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Instant Death to All

Last updated on October 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When playing Ryze you have to know the opposing teams groups composition. It can really change your item build. Normally when I am in a match people like to run with at least 2 tanks. Thus, my reason for choosing the void staff over Zhonya's Ring. I have found that Zhonya's Ring is just over kill. This spec and design is great for ganking 1v1 or 1v2. I have seen in other peoples builds that people seem to really want Rylai's Crystal Scepter. I really don't get it though. Whats the point of slowing someone if they are dead in less then ONE second?

All I can say is cool down is so important when you want to go up against a group of people. It is so nice to be able to spam your abilities with your 8 second Ult.

Ryze is a great solo mid character because you have so much lane control. And during those times when an enemy comes and tries to gank you in the beginning. They can feel the wrath of Ryze and get an instant Death.

Early game middle.
-I usually start off with Rank 1 Spell Flux, then Rank 1 Rune Prison, and Rank 1 Overload. This way you can nuke a ganker or someone in your lane as early as lvl 3. What you need to focus on is have your opponent become intimidated by your spell flux as early as possible. That way when they see you coming they know one of two things they can stay and die or run away and not get XP. This is where flash comes in really handy. It allows you to strike at will and kill them. Only go back and buy AFTER you have just killed your opponent and cleared the trash minions. This will give you ample time to buy and come back before they have a chance to gain any xp/gold. By the time you have hit lvl 6 you should have atleast one kill if not more and you are ready to start ganking.

Mid game lvl 6-12
-Gank, Gank, and Gank often. Make sure you always return back to the middle to keep that guy in check. If possible a nice surprise ganking from behind always works nicely. Personally I like to collect most of the starter pieces before I create my Archangel's Staff. Around level 10-12ish you should have your Archangels Staff, Sorcerer's Boots, and Mejai's Soulstealer already completed. Remember whether you decide to go top or bottom. Your allies will always appreciate your improved clarity.

End game lvl 12+
- Have fun and remember Elixir of Brilliance and Buffs are your best friend.

This is my first guild and hope the info I have given you is helpful.