can and put under you (E) Lucent Singularity to slow it down.
Ghost also provides a good ability to reach their opponents. Is there someone who runs away? Active ghost, corrigli behind, (Q) Light Binding to the ground for planting, (E) Lucent Singularity to slow it down and your team comes and breaks.

Similar to Ghost. Flash away from them, using the methods described above, and "Run Lux, RUN!". Flash can take you beyond the walls and obstacles, Lux has a good amount of escape mechanisms at its disposal, and this is not so useful for chasing enemies (especially in the jungle). I personally like Ghost, but it is similar to Flash, the choice is yours.

Very good if you can sacrifice on Lux other. Owning a spell to control the map is always great. This can also help you aim your Laserone, Slow or Bind the enemy fleeing. Another thing to know about this skill is the ability to intimidate enemies (further details in the Councils).

Bad idea (they can look good, but it's much better):
You will not have big problems with mana spell until you start pulling at random or when not needed. If you really want to do that, then take the buff and blue felt happy to clean up the minions with your laser. Some object with mana can help solve problems without using mana Clarity

There are two reasons why you do not need
- You should almost never take damage
- You should keep your cowl allies during fights so do not need it. In addition, care little

Jungle Lux is the way!
Just kidding, never mind.

Simply lol.
Useful to force other people to give up the tail ...
Sure ... I do not recommend this sort of thing ...

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If you hit an enemy with Light Binding, throw a Lucent Singularity but do not detonate it until you land an autoattack. This will allow you to ignite two Illumination charges for extra damage.
Lux can be deceptively durable using Prismatic Barrier. This allows her to stay alive in team fights much longer than expected.
Using Prismatic Barrier while moving will allow you to hit more allies.
On cast, Prismatic Barrier will instantly cast the shield on you, and when the rod returns it resets the shield on yourself. When running, cast Prismatic Barrier in the direction you are running. This way, you will be shielded twice, faster.
Lucent Singularity provides sight. Use it to check bushes or gank spots before approaching to prevent an unnecessary death.
Lucent Singularity can also be used to check Dragon or Baron Nashor.
The combination of the long range slow of Lucent Singularity and Finales Funkeln can decimate fleeing enemies.
Using Finales Funkeln to hit enemies who are attempting to Dragon or Baron Nashor may allow you to scare them or even kill steal the Dragon kill or the Baron buff. Similarly, it can be used to finish off the monster when your team is attempting the kill.
If Lux is used on the map Twisted Treeline, her ability Finales Funkeln from the middle brush can target enemies at the tower. This gives Lux and her team an advantage in lane control.
Her ult is not completely global. It still has a huge range but it is not infinite.
It is ill-advised for Lux to get into a close-up fight, as her slow speed, long cooldowns, and relative fragility will work against her. Stay behind your teammates and toss spells into fights from afar to stay out of harm's way.
Lux benefits from cooldown reduction more than most champions, as her spells are on a longer cooldown than most caster champions. Try obtaining the Crest of the Ancient Golem buff to use Finales Funkeln as an effective poke ability.
Having a Clairvoyance on your spells is viable, this is an effective way to see enemies in the fog of war and you can aim Finales Funkeln accurately.
Finales Funkeln is great for harassment or clearing large amounts of creeps in a lane due to its short cooldown.
The damage of her ultimate Finales Funkeln extends slightly past the targeting icon, remember this for when opponents might look just out of range.
Consider using Finales Funkeln at the beginning of a team fight to weaken the enemy team and give your team a big advantage. If the team fight lasts long enough, then you might be able to use it again to finish off foes running away.

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General Tips / Allies / Enemies

General tips
Laser the distance!
Given the long range of Lux, you can take part in the battles also remain on the opposite side of a wall. If your enemies are learning how to use your laser changes the angle from which shots

Clairvoyance can help with the laser. A wise man said:
"There is nothing better than to burn someone alive with your double rainbow while Recall"

Defending the turrets on the distance
An easy way to defend a tower despite opposition from the heroes you are at a distance is your lazer shooting at them. This will kill most of the minions, and if shot correctly so they see the end of the laser, there is a good chance they might flee because they do not believe you could be around the corner ready to kill them.

Tips on scheduled airlines:
Garen (Your brother!)
1. Plant them on the ground (Q)
2. Garen spin
3. Slow (E)
4. Garen silence
5. Shoot laser
6. If the enemy is alive:
- Garen ulti
If the enemy is dead;
- Change the target and start from Step 1.

Characters with stun (Sion, Taric, Evelyn, and others)
- You will very happy.
- Do not use with your CC

Champion who care for themselves (Nunu, Xin, Warwick, nasus and others)
- Your allies should not be afraid to jump in the middle and attack them while you stay behind and harass/support with shield, slow down and bind.

Tips against their opponents:
If you are forced against Mordekaiser, your life becomes a living hell. Simply pushes him too well and you can not fight it.
- If you see a half Mordekaiser that after PUSHed up to your tower, disappears towards the sides mean it's going to get the Wraith. In that case, shoots (S) Lucent Singularity in the field. If used correctly, can you rub kill the minions.
- Do not stay close to your minions.
- Attack when his shield is almost empty and before it reaches the minions. If you are using (E) Lucent Singularity too soon, just wait for his shield wears off, or that he is about to leave the area of skill.

- If you see his red bubble, you're ready to bind. The bubble usually means that he is planning to stun and burst the shield in the face to you. Stop him before you let him stop you.

Garen (always your brother)
- When Garen do spin, bind.
- When Garen run, bind.
- When Garen does /dance, bind.

- One tactic is to use as Tryndamere Spinning Slash to approach the prey and then Mocking Shout to slow down. Always keep ready (Q) Binding Light can often save their lives against Tryndamere
Any champion with a stun
- If you see an opponent with a stun approach you should probably try to stun and then bind.

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I'm sorry

I'm sorry if some point do not have understand but my English is not the best