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Insanity, Lockdown, Tank - The Guide to Mid-Tank Fiora

Last updated on September 21, 2015
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Fiora Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Anivia Just parry her Q and she cannot fight you at all pre-6, and post 6 jump out of her ult whenever you can and take advantage of her openings whenever possible.
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Midlane? Tank?

This tank seems to have come from someone completely off their rocker, and it kind of was. I found this build while struggling to be able to play the fiora rework. I could not understand how to play her the way you're supposed to and I decided to **** it and do something even I considered stupid worked! I tried it over and over and every time it seemed to completely destroy with heavy lockdown, high healing, and generally strong natural damage and fighting potential.

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Laning is going to focus on poke first, and farming second. Keep getting those last hits as much as possible but if an enemy vital is open to you, and it wouldn't be suicidal, go after it. Try to get in the habit of activating your bladework to get your lunge to slow as well, allowing you to follow up with a free critical hit.

Fiora's tankiness should be backed up by starting with a flask and health pots.

Now the important thing is that this build has two mandatory items:
Iceborn Gauntlet: This item is what you take first when fighting a physical damage champion, such as Yasuo or Zed. It gives you some armor and some strong AOE lockdown, making it much easier to catch the more slippery AD midlaners.
Spirit Visage: When fighting an AP midlaner, a spirit visage is very helpful, giving you health and magic resist, along with giving a massive boost to how much health you can get back when you ult someone.
Now when you finish one of these items, immediately start working on the other, unless you need some boots, those you can get between the other two.

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Tank Fiora is primarily useful for extreme CC lockdown and fighting in groups, and thus is great for roaming. Once you have an iceborn gauntlet (or even before if you're brave) you can easily run over to another lane and kill or assist in killing the enemy.

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This is where Fiora shines the most. Fiora at this point will have enough tank to completely dive into entire groups of enemies once she has an enemy ulted, preferably their carry. She can focus the enemy down and pull off her ult with ease, allowing her team to heal, and fight an enemy team that's down one carry. Fiora is relevant even after this however as her iceborn gauntlet and lunge combined will easily allow her to stay on her enemies and keep them from running away from teamfights.

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Pros / Cons

While this Fiora build has many benefits, it requires a reliance on one's own team to follow your lead, as you will be in charge during any team fight you are in, controlling who dies and when. If your team focuses someone other than the person you ulted, the battle can turn around to bite you in the *** and kill all of you. This also requires being able to stay very aware during a teamfight, ulting an enemy tank or support will not have nearly the impact as ulting an enemy carry, as tempting as it may be. Another con will simply be how ****ing insane this build sounds and most people will straight up not want you in their group (who the **** has heard of a midlane fiora tank???)
The final con will be the enemy building against you, considering you will be inside the enemy team during teamfights, getting focused by heavily anti-tank champions will quickly result in your demise.