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Irelia - I tank before I spank V2.0

Last updated on December 6, 2010
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This is my first build but since its my favorite I thought I'd share it with the world.

Irelia is a champion that can be played multiple ways. I've noticed she hits like a truck no matter how you build her so I go for survivability first and then get Trinity for that extra damage. This isn's a build that is going to get you a million kills but it will let you stand in the middle of a fray and feel more secure as you spank your enemies.

First I'll explain my item choices:
I start with Vampiric Scepter because even early game the life steal will keep you from having to go back when most people would.
I get heart of gold next because the income and defense it provides are very nice early game.
After that I get Emblem again for the lifesteal and it's health regen. Nobody likes to die early game.
Next on my list are boots of speed. I left them as speed because in my opinion different games call for different boots. Though Irelia has natural speed so some games i don't even upgrade my boots and focus on other items.
Omen is my first complete item because of its active ability which is great for that extra slow when you want a kill.
After Omen I get starks. Not only does it give the entire team an amazing buff but the attack speed and life steal work amazing with Irelia. After starks Depending on how the game is going you can choose Warmog's or Trinity. Warmogs will make you a near unkillable machine if you play smart and and will even let you tower dive often ;). Trinity if for if you think your team needs a little bit of a damage boost.
To finish your build I would leave it purely up to you. I tend to go with Thornmail because it will keep some of the squishy champs hesitant to attack you as you push past them. Alternatives to this are Infinity Edge for damage, Phantom Dancer for speed and damage, or Bloodthirster for more lifesteal and damage.
Really that last slot can be filled with a multitude of items so I would just see how the game goes and play it how you think best.

The Runes for Irelia I chose are cooldown reduction because you want Irelia's Ult up as much as possible. The heal it provides you plus its damage can be everything your team needs to make a big push. Also I get armor pen marks and quints because I wanna be able to do damage to champs with armor as well as squishies.

The talents are orients mostly towards survivability with cooldown reduction and ability power making it all mesh nicely.

The skills you focus on should be your E(top priority) and W but always start with all 3 because the Q ability gets you in quick to hit your enemy really hard.

For summoner spells I always use exhaust and flash. I like these 2 skills because they can be used to chase your spanking victims or to runaway when you get ganked. Cleanse is useless for this build because a. Irelia's passive reduces crowd control and b. If you can't survive a few hits before you flash away then you put yourself in a situation where you deserve to die.

Since this is my first build it is kind of simple but please leave any comments because I would love to hear them.