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Intro to Zed - sHuz

Last updated on November 13, 2012
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Hi, I'm not the best player but this is what I've come to think of Zed since the beta and his release. He's a melee assassin that does 100% physical damage. There aren't many items that correspond with that but there are enough to make him deadly. I don't claim that this is the best guide, but it's worked out very well for me. Enjoy. Also, I'm really bad at this coding stuff so excuse the lack of images etc.

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5x armor pen
4x phys damage
9x armor, but you can do almost anything here if you want. I play zed mid so I don't really need the armor.
Either flat or per level mr, or cdr; your choice. I prefer the MR but if you're against an ap caster that doesn't do much damage cdr will help a lot.
Either movement speed or phys damage, maybe even armor pen if you use all phys damage marks

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I prefer 21/0/9 for the movement speed and buff duration in utility, and that you don't need mana with zed.
21 - standard adc, or you can skip attack speed and 10% armor pen for 4% cdr, again, your choice.

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Skill Sequence

use this order as a basis:
If you need to farm at turret or having troubles getting your WE combo in, you can max Q first.
Your poke consists of WEE or WQEE. Your killing combo post level 6 should be REWEQE-Ignite.

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Summoner Spells

Flash ignite is best, ghost ignite or exhaust ignite also work if you have movespeed quints or you feel comfortable enough using your 20 second W as an escape.

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Farming gets really easy because of your W passive.

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Pros / Cons

Great damage dealer
Can roam
W is a great escape and has a great passive

Super squishy
If you use q you run out of energy really fast, so I suggest sticking to W and E.
Easy to CC/Focus in teamfights since he'll be at the front lines.

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I start out with boots 3 pots as always and do the following:
First item: Brutalizer, I find the armor pen will do massive amounts of damage to most ap casters, and the cdr and ad are nice also.
If you're having trouble in lane feel free to pick up a doran's blade or two for that sustain.
Second Item: Always a bloodthirster. It's the item you'll be stacking for the rest of the game.
Third Item: Last Whisper. Zed is all about the armor pen, dealing near-true damage will win you the game since Zed does massive amounts of it.
Fourth: At this point you can either go all AD and stack Bloodthirsters, or you can Buy a Ghostblade out of your brutalizer and then stack Bloodthirsters. Your choice.
You can buy a red elixer if you want some early game dominance along with your brutalizer and armor pen runes. You'll get about 40 armor pen at level 6 which is enough to do true damage to most supports/ap carries and some dumb ad carries that don't carry armor runes lol.

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This is my really bad zed guide, hope it helps lol.