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Inspired by Doublelift's LCS Vayne (For Experienced Players)

Last updated on August 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So...what the **** is this build?

If you looked at the core items and thought, "WTF, this looks completely different from all the other recommended Vayne builds", give yourself a pat on the back for being so astute.

This unique build was inspired by Doublelift (a professional League of Legends player), in one of the games he played in the LCS (League Championship Series).

Basically, this is how people USUALLY build Vayne: BotRK -> Phantom Dancer -> Infinity Edge

And this is how Doublelift built her: BotRK -> Zephyr -> Statikk Shiv -> Infinity Edge



Because Vayne has INSANE base stats. Assuming Vayne stays even in lane (or actually wins lane), then as soon as she gets her BotRK, she gets a massive power spike and basically has everything she needs to be a mid-game powerhouse. Her kit allows her to do massive damage at any point in the game (not just lategame), so at this point, you may be better off building semi-defensive stats (i.e. mobility and tenacity) rather than going pure glass cannon, allowing you to snowball into a victory.


This build will cause her to do 12% less DPS than a typical Vayne build. So why build her this way? Because I believe in the mantra, "Your DPS is zero if you're dead." This build gives a skilled Vayne player the tools and the mobility to survive, avoid getting locked down, and have an easy "out" even if you do get locked down by CC. It's not like Vayne is lacking in damage -- as long as she's alive, she'll be doing sick Deeps. :)

Item Explanations

BotRK: Essential item for Vayne. Get it first. Do NOT substitute a Bloodthirster, because that completely defeats the purpose of this build (which is dueling potential and teamfight survivability).

The Zephyr gives 10% movespeed and CDR, allowing her to tumble around like crazy in skirmishes and teamfights. It also gives her more dueling potential, enabling her to make sick plays. :)

Why Statikk Shiv over Phantom Dancer? One main reason: waveclear. Vayne is pretty terrible at clearing waves, and this makes up for it. Sometimes you find yourself defending a tower, and the difference between a successful defense and a failed defense is waveclearing ability. This is just personal preference, though. A Phantom Dancer would work just as well here.

The Mercurial Scimitar is incredibly useful against high CC teams. Because Vayne is so squishy, getting locked down for even a second can spell death for you, and a loss for your team. The active basically acts as a Cleanse and allows you to get out of CC or other debuffs, like Zed's death mark. If you're playing against a low CC team, opt for a Last Whisper (offensive) or a Guardian Angel (defensive) instead.

Infinity Edge -- Damage. Self-explanatory.


I am probably the 1% of Vayne players who take Ignite for the kill potential. At this point in the game (patch 3.10), Vayne is extremely powerful because all of her lane counters have been nerfed. That means you can actually try to cheese her lane by getting a lvl 1 firstblood (I'll explain this later) or by playing more aggressively in lane. Because this item build is so defense-oriented, I want to take an offensive summoner so I can actually get the kills and the gold to purchase my items.

If you're a coward, though, Cleanse or Barrier would work just as well. Flash is mandatory.


Cheese: If you're in a 'kill lane' (e.g. your support is a Blitz/Thresh/Leona/Nami/Alistair WHO CAN LAND THEIR SKILLSHOTS), I recommend skilling Condemn (E) at level 1 so you can grab a quick, cheesy first blood. :) Otherwise follow this skill order, prioritizing Silver Bolts.


At higher ELO you may be tempted to swap out the 3 AD Quints for 3 Lifesteal Quints (or 2 Lifesteal + 1 AD).

I recommend this approach if you're laning against strong laners who can harass you (Cait, Varus, Ez; Lulu, Sona, etc).

If you want to cheese, I recommend sticking with the AD quints.


As of patch 3.10, Vayne is very strong because all of her lane counters have been nerfed. These guys (Cait, Draven) used to be able to keep her in check by making her early-game nonexistent. But now that they're weaker, Vayne is allowed to do whatever the **** she pleases. :)

Will this change? Possibly. Riot has announced that they will be nerfing Blade of the Ruined King (changing its cooldown from 60->90). This is actually an indirect nerf to Vayne, since it's one of her core items. That may affect the way the game paces (fewer skirmishes -> fewer duels -> fewer opportunities to snowball into a victory), but it should not cripple this build.

So go forth and
Play Vayne
Win Lane
Win Game