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Irelia,the enemy's nightmare(português & english)

Last updated on December 6, 2010
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welcome to my Irelia build. I'm brazilian ,so if there's any gramatical error,ignore.i'm going to make this build in two languages,portuguese and english.and this build is my first build,it's going to be improved,now it's just a draft

now let's get to businness

first let's start with summoner spells and runes
I pick ignite and flsh because with flash you can enter/escape a fight and don't use any champion's abilities,and if you enter a battle with flash and this guys you're about to kill start running away,you still have bladesurge to chase him

ignite is a miracle spell.if your enemy run away and you ran out of mana/spells are on cooldown,just use ignite and some seconds later ,vòilla,it's dead!
and when u're about to kill someone and the enemy team come to help,like two or three,and u alone,u're going to die.simply ignite him/her,run away with flash enter in the jungle and ,again,enemy dead and u safe.

If u want,pick ghost instead of flash or ignite,just change the masteries and put the ghost utility mastery.ghost it's a great summoner spell
champion's abilities
ignore the skill chart,I just put the priority there.
  • 1°,maximize equilibrium strike,it's your basic attack in chase/running away,because u can stun when your life is low and slow when chasing someone
  • hitten style is your survivability spell,with this u can lane/farm without need to come back to base every time,put at least 2 point until lvl 10
  • bladesurge is your 2° most important attack,with it,you can approximate the enemy when they are running away,and the best is that when bladesurge kills it target,the cooldown refreshes and 35 mana are refunded,example:the range of bladesurge can't get your enemy,but it can kill a low life minion near him/her.then kill this minion and use it to kill the running enemy
  • and level up transcendent blades always when you can.If you don't know how to use,it's like flash,you point your cursor to the target and press Rwhen activated,the skill have four charges(blades)and there's a time to use it


    start with a doran's shield just for survivability and a health potion
    comeback when u have about 550 gold and buy a berseker's greaves,if u are having trouble with a cc,buy a mercury treads instead
    next buy a aplifying tome if you are not having trouble killing and pshing your lane,if you're having some trouble, buy a vampiric scepter.then finish a bilgewater cutlass and the hextech revolver.when you get the money,finish the hextech gunblade.
    the hextech gunblade is a great item,because it gives ability power and damage,and bladesurge is based in damage and equilibrium is based in ap.
    buy a last whisper if you are having trouble with a tank,if not, buy a sword of the divine,and if some mage is annoyng you like ryze,buy a hexdrinker or a wit's end
    if the game still didn't ended, you can buy a infinity edge/bloodthirster just to humiliate or a black cleaver to break a tank's armor


    go with a cc mage/tanker in top or bot lane
    in early game u're going to have trouble with lack of mana,so try to get the golem buff at level 5/6
    try to push your lane and focus on destroying the first tower,and then when you get the ultimate,transcendent blades,gank someone or solo in jungle,just be cautios with ccs champions,beceeuse Irelias best defense is the attack
    but if you have the opportunity ,kill him/her.NEVER DIVE A TURRET IN EARLY GAME,just ignite and wait,because you can end not killing him/her and he/she kills you
    mid game
    try to kill most as possible to buy a hextech gunblade ,and with it you will be able to easily kill others, even a tanker
    late game
    just solo/gank and push lanes
    Remember=this is my first build and it's just a draft
    Thank you for reading and please comment
    galera brasileira ,depois eu faço uma versão em portugues,primeiro eu vou verse eles gostam da minha build