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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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It not about the infinity edge!

Last updated on August 21, 2012
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The 1 and only chapter

As the build suggests its not all about infinity edge - try this build and u will see why.

Masteries are pretty obvious and runes are also

Spells - Surge is explained through the build and flash as an escape mechanism

Below is an order list of achievable purchases each time u go back to base - if your going back and not buying something - i suggest u try a few more bot games first.

Boot + 3x pots
Beserker greaves
The Black Cleaver
Wits end
Frozen Mallet

The idea behind this i have found is that you not only penetrate the armour of your target with yomuu's + cleaver - but cleaver's debuff will assist your team. You get a nice bit of hp arm and resi from runes masteries and items which will give you that small edge in some fights but of course your primary role here is tank nuker!

Early Game:
poke at the enemy - your dots will assist in brining their hp pool down, when comfortable that you can make a successful push head towards the brush, use your ambush ability so that your attack speed will be increased for this push, hit surge while stealthed and unleash your fury starting with venom cask - DONT POP expunge willy nilly - WAIT get your stacks of deadly venom to MAX and keep them ticking away - when you know u can kill them with expunge do so - or if they are on the run and you cant keep up - use expunge to trigger the last bit of dmg u can b4 they get out of range. (What i try and do is get my lane partner to bait them a bit so their focus is not on me = bit squishy to start) ALWAYS try and focus on the low hp char/ main dmg dealer first - chances are if they go down the support will be out of position and you can easily finish them off. Keep this tac rolling as much as poss and get your support to ward for ganks.

Mid Game:
Ok so some towers are down and your starting to see more enemies about and your assisting your team - Just remember some simple rules:
Ambush = attack speed and an escape mechanic. Use it to reposition yourself while in stealth - BE CAREFULL if the enemy is using vision wards and oracle - u may want to look at buying an oracle yourself if this is the case so you dont get caught out.
Venom cask = your engagement tool - it instantly gives 2 stacks of deadly venom and slows the enemy so your first shot = stack #3.
Expunge = used as a finishing move much like Darius' ult ability.
Spray and Prey = a team fight ability keep it off CD until these fights as u will regret not having it. I use it sometimes if i get into a sticky situation with a tough 1v1 opponent or 2v1 - sometimes you will do enough damage to 1 of them for them to make a run for it - EXPUNGE, other times you need that little bit more dmg that it offers to tip the scales in your favour

Late Game:
Ok things are heating up - more champs are starting to group up for ganks and pushes etc. Because your a squishy Rat you need to stay at the back - NEVER engage a fight - let your team do that bit - you need to get in there and screw up their life literally. How do we do this? well read on. When your team start to engage - Ambush - you want that attack speed increase for sure. When the fight starts and the enemy is in rotation - hit surge and enter the fight with Venom Cask - click Spray and prey immediately and focus on the nearest target, try position yourself so you are hitting as many enemies as poss - when you get your 5 stacks - expunge now and continue to shoot - the burst dmg will confuse the enemy into retreating - most of the time, and you follow an finish them off, if they try and run - your cask should be on CD for you to use as a slow/ flash to get them in range for some final damage.

OK so if you have made it this far i guess your waiting for me to talk about the item choices and why no infinity edge? well that would be now lol so continue.

SO, brutiliser asap is what will make or brake your lane, i have tried various combinations of the above and it definitely has to be your primary item. WHY? you get your bonus AD and you get the all important arm pen, this means that your dmg that was reduced because of their arm is no longer a concern of yours + not many people in lanes start with the first few items of arm building unless they are a tanky build - in this case - you deffinately need it. They will think they are countering your dmg with arm - and normally this would be the case but you dont care because you have penetration not flat dmg.

So Phage i take next because i found i was just too squishy without it, If you have a great support then you may want to get your boots for your speed increases. so either 1 here is fine really but i prefer to last a bit longer at this early stage.

Next finish off Yomuu's - you will benefit from the increased stats which will help you get more gold and build your next item quicker

After those items your next build is an expensive but well worth the effort and wait. The Black Cleaver. This beauty is a core item for Twitch whatever build you take - WHY? have you read the stats?? + dmg, + spd and a arm reducing debuff - that 'NEWSFLASH' proc's on each target hit by your attack - INCLUDING spray and prey so yeas an amazing item and an absolute must. So why not build that first?? 1 answer - too expensive and you wouldn't utilise its effect until mid game/ late game so there is no point rushing it.

Now comes your Tiamat. 'Twitch you noob Tiamat? wtf? what are you doing?' I will tell you here and now - those people obviously dont know anything about Twitch and if you are reading now and thinking 'im not buying that' hold fire - read the stats, + dmg = nice, + hp and mp regen - meh its ok, AHHHHH 35% dmg to surrounding enemies hit by your attack - OH and another 'NEWSFLASH' this procs on each target hit by spray and prey

We move on to our penultimate item - Wits end - WHY this junk? ill say it again read the stats, attack speed = great, resi = nice, AHH HAA + dmg to taregts hit by your attacks 'NEWSFLASH' yes you guessed it - procs on each target hit by spray and prey.

So why leave Mallet to last? - frankly i dont norm get that far - its an expensive upgrade that gives me more hp and a guaranteed slow - again why last? As i said - if your playing well - u will find you havent really had need for it - HOWEVER if the fight is dragging then you will deffinately need the hp, and the slow will ensure your targets dont run from you AND dun dun daaaaaaar 'NEWSFLASH' yup - it procs on each taregt hit by spray and pray - slowing your enemy team fights = a hampering effect giving rise to your team with a slight advantage.

So what does all this mean? UBER UBER DMG no one can pump out as much dmg as Twitch geared correctly. Think about it - your in the team fight you Ambushed to gain your attack speed, you surge, you engaged with venom cask (enemy team is already sat at 2 stacks of deadly venom) and activate spay and prey and MELT THE FACES OF ALL THE ENEMY TEAM GETTING PENTAKILL. why? your dmg is high + you have a decent amount of penetration, each hit is doing the following:
Arm debuff (Black Cleaver)
AOE dmg (Tiamt)
+ dmg (Wits End)
slowing (Frozen Mallet)

Your dmg is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

''Well i would use Infinity edge instead of Wits End coz of the base dmg increase and crit bursts'' = A good and valid statement - BUT 1 flaw - costs almost twice as much and therefore with no room you are losing its benefit for far too long.

''My first item is always infinity edge'' - again for some that is a good start - but again your losing the early game due to the cost

''Where is my life steal gone'' - again if your playing well you shouldn't need it - i used to take Blood Thirster/ Zekes instead of Tiamat and either Phantom Dancer/ Trinity Force instead of Wits End - again expensive builds - dont normally get that far it just works better this way. Correct me if im wrong here but your spray and prey loses substantial life steal when used making Blood thirster a single target benefit - NOT YOUR PRIMARY JOB late game.

Infinity edge for some AD is perfect and i wouldn't argue otherwise - HOWEVER there is simply no room for it here in this build. I have found this build works well with Twitch and Teemo, the other AD ranged it doesn't work so well.

This build costs: 14K
A build with Infinity Edge and Blood Thirster in costs: 16.5k

Yes you get imp crits and more flat dmg and some hp back - but you lose the dmg done to EVERY target hit by spray and prey from Wits end and the attack speed you need to get those shots firing like a machine gun but also the 35% aoe dmg per hit to the enemy team.

I cant stress enough how amazing this is - Take a base dmg of 200 (+ 42 from Wits End + arm debuff + slow) to target 1 each target around them takes 70 more dmg.

So target 2 takes 160 + 70 + 42 and deals an additional 56 dmg to target 1+3

Target 3 takes 128 + 70 + 42 + 56 and deals and additional 45 dmg to target 1+2

3 targets 1 hit = 956 x 5 hits = 4780 + expunge = 5650+ within seconds.

Final Newsflash - and a thought i will leave you with - If your first target hit by spray and prey crits - ALL subsequent targets are crit hit (ill let you do the math). The down side to this is if miss (blind from Teemo, dodge from Jax etc - then all subsequent targets are missed) - CC will shut Twitch down quicker then lightning especially if he is using his ultimate - so be wary and stay at the back away from those nasty cc'ers

Most importantly have fun - i love the new Twitch :)