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Jhin Build Guide by Ryoji

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryoji

[In-Depth] The Red Devil Artisan // #6.19 // MID&ADC

Ryoji Last updated on September 24, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Jhin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Graves [ADC] I've always thought of Jhin as a better Graves. Jhin is more mobile, has faster and better spells. Just don't stand in his smokescreen. Go controlled aggressive.
Jhin [ADC] Oh, you're playing normals? Well, you're better cus you're reading this guide. Next!
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Introduction to Jhin, the Virtuoso

Jhin, the Artisan Killer
Ranged, Assassin, Marksman, Executioner.

Synergy: Lockdown, Crowd Control heavy comps.
Ganking vulnerability: Solo - High. Botlane - Support dependant
Speciality: Burst Damage, Executing and Long Range Assassinating.
Explanation: Jhin is a marksman who specialises in executing champions. He has no mobility spells, has a low amount of Crowd Control but some of the highest range abilities in the game. On top of all this, his Whisper passive makes it so that he has some of the weirdest scaling mechanics in the game. So builds are a wildly discussed topic on him.

Hi, I'm InFrs Orpheus, you can check my here. I was Gold last season, this season I'm climbing back up to it.
I will show you the Red Devil build.

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Pros / Cons

+ High damage.
+ Solid poke
+ Can secure objectives like Dragons and Barons easily with his HP damage.
+ Expert executioner
+ Can aid far away in chases with Deadly Flourish.
+ Can farm easily and poke hard with Dancing Grenade.
+ Insane damage with Curtain Call
+ Very creative character.
Jhin has a lot of things going in his favour when it comes to damage. All of his abilities do damage, his auto attacks and Curtain Call do damage based on missing health and he can secure kills from halfway down the river to either top or bot... or mid from the bottom side. His Deadly Flourish can help secure kills and root enemies so you pick up some easy assists (or kills!)

- Easy to gank.
- Reloading will get you killed the first few times.
- You will feel the unnecessary need to save your 4th shot.
- Deadly Flourish's snare might feel minimal sometimes.
- And it's damage will feel low as well.
- Is one of the worst siegers in the game.
- People will doubt the Red Build (mostly because of no boots)
- The Captive Audience upon death passive is... pretty useless.
Jhin lacks in forms of Crowd Control and you'll feel this especially when you're trying to chase down the enemy before getting good attack speed. Notice how I said attack speed? We'll get to that soon. It might feel like Captive Audience takes too long to build up new ammo as well. He's already really easy to gank. Any form of Crowd Control wrecks Jhin fairly easily, whether you have defensives or not. He's glass.

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Skill Explanation

WHISPER: // Jhin's passive. He has a fixed attack speed, has a 4 bullet ammo system wherein his 4th shot is guarenteed to critically strike and do 15 / 20 / 25% of his target's missing Health as bonus physical damage. Against structures, the critical strike damage of this bullet is reduced by 44% and the bonus damage is not applied.

Jhin's critical strikes deal 25% reduced damage, but grant 10% (+4% per 10% bonus attack speed) movement speed for 2 seconds. Additionally, Jhin's attack damage is increased by 2% - 40% (based on level) (+4% per 10% critical chance) (+2.5% per 10% bonus attack speed)

That was a LOT of information to process in one go. So let's get down to brasstacks. First off, the movement speed onhit passive is why we do not build boots. With Rapid Firecannon and Runaan's Hurricane our critical strikes (alongisde the added movement speed from the aforementioned items) will grant us this;

330 (Base MS) + 17% (RFC + RH + Duskblade MS%) = ~386 + ((70% Bonus AS / 10 = 7) x 4 = 28%) 28% = 494 movement speed. Along with the 60% critical strike chance from Runaan's and Rapid Fire, and the fact that our 4th shot will GUARENTEED critically strike, there is virtually no use for boots as we'll have 458 movement speed for more than the majority of a fight.

Tips and Tricks
  • // If you're on your 4th shot, you can delay the reload by using any ability.
  • // When you're reloading, use your abilities to maximize your damage output.
  • // Don't throw yourself into the fray to land a 4th shot. Play carefully, you're glass.

DANCING GRENADE: // Dancing Grenade deals hybrid physical damage that increases upon killing a unit. It will bounce up to 4 units, dealing more damage (35%) each bounce every time it kills a unit. It does not prioritize champions.
Tips and Tricks
  • // Use this ability on the 3 caster minions when your opponent is close to them for harass.
  • // Try not to abuse this skill because of the mana cost. Use it in useful situations.
  • // You can lower the health of a minion the grenade will bounce to if you want it to deal more damage by killing it.

DEADLY FLOURISH: // The longest range basic ability in the game. While it's damage is mediocre, it is useful for it's 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 second snare. The long range allows to you to help junglers who are being counter jungled to snare their opponent or deal extra damage. Deadly Flourish is also your combo skill for Captive Audience.
Tips and Tricks
  • // Use it to help your jungler or support by snaring the enemy.
  • // Please don't try to execute champions with this. It rarely deals enough damage.
  • // You could take this at level 1 for invades or early fights with a Braum support for example.

CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: // A trap that has a 2-max ammo system. These are called Lotus Traps. It has a short set-up range but once stepped upon by champions, monsters or minions they activate, creating a slow zone that explodes after 2 seconds dealing hybrid damage. Captive Audience also grants vision to whomever steps on it. Use this to block the way for incoming junglers, or to cover brushes for supports. Along with your Deadly Flourish you could root them long enough to deal a heavy amount of hybrid damage (100% AP RATIO!? 120 AD RATIO!?!?) Keep in mind however that every trap that's activated consecutively has it's damage reduced by a certain amount. The slow is 35%, Lotus Traps deal 65% damage against non-champions and champions recently damaged by one.

If Jhin assists in killing an enemy champion, the corpse will spawn an activated Lotus Trap that detonates after 2 seconds, just like the others.
Tips and Tricks
  • // Please don't throw them and expect them to activate upon landing. They have a setup time.
  • // Allies can teleport on Lotus Traps. Neat, isn't it?
  • // A support like Morgana, Lux, Nami or Braum for example could help you keep the enemy in place for the explosion.

CURTAIN CALL: // Jhin roots himself for 10 seconds. The camera (yes, the camera.) lifts itself a bit over the map to grant you vision of the ability's cone radius. In this you can fire shots that go through all minions and monsters, but not champions. Curtain Call's damage is increased by 2% for every 1% of the target's missing health, and the Curtain Call's final shot critically strikes for 100% × (1 + bonus critical damage) bonus damage. Every shot has a 80% slow for 0.75 seconds, so you can hit your next shot better.
Tips and Tricks
  • // This deals INSANE damage even against tanks, and all the shots have a small AoE to the hit.
  • // Be nice, if you could help secure a kill with your damage or slow from one of the shots, do it.
  • // Can't hit anything of value? Walk. It cancels the ability, and every remaining shot lowers the cooldown of the ability by 10%.

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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
Curtain Call is your ultimate, which always needs maxing. Every level adds more damage and lowers the cooldown. Dancing Grenade is your go-to-ability when you're reloading. Using abilities does not stop reloading, so keep that in mind. We put 2 points into Deadly Flourish before making Captive Audience because of the snare. 0.75 seconds is extremely short, and making it 1 second gives them only 1 second to react to the explosion damage upon stepping on them. We max Deadly Flourish last since it's more utility for the snare rather than damage.

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sp E
// Switch our Oppressor with Bounty Hunter if you're botlane. And switch out Secret Stash with Assassinate to go ham on Midlane. Other than that, this is pretty basic. You take Sorcery to deal more damage, since all Fury really does is give you minimal benefits. Damage is always better. Vampirism over Natural Talent because that small amount of extra damage overtime matters so, so little. I take Deathfire Touch over Warlord's Bloodlust for the damage. Unless you're in a sustain-lane, this is generally how you would want to go.

// Thunderlord's Decree is a very strong passive, for sure. But Deathfire Touch is more sustained damage rather than a long cooldown extra jab of damage early on. Early game determines how succesful Jhin is, not lategame. Lategame he will be strong regardless. (if you don't go 0/5 or something)

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1 Quint
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Jhin needs his attack damage. The scaling he gets from Attack Speed is useful, sure. But it only adds a tiny bit of % movement speed and attack damage (read passive) while the flat amount is better early on.

2 Quints

  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: You really have to ask? Flat AD is amazing for Jhin. Iv'e tried the scaling variant but early on you're basically fighting with pillow shots, with extra padding and no gunpowder. Just no. Pen could work but we dont need it for runes. We have % shred.

  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: The scaling to me is much more useful in the end than the flat amount. Early on, supports do minimum damage (depending on the one of course) and I'm much more worried about their damage late game than early.

  • Greater Seal of Scaling Health: The big shocker! Why no armor? Here's why. When we go AD Quints and Armor yellows, our rune stats are; 15 AD. 27MR/18, 9 armor. Don't get me wrong. That's not bad. But Jhin doesn't need Attack Speed from his runes. So instead, we make a slight sacrifice to gain something. We sacrifice 4 Attack Damage and .5 Armor for 12 HP per level. Which means more survivability late game and relatively early. To me, that's a fantastic sacrifice. If you'd rather run AD Marks & Quints, Armor Yellows and MR Glyphs then go ahead. But this is the most beneficial rune page setup for Jhin to me.

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Item Sequence

Rapid Firecannon

Runaan's Hurricane

The Bloodthirster

Lord Dominik's Regards

Sterak's Gage

Warding Totem

75 Attack Damage, 7% movement speed and those passives? All of my yes. The attack damage and movement speed are self explanatory. The armor penetration is amazing as well. But the passive trigger after 2 seconds is what helps us a lot. It deals more damage based on missing health, and guess what we just so primarily deal in general? That's right, this item is just a no-brainer.

Good god is this item useful. The movement speed, the attack speed and the critical strike chance is just to good to pass up already. But the added bonus of a range increaser is just WOW. The range increaser is amazing for Jhin since it allows him to stay safe and poke from far away. It also adds more damage to his kit, which is always useful.

The base stats this item gives are once again amazing. It gives a crit chance and movement speed are a bit more, and the damage on hit is always useful. But the extra bolts allow you to do damage to everyone and everything. It's also really useful for the farming. But y'know, it's red. We sorta want it for that too. It's good, don't question it.

You've got a lot of sustain already, but why not add a bit more along with damage? That's the function of Bloodthirster in this build. Giving you more healing, and giving you more damage to deal. Solid item!

40 AD is nice, but not the best. The armor penetration is already worth the item in my eyes, but the HP shred on tanks just seals the deal. We shred tanks now like carries, and we'll have all the maniacal fun possible when we do. They will die. THEY WILL DIE.

More AD. More HP. And you know, while they will die, we don't want you to die. That's the point. Get it, it's good.

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Moustache? Why?

Oh great, her.


// Overall it's just about the fact that Jhin needs Crowd Control and some protection. Thresh would also make a viable choice but they still have the chance of catching out Jhin if his engages go wrong. Then? It's just downhill from there. And neither of them could recover from the setback. So pick either of the 3 above. Looking at you, Nami.

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Laning Phase

Depending on your laner, either poke them down or farm. It shouldn't be that hard. If you're losing hard, stick to your tower and last hit. If you're mid, just get your Cull stacks going. If you're bot, just sit under tower. Wait for your jungler. Hope your jungler helps you and get them kills, bwoi!

Are you ahead? Then try to poke your opponent back to base, or even kill them. Are you alive enough? Good job! Now go help other lanes or farm minions. The thing is that Jhin cannot siege towers worth a damn. He's slow, and even though he has a tiny bit of extra damage this won't be enough to solo a tower within 10 seconds. Minions will destroy towers, you destroy champions. Either in your lane or the other lanes. You could also secure a Dragon .

Roaming Phase

Pretty much the same, go to lanes and help them or secure drakes. By now you should have a Duskblade of Draktharr, Rapid Firecannon and Runaan's Hurricane for sustainable damage. Snowball, and make sure you help other lanes. It's not just about you, it's about the team. Ask for help or help your team siege towers. Push down towers, get dragons, get gold, farm, kills and all that. Prepare for teamfights.

Teamfight Phase

This is where you shine. First off, you try to stay out of the fight and instead use your spells to poke down the enemy. Stay far behind the allies and make sure you don't get caught by crowd control or huge powerful damaging abilities. Around halfway in the fight (win or hopefully not lose) you can step away and begin executing enemies with your ultimate. Your job is to clean up, and to execute champions. You're the executioner.
You're the one who knocks.
The judge, the jury, the executioner.

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