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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aksher

Irelia - The Will of the Blades

Aksher Last updated on March 6, 2011
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Hello! This is my first guide here so I will constantly try to improve it! This one is focused on Irelia, The Will of the Blades.

If you vote and find it lackluster or anything, then please let me know what would you like to see here or what conflicts with your opinion!

SOON TO COME(if people request): jungling, more thural explanation/pictures, items that are not really that good and should be avoided, tips and tricks.

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Skill Sequence/explanation

Should be maxed last( though point taken early). This skill will help you farm more efficiently and chase or harass on lane. You can use this to last hit absolutely every creep in a wave.
should be maxed out first and by level 3 you should have taken a point in all skills. The damage on max rank is awesome, not to mention that it helps to keep you on lane very easily. Amazing ability.
is your second priority, this actually does pretty decent damage at max rank and its important to increase the duration of this strong CC. Stun triggers when your hp is equal, so when you both are full hp it will stun, useful to harass your enemy to get a few hits in. If you use this after Bladesurge then it is most likely a slow, assuming you are full before engaging. Use this powerful tool wisely!
will help you stay on lane, finish running targets, get your hp back up in a situation where you are forced to run or even steal jungle from enemies who are unprepared ( eg: no smite ).

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Summoner Spells

is a very good summoner spell that can be used in multiple situations, its very flexible. You can jump over walls, dodge some skillshots ( should they kill you and absolutely no chance to escape in any other way ) or chasing an enemy and getting that Equilbrium Strike in.

helps against healers, might help you kill that guy who tries to escape with low hp when Bladesurge] happens to be on cooldown. It's also a pretty nice combo with [[Hiten Style allowing you to do a lot of True Damage to a target.

I've seen some players play with , it could help you to hit your target constantly with Hiten Style but seriously, Irelia can keep up with enemies by using Bladesurge or Equilbrium Strike and Flash is so much more flexible, so its better to choose Flash.

Other summoner spells are rather lacking, Irelia doesn't really need Exhaust. If your team needs it, then there's most likely some champion who could use it better than you, because Ignite is useful for Irelia throughout the game, while Exhaust in such case would probably not be.

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My rune choices are the following:
Greater Mark of Desolation - Pretty much mandatory for all AD carries, these runes are amazing!
- I use these runes with mana hungry champions. These will help you last hit and harass more on a lane. It could help you to cast more Bladesurge or provide you the regen to use Transcendent Blades. Its difficult to bring an exact example how this helps you, but the difference is noticable as you level up and these will allow you to harass and farm easier than without.
- The magic resistance these runes give is amazing, its very useful for survivability.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation - I use these runes right now because they work well with other AD champions aswell. 10 additional arp, useful throughout the game, supersweet!

There are two other choices I acknowledge for SEALS and QUINTESSENCES.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor - These runes will help your early game even more, if you have 3 of these its more than the hp regen you would get from Doran's Shield, which also helps you to play more aggressively. AFAIK Wickd uses them as of now, however he plays with 21/0/9 and these runes might not be so useful for your other AD carries. If you are fully dedicated to Irelia, then You could go for these instead, it all comes down to personal preference and gamestyle. Might be a big overkill if you play with 0/21/9, but for offensive tree, it'll be good.

Greater Seal of Replenishment size - These flat runes might help you a little bit more early game, but 9x0,065 = 0, which means that at level 1 the difference in mana regen is 3,2 and this decreases with every level. 3.7/0.5=7. The crossover point where per level becomes better is level 7, so ask yourself what could you do with this extra mana regen at such levels, how fast can you get 7, and how big role does mana regen play for you untill level 7 and above level 7.

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I go with 0/21/9 as seen above.

Personally, I like the defensive tree and I've played with it for so long, but if you use different quintessences as stated above then 21/0/9 is also good.

Strength of the Spirit puts me on 20ish HP/5 at level 1, which helps out a lot. Rest of the choices should be pretty clear. No real point to take dodge masteries because without dodge runes they are almost useless.

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Item build in average game:
Start with Doran's Shield
Farm ( or kill ) untill you have ~1,5-1,8k. If you have trouble staying on the lane then go back early for Wriggle's Lantern, otherwise You could also buy Boots of Speed
Next purchase should be Youmuu's Ghostblade. If you farm easily and get some kills then obviously buy The Brutalizer first, but if you are forced back early then just buy Avarice Blade
Upgrade boots to Berserker's Greaves
Now onto defensive items, if enemy has more AD who do way more damage than AP then start with
Randuin's Omen and after that Banshee's Veil.
If the enemy has got a lot of AP and enemies who just chug up your up really quick, such as Cho'Gath then you might want to buy Warmog's Armor and Force of Nature.

Both builds should be followed by Atma's Impaler or Wit's End

If enemy has a lot of stuns( CC) then you might want to also change your boots for Mercury Boots. Getting shut down by enemy CC is no good. Mresi on the boots isn't that important because other items should be sufficient.


is an incredible item. It gives you lifesteal, armor, damage, ward and something to help your team kill Dragon or Baron, get buffs faster or farm faster.
gives you good chasing and damage output, combined with Irelia's Hiten Style you deal tons of damage and a large portion of it ignores armor entirely.
are cheap and give you attack speed which benefits Hiten Style.
is a good item that gives you armor, cd reduction, hp and an active aoe slow. Incredibly good item.
is a must-have item very often, its spellshield might save you from nasty initiators or when running. The HP and magic resi that are also gained from it help you out a bunch.
increases your normal physical damage output due to our rather high hp from those defensive items and also gives us more crits and helps out against physical damage dealers.
actually puts you around 3,5k so the damage gained from Atma's Impaler is more with this item. Its also pretty good against spells that do flat damage, rather than percentage. AD carries can counter hp-stacking more easily, so I would recommend building this in certain situations only.
combined with Warmog's gives you tons of regen, more mresist than with BVeil and movespeed increase. This is actually pretty good, but if you have low up ( below 2,2k ) then its not really that good and it doesn't really help out against AD. This could give you a considerable pushing power though, if you survive a fight then you can easily go to push because you get up to full hp in no time. ( Obviously the combined effect of these 2 items, Hiten Style and Wriggle's not to mention Irelia's badass ulti )
I build this instead of Atma's sometimes when I go with BVeil / Randuin build, this puts both my mresi and armor at quite high values and the speed is useful, a little bit damage aswell, but that's a bonus. With Elixir and this build I have ~1.6 attack speed and activating Ghostblade increases my True Damage output a lot.

The damage output and survivability with this build is ridicilous.

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