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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Immortal Riven

Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Riven Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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I Found That Building Riven For Pure DPS Is Bullcrud The Girl Is So Flashy Everyones Gna Aim For Her So I Mixed Mine Up Between Damage And Armor As All Her Abilities Gain From Attack Damage.

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Im Not Adding A Ruin Tree But What I Can Say Is Go For Cooldown Reduction,Damage,Armor And Lifesteal Cooldown Reduction Being Priority Cause You Want A Riven That Causes Chaos.I Think It Comes Personally From How You Feel It Should Be Set And Sides Everyone Always Pumps This Rune Tree With Tier 3 Items Seriously.

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You Can Mix It Up But You Want The End Outcome And Staying On Track It Might Take A While But If You Manage Your Jungling And Minions Well You Can Get It In No Time.

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Skill Sequences and Gameplay

I'm Borrowing This Info From Dasbol Build Dasbol's Build...Which I Thought Was A Brilliant Way Of Harassing With Her And All Credit Go's To Him For This Part And I Think Is The Only Way To Combo Riven....

I'd recommend laning with someone who has either a stun or a slow. Since riven is squishy, having someone stun the enemy so you can do your burst damage and stun also, is effective for killing and surviving.

How to combo Riven:

A lot of people just spam Rivens Q, which shouldn't be done because it's taking away from her doing the most damage. A lot of beginner Riven players tend to Q, Q, Q without auto attacking between each Q. Do not do this! Here are a few ways you can use Rivens combos to gain maximum damage output:

Death dealing combo:
Blade of the Exile + Valor + Broken Wings + Auto Attack + Broken Wings + Auto Attack + Ki Burst + Auto Attack + Broken Wings + Auto Attack + Blade of the Exile
R, E, Q, Auto Attack, Q, Auto Attack, W, Auto Attack, Q, Auto Attack, R.

Only use your R if they are half health or you know you can kill them.

I'd recommend you use your W before you use your last Q in order to stun them before you knock them back with your final Q. Follow up with your final R - Windslash blow to take them down. Be sure to try and do your Q in front of them in order to knock them back instead of forward or to the side.

Quick Attack + Escape:
Broken Wings + Auto Attack + Broken Wings + Ki Burst + Valor + Broken Wings
Q, Auto Attack, Q, W, E, Q

This is an effective quick burst and escape attack. You lead with your Q, followed by an auto attack, and another Q which starts to initiate your escape. After the second Q use your W to quickly stun the enemy followed by your E to dart away from the enemy. Use your final Q to gain distance and knock them away from you if they're chasing.

*This would be a recommended attack if you're laning against a ranged opponent.

Laning against ranged:
When laning against a ranged character, keep your distance. Riven doesn't do so well against a ranged champion considering she is melee, so only attack if you're paired with someone who either has a slow or stun.

It can be quite difficult to farm vs a ranged character so only use burst attacks on minions when they are near dead to get the last hit, then use your E + Q to quickly get out before you're hit too much. Remember, keep your distance!

Dodge + Quick Burst
Valor + Broken Wings + Ki Burst + Escape with Broken Wings + Broken Wings
E, Q, W, Escape with Q, Q

When laning against someone with a skill shot stun like Ezreal and Lux use your E to quickly dodge their attack or stun, then quickly Q to them and burst them with W. Escape with Q, Q.

The Minion Farm
Run to minions + Ki Burst + Auto Attack
Run Around + W + Auto Attack

When playing against ranged you want to constantly be moving, standing still is not a good idea at all. Don't waste your Broken Wings combo on minions at first. Early game it's not very great against minions, especially when going against ranged. Use your Valor + Broken Wings only to escape when farming minions, unless you're confident that you and your partner can kill whoever you're laning against.

Jungling while laning:
If your team doesn't have a jungler, take advantage of this. With each trip back to base you should stop off in the jungle and kill Wolves, Wraiths, or Golems. Killing jungle creeps is a great way for extra gold and to boost your creep kills.

Remember to only take the jungle creeps if your lane is pushed and your not in jeopardy of losing your turret.

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Swz Didn't Explain Much In This Not The Type Of Person That Does That Hope You Enjoy