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League of Legends Build Guide Author navyxv


navyxv Last updated on November 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A WORK IN PROGRESS.. Will update the how to lane section frequently.


EDIT: Do not down vote this build till you try it, this takes an extremely high skill cap. A below average player will not be able to nearly play this build. This build is somewhat similar to what top rated Euro player Wickd uses.

This build is meant for serious competitive play with Irelia. In the current meta game against tanks, building Irelia as straight dps makes her very similar to akali except with no escape mechanism. Consequently, I'm not a fan of glass cannon Irelia.

I have tried all the various builds, triforce builds are nice, but you literally make yourself like akali except you have no shroud to escape like she does. Irelia needs to be built tankier like xin, because once they are in the fight there is no easy escape. Once you try a locket on irelia you will never go back.

This build allows you to initiate, off tank, and put out dps. THIS BUILD CAN ALSO DUO LANE (just switch tele for ignite), just make sure you lane with someone who doesn't need
high creep kills cuz your gonna be farming like a boss.

CHECK THE ITEM BUILD FOR THE ACTUAL ITEM BUILD !!! ITEMS ARE SITUATIONAL AND DEPENDANT ON YOUR OPPONENTS !! I didn't finish the skills on purpose, after level 6 you choose skills deciding on what you need, of course prioritize R over everything. Do you need stronger Q harass? Do you need them slowed more with E? Level W last or when your able to get a good amount of auto attacks on (most of the early game will just be your Q / E harass).

1. Stable DPS if played correctly
2. Can initiate due to not being extremely squishy
3. Can off tank
4. Anti carry
5. Hard to CC
6. Strong laning phase
7. Strong early and mid game
8. Good survivability against tanks... and dps.... everyone =P

1. High skill cap
2. High farming skills needed
3. Depends on activated items, gotta remember to hit that ghostblade =)
4. Not great escape mechanisms, must know exactly when to commit
5. Weak late game (good thing is decent elo games end before this point or are at least decided by this time)


1. Dorans Shield and a health pot gives you dominating lane presence

2. Your first trip back if you can't afford innervating locket, get items in this priority: A)- Catalyst B)- Lvl 1 Boots C)- Mana Manipulator

3. Finish your Merc Treads

4. Get Ghostblade (prioritize the avarice blade before brutalizer), If your not an avid ghost blade fan you can just go trinity force. But man that ghost blade is essential since this build has no ghost.

5. This item will depend on the enemy team, if their AP dmg is a threat get Hexdrinker, if
it isn't get a pickaxe, if your doing enough damage and their AP carry is dangerous than get a negatron cloak. IF THERE IS A GALIO!!! GET A QUIKSILVER SASH!!! Galio shuts you down.

6. If your still worried about magic damage get the hexdrinker. If your worried about their physical carry get the Randuins. If you don't need surivability build a madreds if there are mad tanks, or just get flat damage like a BF sword if there are lots of squishes.

7. Finally, once again finish off with defense from their highest threat: if their AP is dangerous get another AP resist item like Banshees or a negatron cloak item of some kind. If it's AD get thornmail or some armor of that sort.


The innervating locket is absolutely staple for any Irelia, that plus her W gives great HP recovery.
You MUST farm super hard for this build, however you must be in every team fight. The better you get at your Q minion farm the more successful you will be. Farm minions or get kills/assists from team fights. Lane with a partner with a stun or snare /slow of some kind who doesn't need extreme feed.
Your ability to be successful with this build will be dependant on how great your skill level is at farming and leveling.

Play Irelia just as Xin, jump on their carry or jump on the enemy jumping on your carry. Sit on them and spam your abilities.

There is nothing like people laughing at your build saying there is no DPS, then at the end of the game 2 of them saying "GG Well played irelia." , "You noobs got carried by Irelia."


As I experiment with this I feel this is almost better than laning as long as you have good farming and carrying skills. With this build you need teleport and flash as summoner skills. The teleport allows you to farm through any harass and be in any team fight while farming to your hearts content.
Simply last hit sparingly early with your Q till you have your catalyst. Once you have your locket or catalyst and mana manipulator you can spam your abilities freely. Safely last hit minions with Q and quickly retreat while regening your hp with auto attacks and your ultimate.

IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 200 MINION KILLS BY 30 minutes you are farming decently, just make sure you are in every single team fight and have approprate kills/assists in comparison to their enemy team.

General rule of thumb to harass is: Jump on your enemy with Q, hit E on them quickly while slamming W and sit on them. Only do so when you know your confident in your health and damage over your opponent. Don't hesitate in spamming your R to kill a minion wave and get a few hits on an enemy champ. Once that wave is cleared just go kill wraith camp behind you if it is up.

Since you have mid your tankiness should be great in comparison to their damage, and your damage / regen is enough to even sit on most tanks. You'll realize with going mid that you have enough money to make your self so tanky and with enough dps to tower dive squishes and initiate team dives.

Here is an example of an ideal 35 minute game as mid Irelia, my normal ELO was 1500-1600 pre erase

For all of you guys who are having problems with damage here is a link to Wickd playing her. Sadly all the games he has been playing recently where he ROLF stomps aren't archived yet.

Link to youtube of Wickd playing locket Irelia



Laning against Ashe should be very easy as long as you have teleport. If their Ashe gets a Doran's shield your harass will be stronger than hers. Hide behind minions, when she trys to auto attack harass you, Q into her and spam E right away and W. She will slowly run while shooting her multi arrow. You can either sit on her and force her to run and deny her, or you can run back behind minions to farm. If she has a Doran's blade her harass is a little scarier but your harass will hit her that much harder so it's about the same thing. You will most likely have to back at level 2 due to her auto attack harass. But once you have even HP with her and have your Q W and E leveled your harass will be stronger than hers. You should be able to deny her or she will have to back and you will have higher farm and Xp than her.

Difficulty: Easy


As most know, Vlads early game up till level 6-8 are extremely weak. YOU MUST BE AGRESSIVE EARLY. If you fail to establish lane dominance before than you will fail. Harass whenever your Q and E is up. You can literally sit toe to toe with him at level 3 and be up on him. No decently rated Vlad will have teleport, so with tele you can establish your dominance early and maintain it. You may have to buy 2 wards early so you can ward both side bushes as you should push super hard to ensure he gets denied as many creeps as possible. If you push super hard, he has to use pool to wipe the creeps fast enough for the tower to not get some of his last hits. If you succeed at shutting him down early and maintain it, you will be in great shape. Watch out for his dives at tower with his Ult,Q, into Pool. Use your ult to push those creeps back quickly and farm. Since you have made Vlad weak you will be stronger than him in team fights. Sit on him or his other carry and win.
Vlad has a tough time against opponents who have any sort of life regen. This is because he can't widdle them down with Q.
The magic resist blues in this build are a great asset against Vlad.

Diffculty: Easy - Moderate

Miss Fortune:

This is a very interesting fight until you get your locket. Until you get your locket she will dominate and harass you hard. Her damage (as long as she got a Dorans blade) will be a little too much for you to harass hard till you get your locket. Do your best to last hit as much as possible you want to rush that locket. She will harass you hard and you may be forced to back at level 3 if your getting the appropriate creep kills. Thats what teleport is for, since you have it you will not be done at all for backing. Use it and buy mana manipulator and health crystal if possible. You need to farm as best you can till u get that locket.
Once you get that locket you can harass freely, dive her with Q, spam E and W, if she is going to run get a couple hits on her, if she stands toe to toe, you can either run back quickly after Q or just Q and E then run back. Your Q should do a decent amount of damage to her. Her damage won't be enough to break through your locket / ulti / W healing. Simply spam your R on minions to regen life and try to hit her as much as possible. At this point she should not even be able to get in range of your Q because the damage you give her in one quick harass will be more than she can do. You should wander behind her minions so she has to stand at her tower and be denied. If she dares come out just harass and there should be an opportunity for a kill. The tower won't hurt you that much once you get your locket, if shes low, DO IT!

I forgot to mention Q her after she doubles up a minion. Stand in between minions, if she R's just move and LoL and know she will go OOM fast at low levels.
Remember that MF depends on feed, as long as your farming and she's being denied it's a win for you even if you don't score a kill.

Difficulty: Moderate