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Irelia - Offtank

Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my guide for Irelia. Irelia is a tanky dps who puts out alot of damage while still being very durable and mobile. Irelia's role is to be the "anti carry" this means that you wait for the teamfight to start or hard CC's to be used before u go in and kill their ad carry and ap carry. I play irelia solo top because i feel that you need a solo lane to get the farm and level you need to be really effective.

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I go 21-9-0 because i feel like when i go 1-21-8 i just dont have enough damage to kill their carries quick enough. Ive tried both and theyre both good but it just depends on matchups and who your going to lane against.

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Skill Sequence

For level 1 u can take whatever you need. If you going for a level 1 gank E or Q would b best for the dash or stun. We max W first because this is what makes irelia well... irelia. It gives u true damage which hurts early game and alot of sustain. With Q i take the 2nd level for it at 7 because it helps with your burst. Take R whenever possible and E when you need to be defensive or going more of a full tank/support rather than off-tank. Manipulate your skilling on Q and E on how the game is going. Bursty=Q defensive=E.

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I choose to run standard arpen page because irelia is mainly physical. Your Q auto attacks and R all do physical damage so i take arpen to make them hurt more.

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For starting items it depends on who you are laning against. If you are going to lane against renekton, garen etc.. You should start cloth 5xpots. Mostly i go boots 3x pots to abuse my W.

Item is tricky because you should get items according on how the game is going and what you need to be most effective. If you are winning the lane and you feel like you can burst down the enemy u can get sheen as your second item. If you are against someone like renekton, assuming you started cloth 5x pots get boots then phage for the HP and upgrade the cloth into a wriggles lantern.

I however believe that Tri-force is a core on Irelia, it doesnt have to be rushed because what is the good of having lots of damage when you can't survive long enough to make use of it. Phage and sheen is a must to have on a normal game, after obtaining those i usually look the enemy team and see who is the biggest damage dealer and what kind of damage it is. If it is AD i make a Wardens mail and turn that into a Randuins. If it is AP then I get null cloak and build it into a wits ends this and mercury treads along with its passive will give u alot of MR, the AS is also very good more AS=Damage+heal. Force of Nature is next which will give u lots of MR and regen aswell as MS which is very important. The sixth item is optional, you can get IE if you the enemy team doesn't have enough damage or atmas if they're more AD than AP or warmogs if they have a bunch of AP carries. You might ask why HP against AP well simply because you with mercury treads, wits end and FoN you already have 200+ MR and if u get anymore it wont give u much more resistance, but by getting more HP your EHP will be huge and most AP carries are bursty so having more HP + 200MR counters it hard. If their AD carry is fed and it isn't Master Yi you can get Frozen Heart, this plus Randuins will destroy their AS which means their damage output is significantly lower.