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Is the support role boring? then try unconventional ones! By

Last updated on October 26, 2014
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Support introduction

A support is a role that aids the marksman in the bottom lane, supports are basically the team's parent, they nurture and protect their team members from harm in fights. They tend to not take the farm in order to feed it to their marksman which can help them scale into the later parts of the game. Supports do not take kills unless necessary, same idea with minions.
Support is also the role where vision revolves around. Without them, the map would just be a pitch black spiral of obscurity, with enemies possibly executing an ambush on unsuspecting teammates. In short, supports provide utility for the team.

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What's the purpose of this article?

Based on the introduction, SUPPORTS SOUND DAMN BORING RIGHT? That's why i'm introducing the idea of unorthodox supports into your gameplay. Basically, supports that aren't supposed to be in the meta, because pros haven't been seen playing them. Yet

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Do these "non-meta" supports even work?

Yes they do, technically you can support with any champion in the game, but some champions seem to provide more usefulness overall compared to the others. But there are so many champions that looked down upon by the community. But i'm here to prove that wrong, hopefully LOL.

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Here are some champions I've found so far that worked well with me.

+ Q does percent damage and slow
+ High lane sustain which can help you play more aggressively
+ Gets extremely strong late game, since all you need to do is stack armor and health
+ Skills in general have a low cooldown
- He offers no hard against assassins like Zed, Fizz and etc
- Q is a skill shot
- All his skills require health to use

+ Q does maximum health % damage, you can use it twice if you transform.
+ E offers hard CC in her human form, it can be a gap closer when in her spider form
+ Spiderlings can absorb skill shots if used correctly VS Blitzcrank,Nidalee and etc
+ W in human form can be used as a good face check
+ E can bait out and negate effects from certain skills like Leona's E and Caitlyn's ultimate
- Eats a chunk of mana early in the game
- Q damage is not effective early game due to low hp
- E is a skillshot

+ High poke damage in lane with Q + E
+ Q gives armor reduction
+ E gives attack speed, vision and a possible TP port
+ EQ combo is a good knock-up CC which cannot be cleansed or be reduced by tenacity
+ W provides a shield for teammates and a slow for enemies around
+ Ultimate can trap a group of enemies if used correctly
- Ultimate can be used to trap own teammates
- E and Q are skill shots
Jarvan is really good in general,i'd suggest starting with him as your first non-meta support.

+ Q provides a slow and zone potential in fights
+ W does percent damage to enemy, and provides damage reduction to himself for 2.5 seconds
+ E provides a stun and knock back to enemies
+ Ultimate can be used as a good disengage or catching enemies out
- Q,E and R are skillshots, R is generally hard to hit due to a narrow circumference with the hitbox
- E can be a negated escape if an enemy unit is in front of the desired location (ex: Rammus roll)
- Melee

There are several other champions that could work as fun unconventional supports, i'm just too lazy to list them out now. Hope I inspired you guys to break the meta! this game is about having fun after all. I apologize if there are any mistakes in the guide, I wrote this in only an hour of time. If you have any questions or anything, add the summoner name stated in the article's title.


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