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Irelia - The DPS way

Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Hello! This is not going to be a very detailed guide, but theres a few things that I do pretty diffrent than other Irelia's which is why I wanted to create this guide.

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Since the build does not include any armor penetration and is quite squishy, I have chosen defensive runes which hopefully will help you staying longer in lane.

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The main thing I like about Irelia is that she can do some nasty dmg throughout all of the game. In early levels you want to abuse your W and gain alot of attack speed and in late game you want lifesteal and dmg on top of your attack speed, and maybe a defensive item or two, depending on how the game goes.

I always start off with a regular pair of boots, and buy some health and mana potions, depending on which champion I'm with (Can they shield and/or heal you, go for mainly mana potions, or vice versa).

Then I stay defensive and FARM with your Q, until you have enough for your Berserker Greaves + Zeal. I know it's a long time to stay without going back, but it's possible and very beneficial. You can still pick up a kill or two before going back first time, and then when you go up in lane after buying your two lovely items, you should get a few more kills.

After that, it depends alot on the game, wheter you wanna go back or not.

The next item I buy is another Zeal,lets face it, it's lovely with movementspeed, which you'll gain alot of.

Buy a Phage after that, and turn them into a Trinity Force. Next turn your Zeal into a Phantom Dancer, and you'll have lovely attackspeed, crit and very beneficial movementspeed.

After that you might want to buy some defensive items, either Guardians Angel or Force of Nature.

If you prefer going further with your DPS, you should buy Infinity Egde followed by a Bloodthirster and then finish off with one of the mentioned defensive items, if you haven't already gotten it

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Skill Sequence

Q should be taken first for an early game minion farm, then W to be able to dish out dmg to champions and heal on minons. Q should be leveled a 2nd time at lvl 3, so you can last hit way better, the dmg is a little low at lvl 1.

From now on you should level them in this Priority: R W E Q, whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is very good to deal the last dmg and it's just so damn sweet to pop on Tryndameres when they use Endless Rage or Shacos when they are about to go invisible.

Exhaust is another option instead of Ignite. It depends on your team. I would recommend the one your laning with to take exhaust and you to take ignite.

FLASH, is in my opinion almost a must have.

In some situations ghost might be better, but since Irelia already got high movementspeed, you can probably outrun them anyways.

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Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q. Farm *******it :)

Your EARLY GAME FARM means everything to this build. Get your boots and zeals quickly, and you will have a good chance of a nice mid and late game.

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I hope this will provide you some fun Irelia times and I would love to hear your opinion about the build.

Also, is there an easy way to make icons for every item/spell and such mentioned in the guide?

Thx for reading!