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Irelia Build Guide by Mandrakon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mandrakon

Irelia - Hit Like A Truck

Mandrakon Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I'm Mandrakon and I decided to make my first build-guide here, this one is for Irelia - The Will Of The Blades. This is my own build and gameplay style, so if You don't like it, You don't have to use it ^^

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I'm using Armor Penetration marks, since yout Transcendent Blades are a physical attacks, it's the best choice for dealing damage.
For Seeals I'm using Flat Armor, since it's very helpful in a lane against enemies and minions as well, untl You get some survi.
Why MRes Per Lvl on glyphs and not flat MRes?
Well, in early-mid game your Hiten Style passive allows You to stay in a lane longer, but Late won't be so easy with nukers in opposing team.
Quints - Flat HP for more survi and Movement Speed recompensing lacks in escape, with Trinity Force it will be much easier to chase and escape.

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I go straight 9/21/0 build, taking Archaic Knowledge and Ardor, which helps you to HIT LIKE A TRUCK with Your Equilibrium Strike, even late game. Also, Your Attack Speed is pretty important, since You have Your Hiten Style passive, and You will be able to sustain more damage thanks to Tenacity.

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My first build contains more tanky version of Irelia, which HITS LIKE A TRUCK with Equilibrium Strike, prioritizing survivability in battle thanks to items like randuin's Omen or Force of Nature.
Second is focused on Life Steal and Attack Speed along with gathering some more mana due to lower mana regen (Both with HP regen were removed from this build since You have Hiten Style passive + Stark's + Hextech Gunblade). If You think Sword of the Divine is better instead of Phantom Dancer, it's OK - Sword is cheaper and gives nice damage every fourth hit, and, dont forget about active - especially useful against Jax, Sivir, and heroes with much dodge chance.

Your Core is always Mercury Treads + Trinity Force.
Since the boots stacks with Your passive, Ionian's Fervor, it's the best choice in my opinion.
Trinity Force gives You everything Irelia needs (except MOAR LIFESTEAL!). Damage, Ability Power, Mana & Health, Movement Speed, and this cute passive, which works with Your Bladesurge :D

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Skill Sequence

My first build is focused on dealing damage in burst, maxing Equilibrium Strike first. It's a great harassment tool, so i take it at 1st lvl.
On 2nd lvl i take Hiten Style, and max it second, because it allows me to regen my HP in no time (guess what - passive! ^^), and later makes me a hard to fight with (75 true damage every hit, 6 seconds duration)
On 3rd lvl I take Bladesurge, . It's one of the best last-hitting tools in game, but when you want to harass more, you are brought down because of very high cooldown if your enemy isn't dead.
Max it last. The only thing here You will need in Team Fights is dash, then You will eat'em with Equilibrium Strike and Hiten Active.
Transcendent Blades - this is Your Ultimate. Take point whenever You can.

Second build focuses on Hiten Style - Your main source of survival in a lane. But to harass well, You will need to immobilize Your opponent so You could land a fwe Hiten Style hits.
First point goes to Bladesurge, You will mainly last-hit until You get level 3 (Yup, Equilibrium Strike) Maxing Hiten first will in 88% oc cases make You dominate the lane. After that, focus on Equilibrium Strike due to it's CC time increasing with the skill level.
The rest is similar to first skill build.

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Summoner Spells

First irelia is focused more on taking damage, healing with guess what :D But, heal from Hiten isn't enough, so You should be ready to escape whenever Your health is low and/or You are ganked/in trouble. Ghost and Flash gives You mobility You need to avoid such a problems as DYING.

With Shureliya's and great survi You can initiate. Flash + Bladesurge -> Equilibrium Strike should help ^^

The second build is more offensive, giving You a time in team figts, continously procing Life Steal due to Your ability to stick to target (Bladesurge, Equilibrium Strike, Trinity Force, Hextech Gunblade Active). Your task here is to Exhaust enemy Carry, and Flash whenever You get focused.

Since Your passive stacks with Mercury Treads, you don't need Cleanse (You will already have from 45% to 75% CC reduction in fights).

Whenever You get Banshee's Veil, You can initiate, but better idea is to leave it to Your tank :)

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You see, Irelia is a viable champion, You can build her very different ways. But there's a few things You have to remember playing her:
- Last hit whenever You can. There's not much opportunities to take a kill early game, and You need GOLD for BUILD :D
- Be reasonable. While Irelia is low on health, she can be extremely dangerous thanks to Equilibrium Strike effect. But sometimes it's not enough to survive a turret-dive...
- In team fights try to focus enemy Carries, or at least overextended Soraka / Sona / Janna or other support having big influence on Team Fight.
- Map awareness. With Irelia it's pretty important since she doesn't have any reliable escape mechanism. WARDS! Ask for 'em Your Jungler, Roamer or Support.
- Don't overextend in a lane. An occasion will make You dead.