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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kapu

Irelia - The True Blademaster

Kapu Last updated on November 23, 2010
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Hello everyone out there :) Please note that this is my first build.


For this build you might notice that it mainly focuses on Attack speed. The reason behind this is because of Irelia's 'W' ability Hiten Style, and also because of Madred's Bloodrazor.

As for the build itself it is not a "noob friendly" build because it requires quite a lot of money, I admit that i myself is not much of a pro but the build works just fine, and deals out som punishment, even with just Trinity and Black Cleaver :)

okay.. let's start with a little explanation :p

First, For the whole build you need [920+4070+3065+4080+3395+2600+300=18430] gold.

You start out with a dagger and a health potion. The dagger increases your attack speed(wee who should've known that :D) and makes your Hiten Style a little more effective. True damage when activated and passive "Lifesteal"
Once you have aquired around 1700 gold return to base and buy Berserkers Gravers and Sheen. Then go back to farm a bit more and hopefully get some kills. This should happen around lvl 6 or so. You might also want to take Madred's Razors and buy Madred's Bloodrazors instead if you are not getting focused, and your team disables the others.

A few levels later and you should have around 1100 gold. let's say lvl 9? :) At this point you will again return, hopefully with a few kills or assists in your back pocket. You can then chose to either buy Phage, Zeal or the whole item if you have farmed long enough. Personal Preference.

Now for the Black Cleaver. This is a great attack damage item, which also gives your attack an "Armor stealing" ability. In other words, each of your attacks removes 12 armor from your target. Stacking up to 5 times if i am not mistaking.

For your third item Infinity Edge is Ideal. This item is just EPIC when it comes to auto attack champs(yes i know that Irelia also excells on abilitys but this build turns it a little around) Having this item further increases your critical strike chance to 50%. Your attack damage gets a boost aswell. By this time you should have around 20% critical Strike rating. And your crits does 250% damage instead of just 200%. Having this item i recommend buying an Elixir of Agility to further increase your critical strike chance and attack speed. So you get the most out of your Infinity Edge :)

If the game stretches out alot, and you get quite a lot of kills, Phantom dancer would be the ideal choice (Or frozen mallet if you conclude you need some more survivability) Taking this item will give you a major movement boost. granting you even more maneuverability & defense in form of 20% dodge. Also increases your attack speed even further to around 1.800 (Hiten style should at this level be rank 5. quick math: 75(truedamage)*1.8(attackspeed)*6(duration of Hiten Style) = 810 damage[75*10,8=810] Not only is your movementspeed dodge and attack speed increased but also your critical strike rating gets a 20% increase, which lashes out some more pain for whoever stands before your mighty blade ;)

Now for the last item. Either you are extemely fed, or the game has just taken ages. You will most likely want to take a Guardian Angel now to make sure the opponents don't just burn you down emediatly. the fact that you will Revive again will make them think twice before engaging in a combat against you.
Once you have all those items not even an avarage player with ghost will be able to outrun you. And even the mighty(Yh right he sucks:D) Master Yi will fear your chasing capability

Feel free to take whatever other items you wish and replace them in your own build. I just hope that i have been able to help you in your way of becoming the True Blademaster.

Feel free to give me some feedback so i can upgrade the build and maybe become even better myself.
Have fun :D
Kapu~chuuuuuu (Rosario + Vampire^^)