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Irelia:The God Of Ganking AP

Last updated on November 26, 2010
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This build is quite perfect for team fight and ganking with other champions.This build work perfectly for every game , even without runes or masteries , u can be a flipping ninja If u have most of your item . This build can give u more survivability by buying Your text to link here..., this absorb 300 magical damage when your health is lower than 30%.You can Also be a great ganker with this Your text to link here... or Your text to link here.... When using a skill , Lich bane passive acitivate causing next hit to do 100% the damage just dealt. When Ganking , of ten the enemy get away before u killed them so Rylai 's Crystal Scepter is a perfect item , it slow down a enemy when a skill is used for 3 second . We will talk later on About this build, let get started...

Choosing Lanes:
Top:Yes , because having someone with u , can cause a greater chance of getting kill and more
Mid:May be Yes or No, because Irelia is not a ranged champion this cause enemy champion to harass every second they can, or it a Meele champion , u should take mid for that extra exp
Bottom :Like I said , having someone with u can cause a greater chance of getting kill and more

.Boots of Speed
.x2 Health Potion
.x1 Mana Potion

.Boots of Mobility
.Meki Pedant

.Chalice of Harmony

.Blasting Wand

.Lich Bane

Rylai 's Crystal Scepter

Zhonja Ring

Exhaust, This is great for ganking , slowing the enemy down not letting them using any skill

Ignite, Use this with exhaust and skill combo to make sure for a kill

May be....
Ghost, Great escaping tool or chasing down enemy

Flash,To escape or chase down enemy

T.I.P.S: When ganking a enemy , u want o have lower health then the enemy health to cuase a stun with Equilibrium Strike but don't worry about getting low health , Hitlen style will heal u for every hit u hit or ultimate.

Blade Surge--->Equilibrium Strike--->Hiten Style--->Transcendent Blades
Blade Surge--->Hiten Style--->Equilibruim Strike--->Transcendent Blades

I use Magic Penetration(Greater Mark of Insight)x9
Cooldown Reduction for Glyph(Greater Glyph Of Focus)x9
Mana Regeniration for Seal(Greater Seal of Replishment)x9
And Flat Health for Quintessence(Greater Quintessence of Fortitude)x3

Irelia is a pure offense Champion with the ability to gank and support in team fight.I use a regular 21/9/0 build focusing on Getting improved Exhaust and cooldown For igniteon Offense. On defense,I try grabbing Magic Resist and Armor

U want o try to not to harass without your friend champion , this can cause enemy team to get a advantage of you which I call being a "*****.Of.****.Skank=Boss" . U want to try
to harass the enemy as soon as level 3 having your full combo Blade Surge , Hiten Style, And Equilibrium Strike . You can follow either of my 2 combo or your own . At Level 6 , U should have at least 2 or 1 kill so u can return base and buy the item from the item Order.If you are the target for ganking try getting Hexdrinker as fast as Possible.Around level 8,Try to pull of gank on a enemy. Always try to stun the enemy with Equilibrium Strike and Blade surge to minion to cover Great Distance.

Mid Game,
U should be around level by then , u want to go jungle . U shoulda have chalice of Harmony by now so u can spam skill on monster.Kill Lizard and try to make the fastest route to Golem and finish it off. With Your buff , try to destroy a tower , always spam skil on minion because u have chaclice of harmony, and activate Hiten Style to deal more damage to Turret. Around level 14 go solo Dragon but also bring 2 ward to mark the Dragon and Baron . Why use ward? Ward can help u gank enemy champion more easily since they are very low in hp after killing a boss. Around level 15 , u shoulda have Lich bane , if not try to do perform some ganking and or farm Creeps

U should be Around level 16 and are building Rylai 's Crystal Scepter or Zhonja Ring . At this time of game , Try to kill Baron with your teamate. Right now u can 1vs1 almost anyone. Using the combo will drop the target health around 25% , and casting exhasust and ignite and the combo cooled down , u are gurantee for a kill.If your health is getting lower than the enemy,use Zhonja ring or Hexdrinker will