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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coran

Irelia- Carry of the Blades TFN

Coran Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lolers! Greetings! Hail from Noxius.

Haha Anyways, Irelia's for sure one of my fav characters in LOL and I am making my first build in honor of her! I'm sure there are flaws with it and your positive input would be appreciated.

Here's my general disclaimer to those trying to better their game:
The key too winning is not the build or the runes although they surely help. The keys to winning any round in LOL are adaptation, teamwork, pushing well, defending well, map awareness, common sense and the occasional backdoor if necessary. These other aspects are gravy to this team-based game in my opinion but it definitely helps if you can carry your team, which is what I end up doing just about every time I play with Irelia!

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Runes are awesome. But I feel that there is an extensive focus on them with a lack of focus on more game winning aspects of the game in many situations but they are there and they are a tool for winning.
My ideas about runes are to pick one or maybe two attributes that you would like to have a serious advantage on and build all runes based on those one or two attributes. In this example I have picked attack speed and cooldown for this example. It helps SO much to be able to be chasing a runner and have a quick cooldown on equilibrium to be able to stun/slow the character!
In the end, anyone is entitled to pick their own runes and do with them what they will so its your choice.

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Masteries have a lot more sway on the game than runes do, in my opinion, so using them succesfully is key. My route is to have a full attack mastery stack with 9 points in utility. You can choose between the clarity support mastery or the neutral monster buff extension because it depends on whether you like to get buffs mid to end game or not. I do a lot of the time so my summoner clarity spell is only to help me stay out longer in the begginning of the game. It enables you to use more spells and therefore put out more damage.

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Spell Description and Skill Sequence

Its undeniable that having a good strong stun/slow early game is key to getting some good ganks and getting fed. Remember that when as we go through the skill sequence.

Also Remember that Bladesurge and Transcendent Blades have your physical damage added to them so check out what items you should get and why!

Spell Explanation:

Ionian Fervor: Its Irelias Passive and reduces the amount of time that stuns/slows affect her when around teammates. The more teammates, the greater the time reduction. That automatically makes her a laning partner and team fight player. Surpisingly (to those out there that think that only ranged, or tanks can draw out or initiate team fights) Irelia is extremely adept at hit and run tactics, making her a good initiator, ganker, and survivor. She is even better at these things while around her teammates so you Irelias that Jungle all day and don't help in the team fights, find some new hero or learn how to play this awesome character.

Although the spells are q-Bladesurge, w-Hiten Style, e-Equilibrium Strike, and r-Transcendent Blades, in that order, I will explain them in the order that I believe that they should be leveled Which is:
E- Equilibrium Strike
W- Hiten Style
Q- Bladesurge
R- Transcendent Blades

Always remember that this order is my preferred order and your entitled to disagree. I just do really well with this style.

E- Equilibrium Strike
ES is a special, one-time, hand to hand attack that deals a lot of damage and and either slows or stuns the other character.

There are three main advantages of Equilibrium Strike:
1) Huge Damage-Low Mana Cost
2) Slows Characters with less current health percentage than you
3) Stuns Characters with more current health percentage than you

A lot of people get kind of confused about the percentage thing and dont know how to use it. It is actually very simple if you take a visual appoach. But I will explain it technically first. Lets say someone has twice as much total health as you (ie their max is 800 and yours is four hundred) and you attack them a couple of times. Lets say then that they are at 700 and you are still at four hundred. They turn to flee and you use ES (Equilibrium Strike). It WILL NOT STUN THEM! "WHAT?!?!?!?!" You cry out! It is not a Health Point comparison but a health percentage comparison. Given our example, your still at 100% and they are somewhere in the 80% range. So the easiest way to understand this is that if their health bar has more green than yours, your attack will stun them, if it has less or the same as yours, then they will be slowed.

Wait to use Equilibrium strike after your health has been taken down a bit, allowing for a second or two of complete, uninterrupted wailing (or escaping from) on said enemy hero!
OH did I mention that the cooldown time on this spell is awesome!?

Level up this spell as often as you can once you get to level 4, Except when you can level your ult.

W- Hiten Style

Hiten style does two things:
1) (passive- meaning you dont have to cast it, it's just always on) every attack gives you health back.
2) (active) every attack has additional true damage added (true damage ignores armor and spell resistance)

This skill is great for constant health increase in a lane. It makes Irelia very survivable. Not having to recall back= more experience, gold, and ganks!
It is also a tank killer spell. Using this to get the last 6 six seconds of extra damage can be an amazing ploy to bring down that armor stocked mordekeiser or chogath!

This spell should be your second priority after Equilibrium Strike unless you find yourself low on health all the time. If that is the case, PLAY BETTER! Just kiddin, but get Hiten Style more only if you are laning against some tough chumps.

Q- Bladesurge
The usefulness of this spell is not its damage but its movement and guerilla warfare tactic. Irelia leaps to a relatively close targe instantly and deals damage. This spell used in congunction with ES and active Hiten Style will bring just about any character to half health if you have built yourself correctly. I recommend getting this at level three for its mobile advantage and then forget about upgrading it till youve upgraded everything else.

R- Transcendent Blades
A lot of people dont know how to use this spell correctly and I want to help some people understand how to use it!

Transcendent Blades is a spell that allows you to shoot 4 blades, one at a time, towards your cursor (where your mouse is pointed). IT DOES NOT REQUIRE CLICKING! Rather you hit "r" and the spell happens at that moment. Activating Transcendent blades gives you a set period of time to cast all four blades or the cooldown starts and you will not be able to use the ability for another 50 seconds or so.

Transcendent Blades is one of the best moves in the game in my opinion because it gives you everything. The only things they could do besides obviously increasing damage is make the range longer or add a stun/slow which would just make Irelia more OverPowered than she already is.

Transcendent Blades does a decent amount of damage and passes through enemies. A really cool thing is that you get 20% of the damage back in health so its good for escaping or chasing while you are low on health. Rememeber to try and make it go through minions too cause more damage= more health back!

The most common thing I see people have trouble with while using TB is making Irelia run towards where she is shooting the TBs. It does take some quick thinking and some quick hands to run one direction and shoot TBs in the other so if you have trouble with it, then practice!

TB is great for team fights because it damages everybody it hits so wait for the right moment when someone flees and the rest of the team breaks b/c you can usually hit two or three heroes pretty easily.

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Summoner Spells

There are a lot of summoner spells you can use with Irelia (as with any character).
I tend to stay away from exhaust, ghost, and ignite because Irelia is so good at chasing (especially with phantom dancer) and general mobility. I find myself running out of mana a lot and thats what the clarity is for.
Teleport is extremely useful in changing the course of the game. Teleporting and saving (or taking) a tower may be underrated but it alters the course of victory! There are some other options as well but Irelia is so versatile that I reccomend those two summoner spells more than any others.

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The order of the first few items is essential, up to the phantom dancer. After that, the rest of the items are more your choice because you are the one that adapts to each game. No way you should buy the madreds if you aren't trying to bring down some tank all the time. No way you should buy starks if you are completley dominating and never need any health. You have to adapt to who you are playing and what item you should get. Remember just to always focus on attack speed and damage.

I start with the dagger because getting the Hiten Style early allows you to attack more often and restore health more quickly, eliminating the need for some item of Doran's (which are really good in other situations but here I figure they just waste your precious gold!)

Health or Mana potion depending on who your laning with and who your enemy is.

Berserkers Greaves to further increase attack speed and Mobility Factor. These will help you get some kills early on and therefor get more gold for your BF Sword.

BF Sword to increase that attack damage! This is so essential! You have got to farm and kill heroes to increase your gold quickly! the sooner you get this the better.

Some of you might have an issue with having an item that techs up and starting to buy something else before it techs up but DONT BE TEMPTED! After getting the BF sword dont waste any time in getting Zeal and then the Phantom dancer! These increase your attack speed and your Precious precious movement speed!

So after that, you get a lot more freedom in your build. The other items I put up are good for many different situations because Starks increases survivability double fold (attack speed(which will increase your health regen from Hiten Style) + Vampiric aura). Hextech Gunblade is a good choice because it gives you some solid damage and ability power. The Ability Power is good because it increases your ES damage 1 for 1. Frozen Mallet will help a ton with those weasley runners like teemo, miss fortune, and ashe. Infinity Edge will help to deal insane amounts of damage and get criticals all the time. Madreds will do a lot of damage, increase attack speed, and mostly help to take out those pesky minions and tanks! Let em have it! If the tanks have a lot of armor, be sure to get the last whisper to just completely ignore it and get some more damage! I Gotta admit that the day that they changed the last whisper from an attack speed item to just a damage item was a sad one for me indeed...

Remember when building that your damage affects your damage on two of your spells, Transcendent Blades and Bladesurge. Ability Power affects Equilibrium Strike 1 for 1.

Find a build that works for you and go with it but do what I suggested up to the phantom dancer and you will love life!

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Pros / Cons

Imagine a JellyFish trying to take out a killer whale...
Fat Chance right?

Thats kind of like Irelia trying to kill Mordekieser or some other such person.

There is only one way that a Jellyfish could bring down a whale and that is using agility and striking where it hurts! The Jelly fish would have to get the most sensitive parts of the whale, dodge when the whale charges, and stun the whale like crazy to eventually bring it down.
When the whale eventually realizes that the he is getting his trash handed to him on a platter and trys to flee, the jellyfish will deliver the final blows from his tentacley tendrils by dodging in front of the whales flight and throwing himself upon the whales face!

Its a funny analogy but its true with Irelia! She is one heck of a Jellyfish!

Irelia is SQUISHY! She cannot take a lot of damage for very long. She has to bounce in and out of hero combat quickly while killing minions to recharge her health. There is a definite art to this and it MUST be mastered to play Irelia succesfully!

Irelia is a survivor but she survives much better in a TEAM environment. Sticking with your team while making an occasional gank is good advice for any non jungler but especially for Irelia.

Irelia is WEAK!... that is until you get the BF Sword then the whole game changes. Its important to get the BF sword after you get your boots in order to get fed like crazy! Avoid dying during the first six levels because you will feed your enemy laners and they will dominate you mid to end game (esp if you feed one of those whales that I was talking about).

Irelia is a SURVIVOR! She can stay out in the field for an unending ammount of time (especially if you have clarity). This is due to the Hiten Style passive ability. Free Vampiric Aura anyone? I you find your self at half health just kill some minions or creeps. Oh and for all of you silly junglers out there that don't know, KILL THE LITTLE GUYS FIRST! Dont go straight for the lizard or golem. The two little dudes do MORE damage combined than their large counterparts. Take them first then get red or blue.

Irelia is a SQUISHY EATER! again this is only after you get BF sword. Focusing on getting it
early in the game will completely change the way you play!

Irelia is one of the BEST Guerilla warriors in the game. She is highly mobile. She can Bladerush, stun, attack with Hiten activated, and then run (when the stun ends) while unleashing Transcendent Blades, which discourages a chase and deals a lot of damage. At the end of this, if you have done it right, you will have dealt somewhere between 800-1500 points in damage and taken hardly any (if any at all) damage in return! Irelia is a great Guerilla Warrior! Most of the time in this situation you will end up running AFTER your opponent cause you just handed their @$$ on a platter!

Irelia is a TANK KILLER... late game. That is if you have built that way. The Madreds and thornmail definitely do that for you.

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I hope that you enjoyed or at least learned something (or this caused you to think of some other strategy for another character) from this guide! I had a lot of fun making it! Like I have mentioned, there are a lot of ways to build different characters and this is just one way for Irelia that really works for me!

Irelia really is such a great character and can be really squishy or really good but you kind of just have to learn and practice with her. I would put her difficulty somewhere between medium and hard so if your a newb (and thats not a bad thing) you can play her but I would recommend trying someone a little easier until you get a very clear understanding of what makes a winning player and team.

If you gained anything from this build guide, please remember to vote up top (in the positive direction preferrably!)