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Kayle Build Guide by neverbegosu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author neverbegosu

In "Support" of Kayle

neverbegosu Last updated on February 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 12

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 18

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Mastery is designed to give you speed boost/gold per 10/ armor and magic resist/ and ward range/ as well as xp.

The points in defense are to help with the armor/magic resist.

Keep in mind, this is a support build for kayle, and does not need anything else but what I have to make his support build work properly.

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The runes chosen are to help with Magic Resist offset in the lack of MR gear that I purchase.

The gold per 10 is used to offset the support roll of letting your co lane'er get killing blows on minions.

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I use Heal and Exhaust
Both come in a lot more handy late game during mass team fights, and scince I am a support and not a dmg dealer, I have the ability to lower there Number 1 dps'r and heal the team during a team fight.

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The items I have chosen are a direct reflection of what my purpose is.

Besides the wards, use them well, I use Heart of Gold and Philo Stone to get my gold/10 up.

This allows me to purchase items for late game at the 45 minute mark, even if i dont make 1 single gold the enitre game, I usually find to be maxed with the gear at about, 35-40. Level 17/18.


Late game I become almost a tank/fight controller.
Ruidin's allows me to control tempo of fight, while banshee veil allows me a bit of survival as well as eating a nuke shot on me so I can control the tempo. Zonyas Hourglass works well to keep me alive and opens my Intervention to help keep my nuker alive. Force of Nature is pretty much jsut for the MR. The frozen mallet and frozen heart work together to control tempo of fight by slowing down my opponents dmg capabilities.

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The Guide


This is the guild on how I play Kayle in a all out Support Role.
Keys to this build are listed above, this guide will discuss how to use this build to help the team.

Early game is based on total support.
Depending on who your supporting in your lane, you need to do the fallowing.

If your in a pushing lane, your abilities should be in this priority.

Righteous Fury- Use the splash to kill minions and push lane.
Divine Blessing- Heal as needed.
Intervention- Tower Dive if needed
Reckoning- Not really needed in this position.

If your with a carry and there taking all last hits your priority is as fallows

Divine Blessing- Heal your carry + speed boost
Reconing- Slow down enemys for ganks
Intevention- For ganks
Reconing- Slow down enemy.

If your in a lane with a jungler available, and you want to help with early gank,

Reckoning- Slow enemy for gank
Divine Blessing- Speed for jungler ganking
Intervention- Tower Dive
Righteous Fury- Not really needed.

If you dont understand the builds above, then you should not play Kayle.

This build provides very little dmg from kayle. You will not be the person dealing dmg, but helping the dmg

builders lane and get items. Your also used to help the allies get kills on champions, but not to be the one

to get the last kill.

Your main focus is to help them get minion kills for items, and to help prevent ganks on allies. Your speed

is your advantage, be where you need to be.

MID to Late game your focus is more a tank ability.

With the recomended items you will be able to control tempo of fights.

Intervention to protect your dps.
Zonyas to protect yourself.
Ruidans to slow fleeing teams.
Frozen heart to slow down enemy dmg.
Banshes to prevent the insta nuke of you during fight initiation.
Divine Blessing for spot heals/ Speed buff
Reckoning to slow down fleeing enemies
Righteous Fury to help dmg, Definetly focus someone with light armor, and let the aoe magic do the rest.

Level 18 Stats with completed build runes master and items


HP 3250
HR(/1) 28.48
HR(/5) 142.38
PDH 13325
MDH 8048
EH 10687

Mana 1691
MP1 3.18
MP5 15.9

Atk Spd .944
Damage 123
AP 100

Armor 310
Magic 147.6

CDR 25

Speed 484

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I like the build, and when with a good team of players who know there rolls in the game it works very well.

If you are going to vote/comment on the build please use the build first, weather its a good vote or a bad vote. I wouldnt vote on your guide without playing it no matter what I thought about it, I would expect the same for mine.

Keep to your roll and you will do well.

Your not ment to have the most kills or assist, and you might have the most death's, (expecially if your doing your job right), but you will be getting more wins then loss's. Expecially if you play with a good group of guys.

Our team usually has this makup.

Jungler- Ganking jungling, the usual.
Middle Lane Carry- Usually a ranged Ability Power
Top Lane Carry- Usually a ranged Attack Damage
Bottom lane consist of one control heavy unit with range, for getting last hits.
And finally myself.

As for your team, DONT DIE TO EARLY GANKS, The hardest part about this speck is when I am trying to tank for a team of 13's agains all 15+ fed chars. Just makes it a hella difficult, but it always does right.

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In Closing

See you guys on the battlefield.