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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enaio

Irelia, Wielder of Life

Enaio Last updated on January 21, 2011
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When it comes to starting with a basic concept and progressing into something powerful, what you come up with is Irelia. She, in the beginning, has very few strengths about her. Her attacks are weak, her speed is average, her health is really low, her mana is easily used up if played aggressively, overall.. she is just below average at the start. The main focus with Irelia is to build build build build build, meaning as you gather items and gain abilities, the stronger Irelia as a character gets. She is one of those heroes that has the possibility to have many builds.

My build is plain and simple. My main focus on this build is Life Stealing, along with a dabble in Attack Damage and Attack Speed. I go with Life Stealing because you are most likely going to lack in Attack Damage and Attack Speed with stacking health or armor, which for this character is what makes or breaks a build. As you progress into the build, you will start to notice that it is possible with this character to actually put out damage while not taking a lot of it.

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I generally stick with the same build as my Renekton build. Mainly due to that Irelia's attacks are mostly physical and that she is also a Damage character. The main focuses are not the same as my Renekton build though. I mainly focus on Life Steal for this build, but I will get to that later.

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Attack Speed and Armor Pen are gonna be the main focuses here just because Irelia is a physical damage based character. You'll get the rest of your stats from your items.

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I start out with Boots of Speed and two Health pots because for the first few levels your main focus is gonna be minions and harassment of other heroes.

About level 5 or 6 you are gonna be able to get your Ninja Tabi and a Vampiric Scepter. The Scepter will help you live a little bit easier since you will have your Hiten Style (HS) at about 2 or 3 points in.

Next you wanna get Emblem of Valour and another Vampiric Scepter. You will definitely notice the health regen when you hit about now, if you didnt notice it before.

Next you get Wriggle's Lantern and yet another Vampiric Scepter. 1v1 fights are gonna seems easy about now but 2v1 fights not so much...

Next you wanna get Executioner's Calling and, yes, yet again another Vampiric Scepter. 2v1 should be much easier now. Although, if you get the attention of the other team like I do when I play this build... you are most likely gonna have a lot of 3v1 fights or even 5v1-3 fights.

Next you wanna get Bloodthrister and... Nope not another Vampiric Scepter, tricked ya XD. This will definitely boost your damage along with make it even HARDER for you to actually hit zero health, making you almost tank like, but don't get too cocky, you aren't a tank, if you were you would some how put armor into this build... if you find out how to do that.. let me know.

Normally for me, games end about now, but for those insanely long games that some times happen, the next thing you wanna do is upgrade your Emblem of Valor into Stark's Fervor and also get The Black Cleaver. You get even MORE Life Steal and plus you get some damage and attack speed out of Black Cleaver.

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Now... not to confuse anyone. This build has two ways to build it with Skills, depending on your lane. If you are going Top or Bot than go with what I have listed, but if you are going Mid, which is possible if you feel a little daring, than start with getting Bladesurge to harass the other hero easier.

You want to get Hiten Style at max points as quick as possible, this build is based around it and Life Stealing. So you'll have this ability maxed out at level 9.

Bladesurge and Equilbrium Strike are mainly to harass and kill heroes. So you will max them out toward the end of the game when you hit level 18.

To take down minions and get your levels quick, you are gonna use Transcendent Blades. This skill is easily powerful enough to take down a whole minion group and hit a hero if one is behind the group. This is your bread and butter for life if you are low on health.

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Playing Style

Level 1-6 - Your main focus is to take down minions and harass enemy heroes as I stated before. If you can pull off a kill, do so, but be very cautious about charging in, you don't have a lot of health and plus you have little to no armor, so basically taking damage is like getting hit by a Mac Truck.. you will notice the damage.

Level 7-11 - Now you should feel a little bit more flexible with taking damage. You are well on your way on stacking Life Steal that if you get hit, all you have to do is hit a few minions and you have enough health to keep fighting an enemy hero. Don't think you are superwomen though, 2v1s should be tough until about level 9 or 10, and if you are like me, as I stated before, you are most likely the main target for most of the other team.

Level 12-18 - Now you are doing some major damage. You can take out a hero without even blinking and you can even fight two heroes at the same time. Don't think you can just charge in without your pants on though, as I stated before, you are not a tank, you are a damage machine and it's a hard to take you down, but if you charge a whole group... you.. will.. die.

Play this build with caution in the beginning and keep that caution through out the match, you don't have to be super cautious and have your alertness at max at all times but just keep an eye on what you are fighting and you should be good.

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Thanks for reading my second build. If you like this build leave a comment and vote. If you have any ideas for this build that might make it better let me know in a comment. If you haven't tried the build in the game than please don't vote it a thumbs down. Give the build a shot before you actually judge it.

Anyways, thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy playing.