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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

Irelia: DPS (Soft Carry)

JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Irelia: The Will of The Blades

Introduction: With this guide I hope to introduce you folks to an Irelia you have yet to see. One with survivability and damage mixxed in. An amazing anti carry. Now this build is not perfect but I do believe it is economical and provides its user with a solid base with which to play Irelia as an AD champion.

Summoner Spells:
Ghost/Ignite: Solid escape and with ignite you can counter most HP/Lifesteal champions.
Flash/Ignite: Solid escape or suprise ability.

Champion abilities:
Ionian Fervor: Essentially allows her to counter CC spam when in a teamfight with 3 or more enemy champions.
Bloodsurge: Solid base damage attack. Great for farming due to the CD refresh and mana refund. Learn to last hit with this.
Hiten Style: Essentailly a free Blood Thirster when at max rank as well as when activated you deal a max of 75 true damage (True damage means unresisted)
Equilibriam Strike: Great to turn the tides against pursuers or 1v1 confrontations. If they have a higher HP percentage then you'll stun them allowing you to get in some extra shots or possibly a kill.
Trancendant Blade: Solid damage with each blade, and gives you 20% of the damage back as HP.

Rune Build: Simple enough, gives you AS to benefit Hiten Style's passive. CDR so you have a bit more liberty with your attacks and how often you use them. ArP so you deal more damage.

Masteries: Still a 21/0/9 build but with focus on providing great ArP and Magic Pen. Extra EXP for leveling of course and improved monster buff so you can go grab golem and lizard and hold onto the effects longer.

Item build: Short and too the point. Not too expensive nor stringent in what order you buy stuff. I went for boots and HP pots to start so your laning phase is less difficult. Phage for mid game survivability, zerker boots for more AS so you can benefit from the life steal passive of Hiten Style. However you might want to build her with boots of switness or ninja tabi. Rageblade for more AS and some AP to give you a boost to damage in a fight. Also with the ArP you'll be getting you will be able to push towers quite well.Last Whisper for more AS and ArP. Ghostblade for damage and its active. Frozen mallet for more survivability and great chase ability, Blood Thirster for Damage and more Lifesteal. However you could go for a black cleaver if you wish for even more ArP.

Skill Sequence you'll be scoring a good chunk of ArP and AD early so I focused on giving you Bladsurge, great for last hitting, improve your farming and get more items faster. You can level a different way if you wish. Max Hiten Style and EQ Strike with 1 point in bladesurge for last hitting still. Ultimate at every level it is available.

So not a very in depth guide but I feel it is a different approach that people havent thought of yet. Feel free to rate this build, I'd love up votes with reasons, and if you want to downvote go for it just say why please and thank you.