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improve your skills, then come and find me again (Wukong) LL

Last updated on December 20, 2012
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Hey, this is my first guide on Mobafire so bare with me if its not on par with the others but the build it self is amazing :) . So today I'll be explaining how to use the monkey King, Wukong. Wuk is my main for the solo top and my second fav champion in the league falling only second to Malzahar. Wuk is a strong duelist and the dukes you can preform with his 'W' are amazing, ive made fools of 100's of players in the league in both ranked and draft modes of the game. To be clear there are many ways to build Wukong, i prefer high damage as well as high amounts of health to ensure you can survive a 5v5 fight.

Wuk is extreamly powerful fed, I remember initating 1v5 on a team ulting then decoying out with a few bars left then watching my team arrive and get a double then i 'e' back in to get a double then got caught the fifth recalling in a nearby brush with a few bars left picking up a nice triple.

Hes ability to play many roles can only be beat by kayle and Jayce. His presence in the solo top can only be outmatched by Garen and Darius, though he wuk can be played as a counter to most ap casters and mid champs. He can jungle and gank powerfully 'w'ing from the brush to then dash at the enemy followed with an ult will 99 times out of 100 get you a kill. In saying this he can go full tank, assassin or bruiser depending how you build him, like i said i find bruiser to be the most fun.

Not to mention WUK IS GOKU, think about it, monkey? nibus? power pole? coincidence? i think not

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For runes i take 6 Greater mark of attack damage and 3 Greater marks of armor pen (reds)
take 9 Greater seal of armor (Yellows)
take 9 Greater glyph of scaling magic resist (Blues)

take 3 Greater Quints of Attack Damage (large ones)

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SEASON 3: By building 9-21-0 it will give u a large advantage over most top laners. top lane is about trading blows and most bruisers go 21-9-0, however i find on wuk higher defense has saved my life many times and it will save yours too.

Sorry for the lack of images so ill explain
tier 1: take 3/4 in fury and 1 point in sorcery
tier 2: 4 points in deadliness
tier 3: 1 point in weapon expertise

tier 1: 4 in durability
tier 2: 3 in hardiness 3 in resistance
tier 3: 1 in veteran's scars and 1 in safeguard (dashing under towers this will save you)
tier 4: 2 in tenacious (mainly for early ganks before merc treds and who doesn't love stuns ending sooner) and 3 in Juggernaut.
tier 5: 3 in legendary armor
tier 6: 1 in honor guard

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depending on who ur fighting your more than likely wanna start with boots and 3 health pots.
if ur versing say a trynd or gp get cloth armor 5 pots.

1st back ur wanna get 2 dorans blades health pots and sight ward so about 1100 gold.
if ur winning ur lane and ur first back u have 1450 gold or higher get the phage straight up.

Your core build should be , 1: Merc treds 2: Trinity force 3: warmogs.
from there wuk is very powerful because he can activate sheen 4 times with a regular combo. 'q' hit basic proc sheen. 'e' in basic hit proc sheen, 'q' proc sheen decoy to dodge targeted abilities turn up behind them basic attack proc sheen then ult (proc sheen) And the high hp is just amazing.

Your 4th item is situation but you wanna get brutalizer then build it to black cleaver (its the league of black cleavers atm)

then 5th and 6th are totally match dependent, but Maw of Mal, bloodthirster, G.A, Thornmail, atmas and frozen mallet are all great choices.

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Skill Sequence

A miss conception about wuk is that u take the dash 'e' first. If u wanna kill ur opponent and win trades take the 'q' crushing blow.

Of cause depending on the lane say 2v1 and ur soloing ull get w at lv 2 and adjust it from there.

lv 1 Q
lv 2 E
lv 3 Q
lv 4 W
lv 5 E
lv 6 R
lv 7 Q
lv 8 Q
lv 9 Q
lv 10 E
lv 11 R
lv 12 E
lv 13 E
lv 14 W
lv 15 W
lv 16 R
lv 17 W
lv 18 W

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Pros / Cons

. If Ur having a bad game ur ult still benefits team with the cc
. great abilities
. your /t is the best
. Wuk becomes stronger for every enemy champion near him
. Not hard to become good with
. Cant stand Garen (who can)
. A lot of difficult match ups
. not naturally tanky needs items
. No cc apart from his ult.

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Wukong is a boss, and this build has proved invaluable to me when i play him though remember, situation items are what wins matches and this is just the basic idea of what u should be headed for, for instance if ur versing a morde kiser in the top lane ur early items will be very different though ur final build should still contain the core items