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Is that a Gem in the Jungle?

Last updated on September 1, 2015
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Dear Jeebus Why

Taric Jungle, for when you want to troll. Except you seem to win... Every time... That's because this ***** OP. ****ty guide for my friends, move along.

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Lets start with some Runes.
Quints: 1 Attack speed for auto smoothness to get that passive off, then move speed quints to close in for your E Boop.
Marks: Attack Damage, this isn't support Taric
Seals: Half Armor, Half Max Health, This will make you be able to full clear 1st time through.
Glyphs: 2 Armor glyphs to make up for the missing armor from the max health, then flat Magic Resistance to survive the first mid lane ganks.

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0/9/21, standard jungle ****.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
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So yeah, max w, put a couple points in e to make your stun boop for longer and harder, and then your q makes you invincible.

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Your passive, piece of **** right? In lane, yeah, but in the jungle, it lets you cast all of your spells every 5 seconds. so heal, armor pen, and stun. Buffs don't stand a chance.

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Start with that machete and health pots
go for cinderhulk
ninja or merc for boots
from here you must decide, tank or damage...
I say why not both. Stereks gage gives you health and damage, with a shield!
Spirit visage to improve your heal, and give you health
randuins omen for health and a slow
Now, to top it off, titanic hydra. aside from boots, everything gives you health, meaning you are going to destroy the opposition.

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Creeping / Jungling

Gromp->blue->red->gank. Then farm that jungle. Thanks to your e, you don't need to have red to gank. I keep my ganks bottom and mid lane focused, where they can capitalize on a 1.something second stun, where top lane is probs to tanky or has an escape. and for added bonuses, if the gank goes awry, you can heal your laner with your q! like it never even happened.

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Taric jungle got stealth buffed with the new items. besides benefiting from them, he also got an armor growth stat increase. So yeah, not so troll after all


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