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League of Legends Build Guide Author LilVayVay

Irelia Lifesteal/DPS

LilVayVay Last updated on November 21, 2010
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This is my Irelia build.

My general comments for Irelia are as follows:
Irelia is a beast. Imagine a world where DPS can lifesteal like Warwick, and burst DPS like a Jax or Akali.

Enter Irelia. She has a passive life-creation that makes her a beast in 1v1 and when supplemented with early game lifesteal, you should never have to leave the lane with Golem buff. I can't say I dislike any of her abilities. Speaking of abilities, here is what I think of each one.


Ionian Fervor:
This ability can basically be summed up as "Oh, I'm sorry. Was that supposed to be a gank?". This basically just makes you a character with crazy burst DPS that can't be CC'd effectively and has lifesteal.

Basically just the best thing ever. Makes you a great chaser, and when coupled with Equilibrium Strike, you can slow a target for a giant team DPS smash. When your ult is down, you can still kill runners, because of how awesome this is. The second part about the whole getting a kill and restoring mana thing - eh. It's pretty fun to launch a spare dagger through a minion wave, then just smash Bladesurge and finish off each one, and then just lol at how funny it looks, but it isn't that useful.

Hiten Style:
I lied before. This is the best thing ever. Lifesteal like a warwick, sting like the annoying ***** you are. This basically makes your burst DPS damage that much better, and can basically make you wreck a tough person in a matter of seconds.

Equilibrium Strike:
Slow your target and deal a nice chunk of damage, too. I can't really say anything besides that coupling this with a Hiten Style after Bladesurging in can mess up someone pretty fast. Oh, and don't forget to use this, even while they aren't running. 300 damage with lifesteal returning health is very beneficial.

Transcendent Blades:
This will make your enemies hate you. So much. They are running, feeling triumphant that they are escaping from the 15-0 Irelia, then BAM, random damage, out of ****ing no where. TRIPLE KILL! Aced! It's beautiful to behold. Also to annoy your enemies, fight 3 at a time, and use transcendent blades to restore health. Then proceed to get a triple kill and lol.

The general justificiations for items is as follows:

Vampiric Scepter- Obvious. My favorite thing to have early game. Gives Irelia a crazy amount of health per hit, and allows you to lane for as long as you need, if you are careful and good at stunning to escape.

Boots of Speed- Not even going here. It's movement. No ****.

Beserker's Greaves- Melee DPS boots.

Long Sword x2- Well, I go here, since with the runes, you end up with about 50% increased attack speed at this point, which is about 1.5 A/PS, which is awesome when you are dealing a pretty good amount of damage per hit, and also this benefits your initiating attack, Blade Surge. As well as said reasons, it also starts us to build out Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Brawler's Gloves- Crit is always a fun stat, and builts toward Toumuu's

Avarice Blade- Once again, builds toward Youmuu's

Youmuu's Ghostblade- This is basically my favorite weapon ever. Chasing someone? Pop it. Going to die? Pop it. Want to **** up a level 18 as a level 13? Pop it. With Irelia, it basically is saying 'MOAR DAMAGE AND MOAR HEALTH NOWZ'. Basically, if you remember to use it, this is the best weapon for the job. If you can't remember, go with sword of the divine.

Stinger- One of my favorite weapons. I rarely see this used, and I have no idea why. It builds into Nashtor's tooth, and has a crazy amount of attack speed and also the cool down reduce. 4 second Blade Surge CD? Yes please!

Stark's Ferver- If I have to justify this to you on a melee DPS, this truly isn't the build for you.

Wit's End- A very good weapon for going against casters. Or really, anyone. If you see someone laning with low mana, you can just keep them at low mana and gank them. It also helps against late game burst DPSers like Ryze, as the bit of magic resist often means the difference between life and death.

The Bloodthirster- Just makes you a ganking beast. Never die, and deal like 200 per hit, and hit twice a second. It's pretty hard to go wrong.

Nashtor's Tooth- IMO, a great end game weapon. With this, you should have almost a 100% uptime capability for Hiten Style, and also high attack speed and a bit of AP to help out with Equilibrium Strike and also your ultimate.

In conclusion, I do want to say that this build will take a bit of getting used to. However, if you get good with the style that it has synergy with, you will turn into an unstoppable killing machine, who can wreck a tank like a **********er.