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Irelia Build Guide by Nando Torres

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nando Torres

Irelia - Try to stop me!

Nando Torres Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Intro to This Build

IRELIA! This build is pretty much my standard build for irelia. This build is designed to put you in top lane and only have to leave when you want to. Follow this build and you will find winning a lane is very easy. I have yet to find a champion in the game that can push me out of lane 1v1 and completely just dominate me to the point i become useless. Even in 2v1 you will be able to farm and stay in lane for as long as you want. How you might ask? FOLLOW THIS BUILD!

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The Masteries

Now i know when you look at the masteries you will see that they are VERY defensive minded. I always take 8 in offense to get the increased attack speed to help with lane sustainability. Same with my 21 in defense. Gets the increase in health and attack speed. Not to mention that fact that you have all the other defensive perks in their. Then of course i run increased ghost. The reason behind this defensive mind set is that with leveling up your W first you cannot get pushed out of lane. You heal WAY too much for the little damage they are hitting you with. (Between the dorans, masteries, and runes you will not take much damage from pretty much any champion).

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The Runes

Armor pen marks are pretty simple to understand, they give you that damage that makes the opposing laner afraid of you. The seals are defensive. It is really up to you whether you want dodge or armor, if you do take dodge then make sure you pick up the dodge mastery in your page. I personally run armor just because it is more consistent. The glyphs i run magic resist. Pretty much the same reason as i run armor, so i can be beefy against any mage i run into in lane. The Quints are really where the freedom come into play. I have put the 3 quints that work best. I mainly run health quints (more health never hurts anyone) however, as of late i have ran the attack speed and i found that it works just as well as health. I have not had too much experimenting with armor pen but i feel the more damage would be useful and not at all hurtful.

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Starting item i ALWAYS get dorans shield. This gives me that sustainability in lane that i need. I always find myself too squishy if i start boots or something other than dorans. Pretty much gunna say always start dorans. Merc Treads are pretty much my standard boots for most of my chars. With her passive and mercs, you are pretty much unstoppable in a team fight. Trinity is pretty standard. Can't spell Irelia without a trinity. After you grab your trinity you have enough damage that you can start to focus on defense. I always grab a banshees, guardian angel, and phantom dancer. The order is really game specific. If i find myself getting rocked by some mages then of course i grab the banshees, if the ad carry is really doing work on me early then i like to grab a early GA for the defense mainly and of course its passive. The phantom dancer i only grab first if i know that the other team is a lot of melee chars that i am going to be 1v1 or if the other team just does not have that much burst damage and i know that i can sit in and auto attack. After you have grabbed those its really up to you what you want. Her ult is now pure phys so if you want to grab a last whisper than go for it. But if the game is going this late you should pretty much know what you need to get. I put a starks in their just because i find myself getting that a lot to help the team out and to be more survivable.

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The only thing i will say about this is LEVEL UP W FIRST! always and forever level up W. The real freedom you have is what you want to get at level 2 and e. At 2 i like to grab my stun first just because i like to have that for safety and level 3 you can either grab Q if you know you are going to be ok and want to start doing some early damage or you can level up your W again if you know you are going to be in a farm fest where you really cant get offensive because they are harassing you. Make sure you get your W to level 5 as soon as possible because the lane will not be able to do enough damage to push you out. I find a lot of times i can just sit and auto attack a minion while the other lane is attacking me and not lose health. This is when the other lane says "Oh ****, I Can't Beat This Irelia".

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Summoner Spells

I ALWAYS run ghost flash, just because it works for me to be able to escape early ganks when i am pushing hard and trying to zone my lane out. Ganks come quite often when you are really pissing the other guy off.

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The Gameplay

OK! now that you have the build setup and you know the items, its time to learn how to play irelia.


This is the most important part. You need good farm. You can easily last hit and stay in lane as long as you level up W first. Conserve your mana, dont cast anything unless you are going to harass. Use your Q to last hit ONLY if necessary, othewise just auto attack for last hits. If they get close to you and your not scared of them (AKA, not a 2v1)) then Q onto them, E them and then W them to death! Use your ult to heal/farm/push the lane so you can buy. dont go back until you have enough for your boots and a ward or 2. I like to stay until level 6 before i go back to buy first. why 6? you can push the lane hard and then just ult the miniones that come to his turret and the lane will be ultra pushed and you can B, get ur gear and be back before the lane hits ur turret. I always like to finish at least one thing (by thing i mean sheen, zeal, or phage) before i finish my boots. After the boots are done however, the trinity is next.


This is where you get some options. I personally like to farm farm farm and just finish my trinity as fast as possible. I love to just stay in lane and wait for my jungle or mid or w/e to come gank. A farmed Irelia is a carry Irelia. The more farm the better. However, if you do get your tower down, dont be afriad to go help out th eother lanes. You have a great gank. Just run in and Q to get to them, E to stun them or slow them and then just turn on your W for the real damage to come out. If i see the person is gunna stand and try to fight me then i ult and shoot those as we fight. If i see them run and i know that i wont be able to finish the kill then i save it to farm/heal up after. Otherwise, i ult while iam chasing them down to heal up and to see if i can get the kill.


At this point in the game, you should really be farmed up and really making the other team run from you when they see you. Unless you have a real tank that is gunna initiate (in solo queue low elo, most likely not) you are going to have to initiate. Otherwise just creep around and the moment the fight starts charge in and jump on the carry. Q to them and E them and then just turn on your W and do work. Continue this combo and you should MELT the carry. You should have GA by now so dont be afraid to bait the other team with it. If you are fighting someone and you are about to die, go ahead and do it. Your team should be close enough to be right on top of the guy when you revive. So you just gotta revive, E him for the stun and just put out as much damage you can (or run like hell, depends on the situation).

One thing to remember, no mater how beefy you are, you can ALWAYS die. so dont get too cocky and go into 3v1 and 4v1 type things and thing you can survive.

I will be editing this Guide frequently (especially the gameplay). I also have a Jungle Irelia build that works well, if i get some request i will add it in. She CAN jungle and has GREAT ganks, then only problem I have with it is you cant really sit in lane and farm up for your items in the jungle. But i have had success in Solo when we i am the last resort Jungle. So Let me know if the Jungle Guide interest anyone and i will add it on.