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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Irelia, 3v3 high damage build

Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay, hello everyone, I am someone who is kinda new to Irelia, but I like to play her, and am often not the most skilled in combat, though I do know how to do numbers. I am NOT a pro, this is NOT a pro build. I play Irelia for fun in 3v3, and while i would love to learn her in 5s and be able to play as solo top, I dont have enough champions to queue for rated matches, and people in unrated matches just act like ******s.

Once more, I am NOT a professional, if you are looking for a pro guide, this is far from it probably.

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Okay, so masteries are really simple, in 3s you have a lot less damage going out, and you really dont need all of the items that you do to survive in fights... if you want to take a team of 3 on and survive, this is NOT the guide for you, this is a damage guide for team fights when you want to be freaking nasty damage destroying opponents 1v1 and sometimes 1v2. As far as the talents go, probably the sketchiest thing about this build is the lack of the base life steal in masteries. The reason I do not get it is because 1. irelia already has built in lifesteal, and 2. the true damage that irelia does does not give her life via this talent. Havoc, however, does increase her true damage on Hiten style as well as all of her other abilities.

I also think the other thing that might be just a little off about this guide is my choice to go into utility tree over defense tree. Again, this is a 3v3 build, it is not meant for 5v5 solo top or anything like that. In 3v3 the buffs are much much more important, and being able to hold onto them longer i find is amazingly beneficial. Another point that can be made is that just about everyone over level 12 uses flash, and this tree allows for flash to be on a shorter cooldown. I find myself using it on cooldown a lot, but mostly because i happen to check it quite often so that i know when i can get myself into a sticky situation for maybe an extra kill or a dragon gank, and then get out alive as well.

This is obviously your own account and you can feel free to switch this stuff around a lot, as you want. This is what i have found most beneficial for me and my play style.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is very basic, not going to spend a lot of time on it. Equilibrium strike is first always. An opponent equal to your health % or greater gives you an instant stun. At the beginning of the game this ability is absolutely phenomenal if you are hiding in a bush with your team, or if you face check it and need to get out quickly.

The second skill i pick isnt always Hiten style, but most of the time it is. I find irelia to be really squishy early game, and i like to have the health back if i am being pushed onto a tower. If i am the one doing the pushing however, i will switch to blade surge second instead of hiten style, and make sure that i have flash up before i do anything extremely stupid.

After the first 3 points, you want to max Hiten style for the most true damage from it possible. then equilibrium for the longer stun and because it has more damage than blade surge does. really blade surge should only be used for last hits on minions or catching up to enemies. In the case of minions, you really dont need all the extra damage. in the case of catching up to enemies, the longer stun and more damage of equilibrium is worth more in the long run.

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Oi... runes... okay, for glyphs the choice is magic resist, the main reason is that irelia is still kinda squishy early game, no matter what build you are using, however i took the over time magic resist increase due to her healing ability, she can heal between enemy AP carry bursts if she needs to, and after a burst she can push an AP carry off pretty easily with her stun and ridiculous true damage, there is definetly enough time to get her health back up, so no big deal at the start, and the magic resist is nice for later game if the enemy has an AP carry, because with your +magic resist items its just even easier to wreck their faces in.

I picked attack speed over armor penetration marks, i've run the numbers and with irelias true damage, at level 18 with no items her dps is about 60 higher with Attack speed marks than arpen ones. In this build i stack attack speed for that purpose. it makes killing really easy... wait for enemy to creep into bush... stun.. hiten style... win.

The armor seals are for the same reason of the magic resist glyphs, except that AD chars are much stronger in the early game, and with your armor/health later in the game, much less of a threat. the only AD champ u should watch out for is trynd. sure you can stun him if he gets you low, but even if you get him low after that... no more stun... and his ult makes him live fo eva. just be careful and get your team to help you and you'll be fine.

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Now, an irelia with this build comes out with about 538 dps, an irelia with the same build, except switching phantom dancer and trinity force out for atmas and Frozen mallet is about 120 dps less. atmas' a frozen mallet, and an additional warmogs armor rather than GA/force (since it doesnt matter due to the fact that neither GA nor Force increase damage in this example)is still about 80 dps lower. (i dont necessarily have tons of faith in the numbers for atmas due to the fact that i might be calculating it incorrectly.)

this is 3s, the damage is low, you do not need that much survivability at the cost of all of that damage. stick with a trinity force/phantom dancer, or trin/infinity

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Summoner Spells

lol. flash. awesome in itself.

Ignite is great if you dont feel like Tower diving a target with 1 bar left, or for early game kills too. plus whenever its on CD you get attack damage increase from these masteries =D

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Pros / Cons

1. With this build, any 1v1 i win, any 1v2, i have about 95% chance of winning unless the other team is fed, generally my speed keeps me on the highest damage target and away from any melee char hitting me. my damage gets them killed, and can get a melee chars health cut in half in the duration of an equilibrium strike just about.

2. I love love love the speed, if you can get white rune buff, it makes ganking so easy. even if they are in a group, get in, huge burst, get out.

3. The extra attack speed causes ur Hiten style to be tons of regen on its own, you do NOT need damage on irelia. stack attack speed for max dps bursts. any other time, kite the enemy around untill its back up. stun, kill.

4. Irelia needs a team, she can gank very well, but she really shines in team matches. With this damage build she becomes a main focus, and a tank essentially anyways. her speed lets her get away, and when enemies chase, free kills for your team, and assists for you. Sometimes you can even double back with a blade surge and a equilibrium strike, and get the killing blow for yourself (you greedy bastard). But she does need a team to show true potential in damage and control.


1. Irelia is REALLY squishy early game and you have to play very carefully.

2. Irelia needs a team, she can gank very well, but she really shines in team matches. With this damage build she becomes a main focus, and a tank essentially anyways. her speed lets her get away, and when enemies chase, free kills for your team, and assists for you. Sometimes you can even double back with a blade surge and a equilibrium strike, and get the killing blow for yourself (you greedy bastard). But she does need a team to show true potential in damage and control. (btw this is a pro and a con)

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Creeping / Jungling

I love jungle buffs. get them when you can, move speed and attack speed buffs are included on 3s. GET THEM, they are amazing for irelia. the red buff obviously is too, but the green buff is actually more damage per second than the red buff is. Other than getting buffs, if you are succeeding in pushing a lane all the way towards the enemy tower, go do a couple of jungle packs. Its easy experience, and anyone not in the lane you were in will be ****ting themselves waiting for you to gank them. (Lol its really funny to see a sona do a full retreat at 75% because you went into the jungle and got some minions.)

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Get last hits. dont die. period. (<lol period, hahaha, thats a woman joke)

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I would really appreciate if you didnt troll my build. if you dont like it thats fine, kindly leave this build, and go to another one <3 thanks. I am open to constructive criticism that is NOT rude, as well as someone to teach me to solo top in 5s =D. if you like the build comment and vote it! ty <3